Feminists for Rapist-Murderers: A Demented Love Story

In what could be a long week and a half, justice stands to be denied again in the death penalty case involving raped and murdered Marine Lance Corporal Suzanne Collins two decades ago in Memphis.

Count on News2 for one side of the story. The poor, innocent murderer’s side. *sob*

Sedley Alley’s taped confessional snuff porn is only an hour long they contend. One hour short of their liking.


July 11, 1985
Alley’s wife left him after getting in a fight. He drank two six-packs and a bottle of wine. He told authorities that he had gone out for more liquor when his car accidentally hit 19-year-old Suzanne Collins as she jogged near the Millington Naval Base. Alley’s story is that he accidentally killed the young woman — who was due to graduate from aviation school the next day. However, an autopsy revealed that her skull had been fractured with a screwdriver. After she died, a tree limb was rammed into her vagina so hard that it entered her abdomen and lacerated one of her lungs.

After his taped confession, his defense team claimed he had Multiple Personality Disorder. Twenty years, and seemingly endless appeals later, one of his personalities is now claiming that he’s innocent.

The inconveniently graphic details always get left out of anti-justice advocates’ attempts to humanize their monster role models.

It doesn’t help your case when one of the FBI’s top criminal profilers of all time includes three condemning chapters in his book on the object of your diseased affections and who was the model for Clarice Starling’s mentor in “Silence of the Lambs”. Someone who at least bothered to talk to the victim’s family and the condemned before promoting some ideologue’s propaganda.

ABC thought enough of him before, why not have somebody give him a call and ask him why he’s wrong now?

Take that all of you CSI: Miami Monday night armchair criminologists.

Approaching the 21 year anniversary of the murder of Suzanne Collins, the same bastards who have defaced a Wikipedia page (see edit “the tn dude”) to her memory and turned it into an anti-death penalty page while continuing to disgrace her memory and torture the victim’s family by lionizing this piece of shit.

Even so speciously asserting that “Moreover, examples of false and coerced confessions abound. A number of innocent people confessed to being the Central Park rapist, for example” as if that one incident nullifies any confession in any court. But what do we really expect from a guy who likes “creating mayhem and havoc”.

The appeal rehashes the whole ugly scene:

July 1985. The statement was tape recorded with defendant’s permission. A narrative account of the relevant events of that evening as he related them to the Naval Officers follows.

About 7:00 p.m. on 11 July 1985, his wife left with two women to go to a Tupperware party. Defendant had been drinking beer before they left and by approximately 9:00 p.m. he had consumed an additional six-pack and a fifth of wine. At the time he drove his 1972 Mercury station wagon, with a Kentucky license tag to the Mini Mart and purchased another six-pack. . . . He drove to the north side of the Base, parked on a lot near the golf course and started running toward Navy Lake. He ran past a girl jogging and before he got to the lake he stopped, she caught up with him and they had a brief conversation. He did not know her name and had never seen her before. They turned around and jogged back to his car. He stopped there out of breath, and she continued on toward the gate at Navy Road. He started driving down the road toward the gate in spite of his apparent recognition that he was drunk and weaving from side to side on the roadway. He heard a thump and realized he struck the girl jogger. Quoting from his statement “she rolled around and screamed a couple of times and I ran over and grabbed her and told her I was going to take her to the hospital. I helped her into the car and we started towards. . .”

On the way to the hospital defendant said that she called him names such as a drunken bastard and threatened to get him in trouble and he tried to calm her down without success. When he reached the traffic light on Navy Road near the 7/11 store he turned left and again went to the north part of the Base in the vicinity of the lake. He described in considerable detail the subsequent events, that included hitting her a few times, holding her down on the ground, and sticking a screwdriver in the side of her head, under circumstances apparently calculated by the defendant to appear to be accidental. All of these actions were because she would not listen to his pleas not to turn him in.

He insisted that he did not have sex with her at any time, nor did he even try at any time. He insisted that he was scared of the trouble she was threatening him with and was drunk and could not think clearly. After sticking the screwdriver in her head and her collapse, he decided to make it appear that she had been raped. He took off her clothes, and dragged her by the feet over near a tree. There he broke off a tree limb, inserted it in her vagina and “pushed it in.” He then ran to the car and drove away.

The state called numerous witnesses who observed some of the movements of the defendant and victim that night.

An Naval officer driving north toward the lake on the Base passed two male Marines jogging north, and later saw a female Marine in red T-shirt and red shorts also jogging north. After passing the lone Marine he saw a white male near an old station wagon with wood paneling that was parked on an empty lot near the buffalo pens. The two Marines testified that as they jogged north a female Marine was jogging south and shortly thereafter they encountered a station wagon with wood grain paneling also going south that swerved over into the north lane towards them. The car continued on southward and when they were several hundred yards further north they heard a female voice screaming in distress, “Don’t touch me,” “Leave me alone.” They immediately turned around and ran south in the direction of the scream. It was too dark to see any activity very far ahead and before they reached the scene they saw the station wagon drive off toward the main gate. At the time they were about 100 yards away and were able to observe that the station wagon was off the road in the grass, near the fence, on the left or wrong side for a vehicle going south. Suspecting a kidnapping they continued on to the gate and gave a full report of what they had witnessed. They accompanied military security personnel on a tour of the residential areas of the Base looking for the station wagon, without success. However, after they returned to their barracks, they were summoned to the security offices where they identified the station wagon. Defendant had been stopped and brought in for questioning as had his wife. Their responses had allayed any suspicion that the defendant had been connected with a kidnapping and they were allowed to go home. All of the events occurred before approximately 1:00 a.m., 12 July 1985. The victim’s body was found shortly before 6:00 a.m. on that date and defendant was promptly arrested by the military police.

