Month: April 2006

A Momentary Lapse of NFL Draft Blogging

Well, the Titans have picked Vince Young and I certainly can’t argue with that. He’s a phenomenal athlete. But with all of his laudatory praise for Steve McNair, considering Steve-O’s grievance with being kept out of practice, I don’t know how that will pan out. I am sure it’s nothing a couple of million dollars won’t fix.

As if to brag about the high-octane crack available in the 5th ward, the Texans took Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. WTF? Madness. They’ll live to regret that one.

Matt Leinart dropped to 10th like a stone. Too bad, so sad, oh dad – pretty boy. That’s what hanging out another year for ballroom dancing lessons gets ya.

The Broncos trade up to get Vanderbilt’s Jay Cutler and he’ll get to play back-up for Jake The Snake for a year or two. I haven’t been as big on Cutler as some have but I’d be a fool to doubt Shanahan.

So much for those prognostications sports swamis.

But, and I pose this to ESPN, why are Michael Irvin’s eyelids so heavy that he has to brush them off his lapels?

I can only imagine some high quality dope-ish. Quite talkative too. Mumbling and mildly belligerent.
Cheers, Mikey.

It’s gotta be tough being around all those young people making more coming out of college than you made in your entire Superbowl-ringed career. Some stripper is sure to be going home with a black eye tonight.


The Carolina Panthers just burnt their first round pick on DeAngelo Williams (RB) out of the University of Mempiss. They say “he’s like Barry Sanders”. I don’t think that will translate to the pros but Christ….you’re 1st round pick for him???

The world just doesn’t make sense anymore.


The Jets just picked up, the somewhat pornographically named, Nick Mangold (out of OSU) to replace outgoing Kevin Mawae who was signed by the Titans a little over a month ago.

He hugs his mama and I get a little teary-eyed too. Christ, he looks like he could stop up a toilet.

No Al Gore low-flow bowls for you my young man. (courtesy flush to mrs. smantix on that one)


And it’s the Sloppy Second Round:

Like a 50 year old virgin fumbling through his wallet, Norm Chow finally gets to use one of his Trojans. The Titans get Lendale White who is somehow one of the greatest scorers in USC history. Was it the line? Was it defenses keep their LB’s spying on Bush. Leinart opening up the run? Who knows?
The Titans can’t keep our backs from going all Ricky Williams on the peace pipe.

Welcome abord Lendale! And stay away from Pac-Man.

And with that, I’ve got some non-Mexican beer that’s suffering from separation anxiety.

The Inaugural Burn A Mexican Flag May Day

Oh….say can you see by the dawn’s early light?
¿no veis, a la luz de la aurora?

What could be a better way for our foreign interlopers to assume the privilege of US citizenship than to sing the national anthem in Spanish while hoisting a a burning Mexican flag?

For those unfamiliar with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of how the United States works, burning your country’s flag is the highest symbol of patriotism.

With no sense of irony, organizers of Monday’s “Great American Boycott” think they can simultaneously push for an international boycott of US products while being forced to wave it’s flag for the sake of political expediency and pretend like they love this country. Extortion of this caliber demands it’s own term – I suggest “brownmail”. Take that UPS.

Sign The People’s ™ Petition:

In English:
I demand full rights and equality for all immigrants living in the United States. Neoliberal economic policies targeting Latin America, like NAFTA and CAFTA, have pushed millions of people into abject poverty. Immigrants are forced to come to the U.S. to look for work. Nobody should be criminalized for attempting to survive. No human being is illegal. Racism against immigrants emanates from the same forces behind the U.S. war to conquer and control the wealth of Iraq.

Because your average landscaper puts down the gas trimmer and rears his head from the holly bush when everyone starts talking about Iraq.

C-Span just finished up an interview this morning with Juan Jose Gutierrez, the Director of the Latino Movement USA, an organizer of Monday’s “Great American Boycott” and promoted to a greatly lesser extent – steering committee member of Los Angeles’s communist International ANSWER faction.

