Six Meat Buffet Exclusive – Inside Illegal Immigration

The Great May 1 Boycott, a day without immigrants” mega rally is on. As the Soundbite Media is fond of saying, these will be the biggest rallys since the 1960’s Civil Rights marches. Thereby cheapening the value of the actual Civil Rights marches of the 1960’s.

We as Six Meat Buffet’s Northern bureau decided to go undercover into the belly of this beast known as The Great May 1 Boycott, a day without immigrants.

Content Warning: what you see may shock you.

Our crews went into Wilmington, Delaware, a known hotbed of activism. Knowing that many people of Mexican origin could be found at this Mexican-American owned establishment, we made our clandestine entrance.

Le Tolteca, the best enchiladas West of Texas or an illegal immigration front?

This sign proved to be very concerning to us. Was it a way to lure the unwary patron in, get him or her salivating and then say, no burritos for you gringo? We couldn’t bear the thought.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

Once inside, the Mexicans began getting suspicious of us. A pair of staring eyes locked onto me. Their owner, a matronly Hispanic and possibly the conductor of the new Underground Railroad said to us, “table for two” in a very unconvincing manner. Her English was good, too good.

Thinking quickly we responded with a “yes” and the charade continued until we were seated. To throw off the scent, we ordered props approprate to this foreign environment.

Preserving “deep cover” we ordered native beverages

Finally we were ready to spring the trap. As the ringleader approached I candidly opened a line of rapid-fire questioning:

“What do you think of illegal immigration?”

“Are you illegal?”

“How about those rallys tomorrow? Are you going to be part of them?”

“Would you favor closed borders if it came with amnesty for the eleven million already here?”


“Careful, plate is hot,” was all we got.

This isn’t over. Not by a long shot.


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