Happy Birthday Ian Paice!

One of the great drummers of all time was born today in 1948. Wikipedia says of him:

Heavily influenced by Buddy Rich, Ian is one of the few hard rock drummers who uses swing and jazz inflections in his powerhouse style. He is also left-handed, being one of the few who play on a totally left-handed drum setup (another example is Phil Collins). Many left-handers either learn to play right-handed (e.g. Ringo Starr) or adapt their technique to suit a right-handed kit.

He brought forward from a previous generation of rock drummers the tight, precise playing and crisp, clean sound of the best of his predecessors but added power, formidable speed and technique to create a unique style and sound giving the best of both worlds. . . .

Ian is also one of the few rock drummers who has mastered the one handed roll.

You can see him doing the one handed drum roll here. But since I’m not a huge fan of the drum solo, I’d rather listen to Ian Paice’s work alongside his band Deep Purple in their heyday.

Modern Drummer selected “Burn” as one of the “Top Twenty Drum Tracks of the Seventies,” to which I would say, “just the seventies?” I love that song.

Here is a video of Deep Purple performing “Burn” in 1974. If you love cool drumming, classic dinosaur rock, or cheese, you should all get a kick out of it.

Happy Birthday Ian Paice!


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  2. Hell yeah! I skipped Senior Prom in 1987 to see Deep Purple on “The House Of Blue Light” Tour, and Ian did the 1-handed roll. I have always wondered how it can be accomplished and at what point a drummer loses stick control. Nice work there, Annika! And Happy Birthday to the ageless wonder, Ian Paice (dude still looks the same as he did in the DP press photos from the 1984 “Perfect Strangers” album).

    \m/ 😛

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