After a long segment about how illegal immigrants are “modern day slaves” (though they come here of their own will and steal our social services) and that proponents of legal immigration are the KKK (though there is no organized violence against them), he closed on a much more conciliatory note where he let it be known that what’s going on IS NOT AN INVASION. It’s not an invasion because the Southwest United States is Mexico’s to begin with and they have every intention of taking it back by force if you like. In addition to ending the US occupation of Iraq and overthrowing it’s right-wing government. Er, the US that is. Not Iraq.

Republican amnesty appeasers, meet el nuevo Jesse Jackson-Gutierrez and the future Democratic voters of Amexicastan.

Pedro Echevarria ended the interview and sought to move on after Gutierrez firebombed the videoconference in his parting statement. Suddenly, dozens of callers from all parties kept calling in though the host kept trying to change the subject. This continued until Washington Journal ended. I have never heard any Washington Journal interview that got so many people from all parties worked up on the same side of an issue.

Until we have some riots, and regrettably a few deaths in the streets, the complicit leadership in both parties have irresponsibly continued to kick this can down la calle. If violence erupts during these boycotts on Monday, fostered greatly by it’s organizers and by our leaders who’ve allowed it to get this far, this will be the defining issue of the 2006 mid-term elections. And the backlash will be massive and not in favor of illegals.

A “success” of this rally will result in unprecedented illegals attacking our Southern Border. They will see a country that takes no actions whatsoever against millions of reconquistas wilding in the streets. No negative repercussions invites more of the same behavior.

More from the people behind the boycotts:

A giant has awakened in the heart of imperialism.

The “invisible” workers who for decades have been vilified and exploited in quasi-slavery conditions, who get up at dawn to pick the vegetables and fruits we all eat, who work in the crowded and many times unsafe areas of restaurants, shops and food processing plants, who clean and tidy hotels and homes, who take care of children and toil in so many areas for a meager wage with no benefits—they have awakened to take their rightful place in the history of the working class struggle in the United States.
This struggle happens at a crucial time in the U.S. The Bush administration is embroiled in the so-called global “war on terror,” which includes the quagmire of war and occupation in Iraq. Nevertheless, the U.S. still intervenes in Afghanistan and threatens Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba, funneling hundreds of billions of dollars into military aggression.

Don’t cry for me North Korea. Just so you know, this about more than just illegal immigration. The forces behind this international boycott of US products are of the Ramsey Clark variety and in league with Iran, North Korea and Hugo Chavez.

Come November 2nd, the electorate will be more concerned about the illegal “Occupation of the United States” than global warming. Plan accordingly.

We shall soon see “if this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you”

UPDATE: Do a “Save As” and submit your own suggestions for illegal immigrant placards to! And remember…

Each 6MB reader determines their own level of participation in Operation: Infinite El Camino



United 93 Annika Style

Annika went to see United 93.

I never want to hear another word about Guantanamo Bay, or rendition, or the fucking cartoons, or how we should be nice nice. I could flush a thousand Korans down the toilet right now. Fuck them.

To those who said “it’s too soon,” (and I’m not sure that story wasn’t an urban myth blown out of proportion by the anti-American media) I wonder how such weak people ever get out of bed in the morning. I’m sure the passengers on flight 93 thought it was “too soon” too. I’m sure they would have liked a little more time. But in this world, sometimes there are unpleasant realities that must be confronted. And thank God there are still people who will do what needs doing when the time comes.

Read the rest.

I’m planning on going to see it. I’ll probably post a review. I anticipate feeling a simliar rage to Annika’s. Which will undoubtedly result in the flinging forth of expletives, but you can handle it.


Dave at Garfield Ridge has an exhaustive review. Read it.

That said, how anyone can watch United 93 and walk away from it without the realization that September 11th was a declaration of war against not just the United States, but every American– how anyone can do that escapes me. You want to spend all your time arguing the details about how best to fight back against these evil men, that’s all fine and good. United 93 shows us that at least for the passengers and crew of one plane, there was no time for a parlor debate, there was no time to anguish over deliberations, there was no time for “nuance” and equivocation. They were attacked, they fought back, they died. . . and they certainly saved countless others from a fate similar to those in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

They were heroes, they are heroes, and hopefully enough people see United 93 to remember and honor who these people were.

