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Media darling and (still) grieving mother Cindy Sheehan has been so busy publicly grieving for her deceased son that she hasn’t had the time or money to buy him a headstone.

Despite rolling in the cash from media appearances and speaking fees and selling herself on Ebay, she just hasn’t been able to get it together. Citizen Smash can attest to that.

So what’s she been so busy doing with her valuable time and hard-earned money?

What has kept Cindy Sheehan from getting her deceased son a headstone all this time?

Spent all her money on Hardees’ Thickburgers. How do you think she’s kept up her girlish figure?

Spent all her money on a luxury sex-filled vacation romp to Venezuela – oh, wait, someone else picked up the tab for that one.

Busy cutting little hammer-and-sickles out of red construction paper with safety scissors.

Spends all her non-media time meeting up with Jimmy Carter for tongue-twisting make-out sessions behind Rosalyn’s back.

Busy recording her first solo album – a folk-tinged collaboration with Joan Baez, Sheryl Crow and Cat “Muhammad al-Cocknose” Stevens.

Praying five times a day really eats into your to-do list.

Weeping uncontrollably.

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  3. HA! I would have commented earlier, but I’m several days behind reading blog stuff and have a major case of blog apathy like Preston. So, you know, whatever….

    Very funny though.

  4. No, Cindy Sheehan spent all Casey’s death money on herself, her ‘Camp Casey’ escapades. She is just shameful. And now the Left is praising her by making a movie about HER, not her son who died protecting their right to be free. It makes me SICK.

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