1. Your going down Preston. Subterfuge is going to take this one. You’ll have to look at our smiling……ummmmmmm faces for 6 months. That’s right….we the women of Sub are demanding a 6 month front row seat at the SMB. Heh.

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  3. well that’s what I get for gloating. my champ, Memphis laid an egg tonight. my Longhorns really suck. let’s face it – if Tennessee can kick their asses in their house, they can’t be all that.

    all i have to say to that is DAMMIT.

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  5. to show how much I care about basketball, by the time I got around to thinking about setting up my bracket for the 6MB Tournament and Communal Massage Challenge, the first round was over.

    although, randomly picking teams out of a hat would’ve been an effective way of choosing my bracket, it seems.

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