The End of the Greatest Radio Show of All Time

Image stolen from
member Vernon Dozier

At least Drudge covered it. Phil Hendrie to quit radio, give television a shot.

Phil Hendrie, one of the most creative and unique talents ever to broadcast on radio, is hanging up his mic to pursue his acting career. The last live broadcast of The Phil Hendrie Show, syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks (7 to 10 p.m. PST) on more than 100 radio stations, will be June 23.

For 16 years, Hendrie has taken the traditional talk format and turned it on its ear, with scores of characters that call in as if they were real listeners. “It’s time for me to take them from behind the microphone and present them in front of the camera,” said Hendrie.

Froggy told me about Phil Hendrie quite a while before I got an XM radio and started listening to him last fall. When I finally got it, I realized that I’d been wasting my time with every other freakin’ radio talk show I’ve ever listened to.

Phil bills the show as a satire of talk radio – a send-up of the medium. It’s a little hard to explain, but Phil is the show’s host, and he’s the guest (who that guest is varies, depending on the hour, character and premise). Usually, there is a premise that his guest sets up by telling some oddball story that gets more and more outrageous and offensive as it goes along. The only callers that get through are the ones who don’t know it’s a setup. It’s the most creative and hilarious radio I’ve ever heard, and I’ve listened to a lot of radio crap. If you want issue oriented, politically-themed talk radio, there are about 4 billion shows you can tune into. If you want something creative and unique, Phil is/was it.

Better than trying to describe the show or its characters, what you need to do is go to Phil’s website, buy a backstage pass (about $6 a month), and start downloading all the MP3s you can of shows from the last few months and classic clips. If it’s new to you, it will be well worth your while. If you don’t have a twisted sense of humor, do it anyway. Maybe it will help you.

He’s got several webcasts archived and available, which you should watch for an inside look at the show. I recommend wearing an adult diaper when watching these. Also, I believe they give free backstage passes out if you’re active military, so check with them on that.

Other good resources are Phil’s Wikipedia entry, the forums, and the Wikiquotes, which has a bunch of character quotes and information.

Phil is the only funny part of a fairly horrible TV pilot called “Teachers” on NBC – it’s about to end its first and only run as a mid-season replacement. Despite the likely death of that particular sitcom, it seems like Phil has some type of deal with NBC that will allow him to do something different via the medium of television. I’m still holding out hope that he’ll find a spot on satellite radio, but no matter. Hopefully he’ll find some success in TV, or satellite radio, or whatever.

Thanks for the milk-out-the-nose laughter, Phil. Good luck.

A Message to the RINOs…

…from the Rottweiler.

President “Wide Open Borders, as Long as You’re a Criminal” Bush and his kissing cousin Ted Kennedy’s deal to reward criminal activity and thus ensure even more of the same (that’s called “logic.” Reward something — get more of it. Punish something — get less of it) continues apace with Senate RINOs fellating Democrats left, right and center.

Enjoy your imminent minority status, you lying, treacherous, arrogant RINO assholes. You earned it. In spades. Along with our eternal and undying derision and scorn.

There’s much more. I wholeheartedly concur. Thank you, doggie.

Don’t tell Beth I criticized the GOP!

Microwave Quick Breakfast Links

Lots happening in the newsworld/blogosphere this week and here I am with this damn job. Anyway, onward with some quickies:

Say a prayer for Michael Silence, who has unexpectedly been hospitalized with some heart issues. Hopefully all will turn out well and he can get back to work asap.

HotAir, the new video project from Michelle Malkin, Allahpundit and others, is now broadcasting. Check it out.

The Religion of Peace™ is now threatening Mr. Pink because he’s involved (directing/acting) with a film that is a tribute to murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh. In the loving islamofascist tradition, the religion of peace’s beheaders-in-waiting are threatening Buscemi and co-star Sienna Miller for daring to make the film. Let’s hope they don’t cave into the threats like so many others.

RightWingSparkle’s gone and got herself a blogging gig at the Houston Chronicle. Congrats, RWS!

