Sunday Night Poll

As the illegals have gone back to their homebuilding, leafblowers, taco stands and street gangs, tomorrow we return just another day with a Mexican. At least I’ll be able to get a burrito if the urge strikes (for now…).

So this begs the question, which part of the whole “we’re-illegal-so-meet-our-demands-or-we’ll-continue-to-do-the-jobs-you-won’t-do” protests has pissed you off the most?

What’s the most annoying part
of the illegal immigration hub-bub?

The entire media (including Faux News) refusing to use the word “illegal” to describe illegal immigrants.

The oft-repeated phrase, illegals are
“doing jobs Americans can’t/won’t do.”

The mangled Spanish national anthem.

The faux-patriotism of waving the American flag
when you’re a damn Mexican.

The not-so-sexy love affair between
President Junior and Vicente Fox.

The emotional trauma of being called
“wetback” by a wetback.

The fact that so many Marxists, fellow travelers and other assorted criminals were the organizers and participants in the rallies. (Yet were paraded around by the Old Media as hard-working, family-loving American heroes)

John McCain offering you a job picking
lettuce for $50/hr
and then taking it back.

The potential tragic loss of the burrito.

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  1. I got a burrito at Qdoba in Birmingham tonight, but there was nary a Mexican in the kitchen. I was told, “no cerveza, no trabajo!”

  2. Why doesn’t someone tell it like it is. All this Mexical flag waiving, threats of taking back THEIR country, professionals who have their jobs due to diversity, leaving for the day to attend a rally to support their own, total disrespect, National Anthem in SPANISH…isn’t this good old Anti-Americanism? ANTI-AMERICAN…if we did this in Mexico, we would most likely be either shot and/or put in jail!!!

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  4. We’re not talking about other people’s comments. We all have opinions…but trying to incite and demand rights one does not have is another thing. What would happen if we had NO U.S.A…think of the choices…[or lack thereof]……more global warming, crowding, more poverty, education ???, more SUV’s and Mother Trucks….! Maybe we should start thinking about what it would be like to live in a Third World Country.

  5. “We (or they) have family values”. They forgot to boycott the toilets (maybe they should go home and do something about the sewars in Mexico), and clean water. Hollywood? It’s sad to be without a job in the country where I grew up simply because I don’t speak Spainish. What about my civil or human rights? Do I have any? I say “La Raza’s” go home. Whatever happened to thank you for Free Food (food stamps), Free Health Care (thank you for getting the clinics that US poor and Senior Citizens, that paid taxes and for SS, needed to use for their care. Obvioulsy we don’t count)Thank you for General Relief, Thank you for housing subsidaries. Thank you for all the Chinese that built the rail systems, the Hungarians, Italians, Germans, Polish, Irish, yes, the English, that built the houses and everything else.

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