Time Wounds All Heels

Way back in yon Summer of 2005, during my first-ever, fledgling attempt at bloggery, I recall this little exchange:

If he’s found guilty by the special prosecutor I will admit I was wrong.

Are any of you willing to do the same when he’s found innocent?
The facts of the matter are that a politically motivated non-protected partisan at the CIA lobbied to have her politically partisan husband engage in a predetermined “fact-finding” mission. How you all can keep betting on Wilson is beyond me. He was a loser when Kerry dropped him from his campaign and he’s a loser now.
As I said, if the prosecutor indicts Rove, I will be the first to say “I was wrong”. No qualifiers. No “buts”.

Belly up to the grown-ups table and do the same. We’ll make sure they’re serving spinach crow hummus.

Posted by smantix at July 21, 2005 06:17 PM

I’m just saying.


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