John Hawkins of Right Wing News shares the story of Andrea Clarke, a hospital patient in Houston, who may have the plug pulled on her by St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, against the wishes of her own family. Full story here.

Deceptively Framing The Moussaoui Death Penalty Debate

The al-AP is trying it’s damndest to save would-be hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui so that attorneys can have a lifetime of appeals to fight and have him released on some specious anti-PATRIOT Act allegations a decade or two from now. And while not totally unexpected, it’s the immoral relevancy and outright repugnancy of their anti-death penalty/pro-terrorist bias that has them framing the story the way they do.

Defense Asks to Deny Moussaoui Martyrdom

Zacarias Moussaoui’s lawyer pleaded with jurors Monday to send his client to prison for life — “the long slow death of a common criminal” — rather than give him the martyrdom he seeks through execution.
The prosecutor pointed out how Moussaoui mocked the testimony of Sept. 11 victims and their families throughout the trial. “The defendant rejoices in all that pain,” he said. “He told you that himself.”

Raskin went on: “He loved it because he was responsible for it. He loved it because it meant to him, mission accomplished.”

Defense lawyer Gerald Zerkin said Moussaoui’s contempt for the victims and the trial “is proof that he wants you to sentence him to death. He is baiting you into it. He came to America to die in jihad and you are his last chance.”

And this is why a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean is a good start. Zerkin falls back on his “blame America” credentials for why Moussaoui shall achieve “martyrdom”. His “if you fall for his ruse you’re just as bad as them” courtside IED of logic.

But back to al-AP. Giving Moussaoui the death penalty after a criminal trial is not granting him martyrdom.

It is granting justice to the victims of September 11th.

So let’s re-write that headline. “Defense Seeks to Deny Justice to September 11th Victims”.

Call it what it is.

UPDATE: As close to correction as one can expect.

Get a Piece of the Gubenatorial Crapper

“I hope Tennesseans will take advantage of this unique opportunity to purchase a piece of history from The Tennessee Residence.”

~~ First Lady of TN Andrea Conte

Christian Grantham alerts us to the auction to buy the Governor’s crapper – you can have a piece of Tennessee history – and then pinch a loaf in it!

This may very well be the same crapper in which the most disgraceful governor in our history, Dandy Don Sundquist, flung feces whilst fleecing the state’s producers. Perhaps Ray Blanton showered this very bowl with explosive diarrhea after exchanging $$$ under the table with the Butcher brothers! Maybe Lamar Alexander had a log drop in this same vessel that made all his fellow milquetoast moderates stand up and provide a half-hearted golf clap! There are so many possibilities. Get in on the auction while the gettin’s good.

SEMI-RELATED: Also see Christian’s post on a pending Sunshine in Government Improvement Act of 2006 vote tomorrow. Christian and I don’t agree on much, but we both believe in a transparent state government – instead of the pompous bunch of untouchable jackasses we have prancing around in Nashville today.

Earph Day

Let’s see. I almost completely forgot about Earph Day. Where we celebrate this big blue marble of ours and attack the Republicans for trying to blow it up!

Here are some of the things I usually do to celebrate Earph Day:

  • Go out and take a shit in the yard. You know, like a dog. Dogs are good custodians of the Earph, aren’t they?
  • Rifle through my neighbor’s recycling bin, take a few things out and put them in the regular trash can.
  • Go out to Oak Ridge, stand in front of the nuclear plant and shake my fist, shouting “damn you to hell!”
  • Go to the back yard, take off all my clothes and hump a tree, all the while yelling, “damn you, Katherine Harris, damn you!” in a mock Al Gore voice.
  • Linking to Feisty’s Earth Day make-your-own-menstrual-pads-to-be-at-one-with-the-earth post. Holy crapples.

Blue Horseshoe Loves Xanax

And sports books. And young teens. Of both sexes.

Bear with me. I usually don’t do entertainment posts.