After completing the statement, defendant voluntarily accompanied officer over the route he had taken the night before and to the location of the murder and accurately identified various things, including the tree where he had left the body and where it was found by others and from which the limb he used had been broken.

The pathologist Dr. James Bell, testified that the cause of death was multiple injuries. He also identified several specific injuries, each of which could have been fatal. The victim had bruises and abrasions over her entire body, front and back. He testified that the injuries to the skull could have been inflicted by the rounded end of the defendant’s screwdriver that was found near the scene, but not the pointed end. He identified the tree branch that was inserted into the victim’s body. It measured 31 inches in length and had been inserted into the body more than once, to a depth of twenty inches, causing severe internal injuries and hemorrhaging. The pathologist was of the opinion that the victim was alive when the tree limb was inserted into her body. There were also bruises on the victim’s neck consistent with strangulation.

31 inches. Needless to say, the rest of the Court’s opinion lays his new defense team’s case to waste. You take the cops to the scene. You admit to it on tape. There’s blood in your car. On your car. Identified your vehicle on the military base.

The fact of the matter is that the death penalty is important because the state only gets to try a case once. Witnesses die, police who worked the case retire, families pick up the pieces and try to move on with what’s left of their lives.

But then, the liberals come. An endless buffet of college students looking for extra credit by donating their time and pro bono attorneys looking to get their names in the paper all the while mocking the true victims. Running up the costs of death penalty cases through the appeals process and then bemoaning the cost of the death penalty. The moral relativists try to equate the life of the murderer being taken by the state as being equal to the life of the murdered innocent. It’s all the same in their twisted cosmic ledger.

Death can’t come soon enough to Alley or his supporters. It’s a shame they can’t share the same needle.

UPDATE: Even the hyper anti-death penalty advocates at the Nashville Scene have a hard time defending this particular convict.

And we’re graced by the perverted TCASK nutball who defaced Collins’ Wikipedia page in the comments section. Everyone put their hands together. Around his throat. Snuggly.

He’ll forgive you later.


  1. “But then, the liberals come. An endless buffet of college students looking for extra credit by donating their time and pro bono attorneys looking to get their names in the paper all the while mocking the true victims. Running up the costs of death penalty cases through the appeals process and then bemoaning the cost of the death penalty. The moral relativists try to equate the life of the murderer being taken by the state as being equal to the life of the murdered innocent. It’s all the same in their twisted cosmic ledger.”


  2. you know smantix, it’s one thing to read your rants on thre nashville city paper site but quite another to find you at home on your own planet…

    you like to play the zero sum game, either-or, nothing else … suppose a human being was just as horrified by the torturous death experienced by young suzanne collins but was also just as pasionate about oholding the right person accountable for the murder … was it sedley alley? john borup? one who seeks the truth rather than wrapping oneself inside an ideological cocoon would be concerned about that…

    you are not – pity … prayers for you and your healing as well my friend…

  3. Now y’all know what we fine folks here in Kalifornya put up with everytime ‘dem’dere libruls circle the wagons and grb on to the feel good story of the year every time some scum bag is tried in a court of law, found guilty, sentenced to die, and stays in the needle’s holding pattern for more than 20 years before taking their well-deserved, long-overdue dirt nap.

  4. You just couldn’t resist defacing Suzanne Collins’ page could you? You just had to do it. Just like Sedley Alley saw her jogging and had to do it. The way he grabbed her throat and had to do it.

    You don’t give a shit about the victims. You only care about your agenda. You’re not arguing in favor of Sedley “Billie Jean/Death” Alley’s daughters to be spared some indignity greater than the fact their father is a rapist and a murderer. You want him released because you think he’s innocent.

    When, everybody knows, he. is. not. He is guilty, guilty, guilty. Soon to be dead guilty. Not nearly soon enough.

    So you continue to torture her family for the next few days. Roll around in the tears and pain they’ve had to endure for two decades because of people like yourself. They’ve had to hold on to each other while people like you have been patting their daughter’s killer’s hand and stroking his head.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t meet TCASK’s high threshold for prayer requests as I haven’t killed or raped anybody. But I’ll be popping a bottle of champagne all the same as soon as Alley is kicked the fuck off my planet.

    It’s too bad we don’t still have Ole Sparky so you could hold hands with him when they pull the switch. To make up for his burden to the state, it should be Pay-Per-View.

  5. what we lionize is the death penalty as public policy and its inaccuracy and ineffectiveness – it’s an important issue…

    wouldn’t expect you to get it – so sad for your children and grandchildren to have someone like you to “look up” to (sic)

  6. What’s sad is that anyone would look up to you (sick).

    No child is safe in this world with the people you all support.

    If you just said “I’m against the death penalty for religious reasons” that would be one thing. This, isn’t that.

    This is trying to get the bastard off by wasting taxpayer money with these “throw a pot of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” appeals. He did it. Coe did it. James Jones did it.

    I think Workman’s sentence should be commuted to life in prison because of the evidence that’s come out about him. An officer was still killed while Workman was in a shoot out after committing a felony.

    Deterrence certainly keeps Alley from killing again and from people like you trying to get them out of jail unless the families stick around like the Collins family has.

    But if you had an ounce of dignity, you would take down those weak defense lies off her Wikipedia page that you put up. You want to judge me for not liking a murderer while you’re pissing on an innocent girl’s grave.

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