Looking For Outrage In All The Wrong Places

The big Outrage du Jour was supposed to be that the front page headline to this article was “Zarqawi Death Will Not End Insurgency” (only on the print edition). And yes, I was peeved along with the morning talk show host, Michael Smerconish.

However, while trolling for the teeth-grindingly bad liberal slant, I came across this other article. Thought you might like it.

I was traveling throughout the U.S. military’s Southwest Asian Area of Operations, a trip made possible through the 913th Airlift Wing at the Willow Grove Air Force Reserve Base in Horsham.

I had the opportunity to meet airman, soldiers, Marines and sailors who are supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and humanitarian and counter-terrorism efforts in the Horn of Africa.

I talked to privates, generals and just about every rank in between. I lived with them, ate their food, and shared the same rigors of the desert climate and comparative isolation. I learned about their individual missions and those of their units. I listened to their stories.

Their morale is high in spite of long hours of work in often trying conditions.

Virtually everyone expects the effort to take a long time to bear fruit, but it’s a commitment they believe is worth it.

And they are grateful for the support they experience from the American people.

Several people — military and civilian — have asked me how the current conflict compares with that in Vietnam, a war in which I served as a young Marine.

It doesn’t.

The situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is as different from that in Vietnam as a conflict can get.

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Now this is a paper known for its left-leaning tendencies serving some very blue counties. I am pleased to say that there is some good news coming out of the MSM.