Happy 2nd Birthday to Meat

Today marks the two year anniversary of Six Meat Buffet. Two years ago today, this blog was born and shortly thereafter, Tom Cruise ate its placenta.

This seems like a good time to give a big fat thank you to my co-bloggers, Smantix and Cranky, without whom I probably would have quit a while back. For those of you who don’t know the history of these two, here it is in a nutshell.

Smantix was a semi-frequent commenter who used his mouth prettier than a $20 whore. I told him he should have his own blog. He told me to cram it. So I gave him a login. The rest is offensive, right-wing fanatical history.

Cranky was a homeless blogger. Last summer, he decided to shut down his outstanding blog, crankyneocon.com, and he needed a place to roost. We were pleased as punch to provide him a new home and we’re glad he hasn’t decided to leave (yet).

Now a look at a few stats over the past two years.


Preston – 1327
Smantix – 115
Cranky – 106
Johnny Walker Red (where are you?) – 5
the Lovely Sadie – 3

Comments: 6,154

(Sitemeter) Unique visits: 420,000
(Sitemeter) Pageviews: 644,000

Crazy Blog Money: Less than $0

We’ve made many good blogosphere friends over the past two years – too numerous to mention, but you’ll find them in various spots on our blogrolls. We’ve made some enemies as well. Screw them in the nose.

This also seems like a good time to announce that I’ve submitted Six Meat to be included in Basil’s Cavalcade of Interviews. Unlike my interviews with Sadie and Sobek, this will be with Basil. See? Anyhoo, you can send your questions for me or my co-bloggers to Basil here. Here is his entire list of upcoming interviews.

Readership has grown slowly but steadily over the past two years and continues to do so. Thanks for continuing to visit, comment, send hate mail, etc. Without you, you’d be nothing but an empty void in the cosmos and who would we be talking to?


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  2. Happy B-Day, guys.

    Too many good memories for me to mention. Or to have the inclination to remember.

    But what the hell, I keep coming back, right?

    Happy to do my share in contributing to the $0.

  3. Taking time out of my busy day of shilling for Wal-Mart to wish Six Meat Buffet a happy anniversary.

    I remember wheen Prestoon was calling himself Xander or something like that.

  4. Oy Vey! 2 years old?! I haven’t been hanging around this glorified Golden Corral of conservative wit that long, but i’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday to you, Holmes (and you too {you two!}, Smantix and Cranky). I love this place and all it’s unkosher oppulence. So here’s a shout-out to my Semetic blog babe, Debbie Schlussel for telling me about this place. There’s no better example of the liberal Moonbats being more afraid of a 2 year old than here at 6MB.

    Holmes, if you’re “Robin Zander”, then i’m your Bun E. Carols.

  5. 18 months of stinking things up around here for me.

    November, 2004 it was. Remember when the French went to war over chocolate, Preston?

    I’ve been a daily, no, many times daily reader ever since. Hell, I’m a good percentage of those hits, I bet.


  6. Happy Birthday!!

    had to comment also…i always liked Rick Nielsen on the guitar..had a crush on Zander though, hahah:mrgreen:

    found this site while looking for info relating to Natalee Holloway, & the guy ‘said’ go wish my southern friend a Happy Birthday..
    hope you have many more!

  7. Friend of a friend of a friend suggested dropping by and saying H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!! to his southern blogging buddy. From me: have a great day!

  8. Happy Birthday ya bastard! 2 years huh, who’da thunk it. I have been here at least once a day every day since day 1 and proud of it.
    Keep up the good work…

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  11. “…used his mouth prettier than a $20 whore.”

    You haven’t tried me on for size yet, PTH. Just sayin’.

    By the way, if you quit blogging, I’ll get all frigid on you. Consider yourself warned.

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