Noted September 11th historian Charlie Sheen is in a bit of legal trouble as the lurid details from the divorce declaration of his estranged intellectual juggs’r’naut Denise Richards have forcibly penetrated the still warm, inviting pipe of The Smoking Gun:

I met the Respondent in June of 2000. I started dating him in 2001. When I started dating him, I knew that the Respondent had a history of abusing drugs, cocaine and alcohol, and also was known to hire prostitutes. The Respondent assured me that he was sober and and that he had never been with prostitutes sober

Now I’m torn between recognizing Richards’ riveting retardation at marrying Sheen in the first place knowing all of this on the front end. Or whether she meant that Sheen was sober or that the prostitutes were.

After beleaguering Sheen’s extramarital relationship with Lady Luck and the other love of his life, Zanex (sic), she announces that parenthood loomed in the cards and that it struck this unlikely Dad-To-Be like a 7-2 off suit when he needed – come on, come on, come on – two coathangers on the flop!

Richards went on to claim that Sheen told her that he “was not attracted to her” when she was pregnant and urged her to have an abortion (for what would be a tragic loss to future generations of B-Movie fans). When the ultrasound came back that they needed pink baby blankets, Sheen snapped.

No doubt bewildered by a volatile mixture of Zanex (sic), Ativan and the unfamiliar feeling of not being excited at the thought of having an underage girl in his house.

After the birth, Sheen temporarily sat at the grown-up’s table and didn’t eat the placenta but did posit some thoughts on breast-feeding:

Respondent again became verbally abusive toward me when I stopped breast-feeding. He was very angry that I stopped breast-feeding the baby and switched to formula because he said that he “heard” that by my stopping breast-feeding, and giving our daughter formula, that the formula would cause our daughter to develop brain damage or would cause her to become mentally retarded.

Sure. Blame Similac. Finally, an excuse to deflect attention away from the dreaded Sheen-Estevez-Diamond-Phillips gene.

But breast-feeding be damned, this latest entry into the Father of The Year category, who wanted to abort the child, finally takes interest at booster shots time.

You Gotta Get Your Dip-Tet:


Garage Sale Live Blogging

I bet this is a post you never thought you’d see. Oh well, I’m stuck here manning the garage sale, so might as well take advantage of the wireless router, eh?

Current action: One female shopper, fairly attractive, bordering on milfy. Perusing the hardbacks. Will update with breaking news as it happens. Update: Borderline milf leaves without making a purchase. Oh well, at least I got to ogle her whilst she browsed.

Had a guy earlier looking for guns/knives. I said, “if I had any guns or knives for sale, I’d be pointing them at you, mister…” I didn’t mention the Ruger SP-101 that I’m keeping in my pocket for protection. And for shooting shoplifters.

For more, (more…)

Big Nanny Is Watching

I have been wanting to write something like this ever since I stumbled out of the theater playing “V for Vendetta”.

Looks like the Commissar did it better than I could have anyway.

I think this is the more likely scenario of “fascism” anyway.

The Rethuglican Party, like any group, is legal and its members enjoy First Amendment rights. They simply cannot offend my right of free speech by polluting public space and the ubernet with their wingnuttery. They can meet wherever they want, as long as it is not on public property …”

Winnie wondered if she should bring up the Freedom of Housing and National Prosperity Act of 2020 that nationalized all private property, except for that held by practicing members of the media, SAG, and the NEA, exceptions that Minister of Intellectual Property Yglesias had explained, but she was a little fuzzy on. Josh was on a roll, and she bit her tongue.

I would have thrown in a mention about the non-smoking re-education camps.

Another Anniversary

There was another anniversary that I missed yesterday – thanks to Vinnie for reminding me – the Oklahoma City Bombing.

It was 11 years ago yesterday that a network of conspirators blew up the Murrah Federal Building, murdering 168 people. Sure, McVeigh got the needle, but the investigation was never completed – he had plenty of help from some middle-eastern allies. Of course, the Clinton/Reno justice department and the Old Media didn’t want that part of the story scrutinized, but I still recommend you read The Third Terrorist for the story behind the bombing.

That is, unless you’re satisfied with the Feds’ version. In which case, bully for you.

Remember those who were murdered.


DSmith reminds me of yet two more important anniversaries: Waco and Columbine. I’ve got to pay more attention.