Conservative Blogger Canned Over a Mohammed Cartoon

Remember that oh-so-controversial story from last week about a conservative blogger publishing a Mohammed parody on his personal website? No?

Well, he’s been relieved of his job responsibilities now. Relieved, let go, fired, resigned. The result’s all the same if you’ve got a family to support no matter what euphemism it’s dressed up in.

Aren’t Republicans always preaching accountability? Or is that just for poor people.
Posted by: MP at April 14, 2006 11:47 AM

Accountability without regard to context is injustice. It’s the difference between stealing a loaf of bread out of hunger or stealing a car out of boredom. Killing a man in self-defense or murdering a man for his wallet.

Congratulations to Democratic Operative/Story Teller John Spragens at the Nashville Scene for his wonderful hit piece that led to it. Kudos to his editors who greenlighted the project as well. (ed. note 02.09.08 – Spragens has since left the Nashville Scene to work as Communications Chief for Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper and then to jumpstart the Obama campaign – natch)   The First Amendment that they stood up for so ardently when one of their ad men was arrested for knowingly promoting prostitution in their Classifieds translated so well to their effort to draw attention to said blogger’s real life employers.

The commies are bringing the funny:

While I do not think Bill Hobbs should have lost his job, obviously someone did.

Lesson: Be nice to people and they will not be gleeful in your misery!

Posted by: auntmussypants at April 14, 2006 11:41 AM

By posting this item on the web, even for a minute, Hobbs should have realized that it was out in the the greater world and he could not take it back. 2 days, 2 months or 2 years the potential audience and even greater repercussions were sitting out in the world wide web like a time bomb.

Posted by: saraclark at April 14, 2006 12:11 PM

This must be that fascist Amerikkka I keep hearing about.

Score: Islamofascist Loving Donks: 1 Free Speech: 0


  1. Here’s what Doc Brown had to say on the subject:
    “The fact that the Scene piece identifies his employer is of no consequence; news stories routinely identify ages and occupations as basic information about newsmakers. Hobbs is appropriately held accountable for his expression by his readers in the marketplace of ideas.

    This is how the Village Voice chain’s editor helps take one of the little guys down a peg. That’ll teach them for commentin’ on *my* blog. *sniff*

  2. Maybe you can help me out here. When Bill Hobbs decided to freely excercise his right to free speech and publish his feelings about Islam, was that a personal decision, or an obligation he felt to represent Belmont University?

    My hunch is both Bill Hobbs and Belmont decided that was Bill’s personal choice as are the consequences. The First Amendment grants us all the right to be fools. It doesn’t protect you from the consequences of the choices you make in excercising this right.

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  5. Oh my he posted a cartoon showing the pedophile for profit terrorist of Mecca.

    Clearly those who forgot 9-11 and are no ankle grabbers for allah think making fun of a murderer is really really bad. Ever heard of Dhimmitude cause you PC wankers are headed full force to its sharia jaws.

  6. I guess on college campuses its ok to attack the armed forces but not islamofacists.
    Everybody else can have a opinion (liberals)but
    not a conservative.

  7. You mean to tell me that same 1st Amendment that liberals cower behind when they call religious blasphemy (except Islam, of course)exempt, or the right to obstruct a person’s right to a contrary, conservative opinion got Mr. Hobbs shit-canned?! I would imagine Mr. Hobbs’ phone has been clog with inquiries from the ultimate defender of 1st Amendment Rights, the ACLU, right?! (Yeah, right!)

  8. Kleinheider… What a shit-squeeze that guy is. An embarrasment to share minyan prayers with on Shabbat. This mench treats our constitution like a greasy diner shmata to shovel that fakhakta theory over the heads of the BusHaters. Fukk him! So, i’d have to say “yes”, I do believe you that he’s an ACLU-less attorney, Smantix. 🙄

  9. Yiddish Steel effin’ RULES! The friggin’ ACLU will defend every cross burning cretin and abortion having white trash pos but offend some head chopping ROP members and freedom of speech all of a sudden ain’t that important. I love the Jewish people. The head-choppers… ehhh… not so much.

