Amnesty Lights Need A Surgeon General’s Warning

Honestly, I can quit any time I want…

Admitting that your special interests are addicted to cheap labor is the first step. Only then, can the healing begin.

Illegal immigration is not like getting a speeding ticket. However, it is a lot closer to second hand smoke and can be hazardous to your political health.

I’ll go ahead and kick things off with this little diddy:

6MB readers are encouraged to do a “Save As” and submit their own Surgeon’s General Warnings for Amnesty Lights(tm) to I’ll be taking entries for this thread throughout Memorial Day (29/5/06) Weekend, in honor of trying to remember why I voted Republican.


(Non-6MB readers are encouraged to become ones.)

Anonymous Drivel is the C. Everett Koop of the INS:


michel produced a note from his doctor to verify this warning. So, you know it has to be true:


Wild Bill is even considering a change to his active lifestyle:


Mac majored in Pre-Med but he skipped Sensitivity Training 411. That’s why he points and laughs at a bad case of “E.D.” (Electoral Dysfunction) when he sees it:

Look Impotent - Be Impotent

Team Swap is still upset that Chris Daughtry lost:

Team Swap

UPDATE: THANKS TO EVERYBODY PARTICIPATING IN OUR LITTLE EXERCISE THIS WEEKEND. Maybe one day before November the Self-Anointed Arbiters of Conservative Conscience will come down from on high and explain why we’re supposed to bend over and take this one for the team without so much of the namecalling.

John Derbyshire absolutely nails it:

When, exactly, did the U.S. people ask for this huge burden to be placed on their local services & tax base? When did we ask our lawmakers to open the nation’s doors to tens of millions of low-skilled immigrants, paying low levels of tax, and making big demands on our welfare services? When did we insist that people who have come into our country illegally, and stolen the Social Security numbers of citizens in order to get work, be eligible for Social Security benefits based on those stolen numbers? (Yes, that is actually in CIRA.) And that, just as the social security funding system is heading into major crisis? When did we ask for legal immigration numbers to be tripled? When?
I’m just scratching the surface here. The stupidity and rottenness of CIRA is really beyond the ability of a single human mind to encompass it.

And for Republicans, the most shocking, most shameful thing of all, is that this act to vastly swell the number of future Democratic voters, to bring about “the greatest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years” (Robert Rector), to kick working-class Americans in the teeth, to render meaningless the very concepts of our nation and our citizenship — in fact, to shove U.S. citizens off the sidewalk so that foreigners can be awarded special privilieges not available to us — this appalling monstrosity was cheered through by a Republican Senate at the urging of a Republican president. For shame, for shame, for shame.

I will not vote for any politician who helped pass this bill; I will not vote for any politician who says so much as a word in its favor — make that a syllable — and I will not even vote for any politician who agrees to go into conference on this horror. How big are Capitol Hill garbage bins? That’s the only place this heap of dreck belongs.

UPDATE: Captain Ed’s favorite Dafydd “has his finger on the pulse” of the party, unlike the rest of us wingnuts:

Hm. So… you mean that maybe the hysterical Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL, 96%) might actually be misinformed when he says that he speaks for “the base?”

Captain Ed posted on this; that’s where I saw it. But it doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage from most of the conservative bloggers.

And that’s too sad; isn’t it better to confront the strongest arguments against one’s position? Isn’t truth more important than any one person’s “position” on an issue?

I think a principled response from someone who opposes the Senate bill would be to say something like:
“All right, it may well be true that the GOP is listening to its base on this issue, that this really is where the GOP is today. But it’s up to the party leadership to lead, to teach people how wrong initial impressions can be. The Senate Republican leadership is not living up to its responsibilities by showing Republicans how this bill attacks the very foundations of conserative ideology, blah blah blah.”

I don’t buy this argument; the GOP rank and file understand the core of the immigration dilemma much better than the enforcement-only gang, perpetually gnashing their iron teeth like Baba Yaga, making a sound like a thousand pots and pans clattering down the chimney.

It turns out that polling by Dowd and also his analysis of major media polls aligns very well with the principled compromise that Big Lizards has advocated for months; it seems that we, not some other blogs, truly had our finger on the pulse not only of America, not only of the Republican Party, but even of self-described conservative Republicans. Not bad, even if we are toasting our own kazoo.

Well, mark my words dafydd, and feel free to come back after the Mid-Term elections if this bill passes to gloat. Much like the Harriet Miers nomination, you all are going to ride this poll to the grave in exchange for whatever key to the Executive Right Wing Lavatory you all are laying claim.

We vote on principle, not push polling. But let’s, for argument’s sake, say Dowd’s numbers are right. It only takes 2-3 million votes to switch the reins of leadership in this country.

I will be one of those staying home on November 2nd. Discount that sentiment at your own peril.


  1. The Derb is certainly not immune for getting wound up about stuff – but I just cut out a little bit of his post from The Corner. He was nothing short of apoplectic.

    Not to worry though. Captain Ed had a stunning post up last night talking about a well-heeled Republican poster who’s flashing numbers that 83% of GOP voters are in favor of illegal immigration as long as they pay some taxes.

    I guess I’m wrong! I’m in the radical vocal minority of Republican voters who thinks 12 million criminals who’ve stolen Social Security numbers, engaged in identity theft (that if I do it, it’s a felony – not a traffic ticket) and if the percentage of illegals having criminal records is like ours in the US would mean that we have 720,000 felons running around who we have absolutely no idea how dangerous they are or a way to track them.

  2. Not to be a contrarian, but come on Sin. He was just doing a job an American didn’t want to do.

    In fact, she should be thankful she was raped because he just gave her 18 years worth of tax deductions. 24 years if she has the baby and he/she goes to college.

    Is there no limit to what great contributions illegals make to this country???

    I don’t think so! I’m part of Dafy’s 93%.

  3. Smantix, thanks for holding down the fort on this whilst I vacation. I keep meaning to post on this illegal immigration nightmare, but you’re doing a bang-up job, so I say gracias!

    Check out the new graphic I just put on the upper right hand side above Malkin’s head.

    I’m trying to come up with a good slogan for our two party system of political rape and that’s as good as I’ve gotten so far. Feel free to chime in with more.

  4. Don’t avoid the polls come election day. You cannot be heard that way. Go and give a NO vote too whatever elected official you are snubbing. Easy to do. Sign up at your voting place they will know you were there.

    Cast a vote ONLY for those you are in favor of city officials, school board, so on.(not voting for a position either way is a NO vote). OR a FUCK OFF VOTE IF YOU WILL.
    This lets those running know you are paying attention and take voting seriously.

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