American Beslan

Thanks to the Rottweiler for the heads-up on this one.

Two Saudi men board Tampa school bus, (justifiably) make students & driver nervous, now in custody of our inept DHS.

TAMPA – Two Saudi men were arrested Friday after they boarded a school bus and rode to Wharton High School in New Tampa.

Students on the bus became alarmed, as did the bus driver, who called ahead. Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies met the bus at the school and detained the men. No one was injured and nothing out of line occurred on the bus, deputies said.

Yep. Nothing to see here. Pretty much the same response as the crack security staff at Boston’s Logan Intl Airport. Pay no attention to the towels atop the heads or the box cutters in the pockets of these fine gentlemen.

But never fear, the Saudis are our friends! You know, the kind of friends that slaughter 3,000 of us to glorify their elephant god – or whatever it is they call the mythical being that guides their jihadi slaughter.

What was their excuse for hopping on a school bus for their Beslan dry run? They had several.

“They said they wanted to go to Wharton to look around, and then they said they wanted to go there to have some fun, and then they said they wanted to enroll in the English classes there,” Callaway said.

“We’re not sure if this was a situation of them just being new to this country, or if they were confused or what it was,” Callaway said. “We were unsure as to exactly what the final reason was, but it did cause great concern for the students on the bus and for us. One of the guys was wearing shorts with a black trench coat.”

While on the bus, the men laughed and spoke in Arabic, Callaway said.

Ahmed Bedier, Tampa director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the men likely meant no harm and that because “they were from Saudi Arabia, that escalated the situation.”

He blamed the incident on cultural differences.

“They didn’t differentiate between a school bus and public transportation,” he said.

Almanajam and Alsidran at first told deputies they were from Morocco, but later admitted being from Saudi Arabia, deputies said. They said they were enrolled at the English Language Institute at the University of South Florida.

Lucky for them, lying in the pursuit of jihad is fully sanctioned by their so-called holy book, so no foul there.

Even though reports are that these two goat-humpers have had their bail revoked and that they remain in custody, I’m certain that the doormats at the Dept of Homeland Security will let them go as soon as the first phone call comes in from the human debris at CAIR. I can hear the phone ringing now.

If you want a Beslan in America, just keep on telling yourself that there’s nothing to see here. Move along.

UPDATE: Welcome Daily Kock readers! Now cram it so far up your collective asses that blood comes out!


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  2. The Kossacks are naturally upset that these would-be terrorists on a logistics run have not been issued their reparations check from Tampa for racial profiling yet.

    We’ll just file this under They Still Don’t Get Why They Can’t Win An Election.

    Maybe their McVeigh-baiting will payoff as soon as there are 51 million Saudi Arabian voters for the Democratic Party.

    Keep working those netroots, nutballs. It certainly can’t be your lax attitude towards national security that keeps getting you beat.

  3. Maybe ICE will step in and secure their release as soon as these two say they were looking for “jobs Americans won’t do”. Worth a shot.

  4. I don’t see what the uproar is about. These fine men were probably just looking for wives…

    And the trenchcoat in 90 degree weather is EASILY explained…those long, flowing sheets they usually wear are in such short supply in Florida.

    You simply don’t understand their culture you intolerant clods…

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