Everybody Loves Some Cooter

Country Cooter
Do you know how hard it was to find a picture of a clean shaven Cooter?

Faster than you can say Roscoe P. Coltrane, negative Southern stereotypes come alive as University of Tennessee walk-on QB Jim Bob Cooter was arrested for DUI last night:

Although the school did not release details of the rules violation, police arrested Cooter Saturday at 3:25 a.m. and charged him with DUI after he failed a field sobriety test. Cooter had been observed near the UT campus driving the wrong way and for failure to stop at a stop sign before police pulled him over.

According to police, a female passenger in the car with Cooter had an open container and was charged with underage consumption.

Cooter, who gained increasing popularity among the fans for his prototypical southern name, was expected to play a reserve role this season and be a scout team quarterback.

Prototypical? I dunno about that. Stereotypical? Definitely.

All we needed was for him to be found with his sister in the backseat of a ’82 Trans Am on blocks while simultaneously babymaking him a new nephew/son and our Unholy Hillbilly Triumvirate would be complete.

It gets slightly worse:

According to a report from the University of Tennessee Police Department, Cooter was driving a black Ford SUV when an officer noticed him crossing the center line and driving on the wrong side of the street at 16th Street and White Avenue.

What kind of world do we live in where a Jim Bob Cooter can’t drive on whatever side of White Street that he wants to? At least he wasn’t caught on Honkie Highway or Peckerwood Pike.

Damn you Fulmer.

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