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  11. Personally I don’t think the guy should have been canned. But you right wingers are full of it..

    You guys were so happy when Bill Mahr got dropped and he didn’t insult anyone.

    Then went after any person/teacher/etc who critized bush.

    You are all up about freedom of speech, but that is not true.

  12. SO that’s why all the media sounds the same (I knew there was a reason)!:razz:
    Bill Hobbs, this is an excellent oportunity for you. Civil Rights have been
    violated. Don’t be shy about using those same leftie tools that liberals
    beat industry over the head with.
    Lawsuit time.
    You have most definitely been wrongfully fired. That little EEOC is there
    just for a situation such as this.

    Get after them.

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  14. Maher was canned for saying that the suicide bombers were not cowards, not that they were heroes. That’s because the police psyche teams were advising the typical psycho profile protocol be applied to get them to tip their hands. These guys weren’t ordinary psychos. But hey! Where the heck is the cartoon in question? I’d like to be able to judge for myself. What’s with all this Kafkaesque stuff – you can read the story, commentary, commentary on the commentary but where is, in the words of Ezra Levant, “the central fact of the story[?]”

  15. “We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away,” he said. “That’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly.”

    The opposite of cowards is….

  16. If you’re Taliban, Yale and Harvard fight to give you a spot in their schools. If you’re Ward Churchill and call the victims of 9-11 “little Eichmann’s” you’re supported by your school. But try to make light of the cowering of the US media and academic elites to Islam while not giving a crap about insulting any other religion and it’s sayonara.

  17. I believe the opposite of “cowardly” is being hopped up on stripper perfume and methamphetamine and slitting flight attendant’s throats.

    Which is why I can never be the Braveheart of Liberals.

  18. The terrorists were not brave..remember they were so brainwashed they thought they were going die , go straight to heavan and get their virgins. They were in fact cowards

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  20. Score one for the liberal press. Of course, the Nashville papers would have exposed a lef-wing blogger who drew an offensive cartoon. Suuuuure.

    But there is a light at the end of this tunnel — the liberal media is going to find it harder and harder to execute poison-pen hit jobs as their credibility numbers continue to fall. Let us rejoice in the Pew poll that shows that 20 percent of Americans — only one in five — believe all or most of what they read in “news” stories anymore. About an equal number believe that journalists fabricate and lie about everything, with the rest falling in between.

    In five years or so, after five more years of liberal bias, the media’s partisan swipes will be meaningless because no one will believe them. 😈

  21. Actually, Maher was canned because his ratings were dropping like a stone. (Which may or may not have had anything to do with his comments made several MONTHS before he was let go – hard to say for certain.)

  22. Oddly enough, Maher is on tv all the time, I wish I could program my remote to skip the channel when his show is on, but I know that for somebody who is a poster boy for oppression of free thought by the right, his show sure comes in on time and clear as a bell.

    Hmmm… No cognitive dissonance on the left over that though.

  23. Look, the Nashville Scene is to journalism what Jack Kervorkian is to pediatric medicine (if someone wants to start a list of past Scene scandals, have at it; I ain’t got the time). The real culprits here are the Bredesen campaign that planted this hit piece thru Kopp and Spragens and ultimately Belmont University, which obviously buckled to the pressure the story brought after it identified Hobbs’ employer three or four hundred times.

  24. Well, Dr, John, you’re right. Maher’s stuff about the cruise missiles is nonsense: I didn’t mean that part. Certainly lobbing cruises if that works is not only not cowardly, it’s moral (despite hysterical moonbat opposition) because it protects your soldiers’ lives. I just meant that the cowards line was used as the typical FBI psyche profile. It doesn’t matter to me if they were cowards or not — they were evil, pure and simple.

    Thanks for the link the the cartoon. I hate hearing about stuff I can’t find.

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