Suicide Bombing Has Best Possible Outcome

Thanks to LK for sending this video. Seems an Iraqi suicide bomber didn’t quite make it to his target and our military had to help him on his way to meet his 72 virgins. Though, I’m not sure he gets the virgins since the only one that got blown up was himself.

Go here to watch*.

* Video not suitable for islamofascist sympathizers and fellow travelers.


  1. Muj was a major f@%# up in the Jihad Crew… He couldn’t find a virgin if he were walking thru a chastity convention. ALLAH AKBHAR!!

  2. here’s a history lesson, just before deploying to Kuwait, I bought a brand-new XBox, along with a life-consuming Madden 2003. yes, I was going to waste those lovely evenings when I should’ve been burning villages and stuff playing a dumb video game.

    one of the “innovations” of that year was that you has a real Madden soundtrack, with real music. there was some Bon Jovi song, some other songs that weren’t all that remeberable…and this little diddy heavy on the guitar riffs, and this awesome little part that went, BREAK DOWN…

    that was one of the songs. Camp Doha had about 300 copies of the game, and tons of XBoxs. I still get chills when I hear that song. it’s hard to believe that a song in a video game actually reminds me of stuff blowing up.

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