A Momentary Lapse of NFL Draft Blogging

Well, the Titans have picked Vince Young and I certainly can’t argue with that. He’s a phenomenal athlete. But with all of his laudatory praise for Steve McNair, considering Steve-O’s grievance with being kept out of practice, I don’t know how that will pan out. I am sure it’s nothing a couple of million dollars won’t fix.

As if to brag about the high-octane crack available in the 5th ward, the Texans took Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. WTF? Madness. They’ll live to regret that one.

Matt Leinart dropped to 10th like a stone. Too bad, so sad, oh dad – pretty boy. That’s what hanging out another year for ballroom dancing lessons gets ya.

The Broncos trade up to get Vanderbilt’s Jay Cutler and he’ll get to play back-up for Jake The Snake for a year or two. I haven’t been as big on Cutler as some have but I’d be a fool to doubt Shanahan.

So much for those prognostications sports swamis.

But, and I pose this to ESPN, why are Michael Irvin’s eyelids so heavy that he has to brush them off his lapels?

I can only imagine some high quality dope-ish. Quite talkative too. Mumbling and mildly belligerent.
Cheers, Mikey.

It’s gotta be tough being around all those young people making more coming out of college than you made in your entire Superbowl-ringed career. Some stripper is sure to be going home with a black eye tonight.


The Carolina Panthers just burnt their first round pick on DeAngelo Williams (RB) out of the University of Mempiss. They say “he’s like Barry Sanders”. I don’t think that will translate to the pros but Christ….you’re 1st round pick for him???

The world just doesn’t make sense anymore.


The Jets just picked up, the somewhat pornographically named, Nick Mangold (out of OSU) to replace outgoing Kevin Mawae who was signed by the Titans a little over a month ago.

He hugs his mama and I get a little teary-eyed too. Christ, he looks like he could stop up a toilet.

No Al Gore low-flow bowls for you my young man. (courtesy flush to mrs. smantix on that one)


And it’s the Sloppy Second Round:

Like a 50 year old virgin fumbling through his wallet, Norm Chow finally gets to use one of his Trojans. The Titans get Lendale White who is somehow one of the greatest scorers in USC history. Was it the line? Was it defenses keep their LB’s spying on Bush. Leinart opening up the run? Who knows?
The Titans can’t keep our backs from going all Ricky Williams on the peace pipe.

Welcome abord Lendale! And stay away from Pac-Man.

And with that, I’ve got some non-Mexican beer that’s suffering from separation anxiety.


  1. I’m just glad the Saints (my favorite team) got Reggie Bush. Now let’s see if they hold onto him. With Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson in charge, it seems it’s never too late to screw things up. 🙄

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  3. I’m still laughing at The Raiders for passing up Leinart with the 7th pick, and instead, taking a Safety! Yeah! Just what they needed. Same ‘ol Raiders: Another 4 – 12 season awaits! Aaron Brooks will be the affirmative action version of Kerry Collins. Another season sweep by my Chargers!

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