Month: July 2006

Today’s Special: One Large Can of Whoop Ass

Looks like Israel is finally going to take the gloves off.

I hope they’re able to track down the Green Helmet Guy and plant him in the ground along with his fellow propagandists. Not that CNN would ever twist the facts for their own institutional political agenda. Heaven forfend.

Let’s be clear, though. I am for a complete cease-fire.

Once every member of Hizbollah is pushin’ up daisies.

Philly’s Liberals Throw African Americans Under The Bus

The city wage tax; excessive union influence; 40,000 abandoned homes – all sad indicators of a government that doesn’t have the priorities of running a city well at heart.

And now, in a drastic effort to improve itself, the City is taking on the Boy Scouts. You see, Philadelphia’s very active Boy Scouts Chapter in the city is the victim of a blindside attack.

When you envision the Boy Scouts, you probably have an image of a suburban troop of mostly white kids camping. I’m pretty sure that this is what the Gay and Lesbian activists see as they worked with the city solicitor general Romulo L. Diaz Jr. to evict them from a city build which they’ve occupied since 1928 and pay $60,000 annually to maintain.

This troop, known as the Cradle of Liberty Council is extremely inclusive and performs tremendous services to the underprivileged, largely African American children, in the City.

From Michael Smerconish:

No, the murder rate is a direct result of kids born into families in which there is nobody home to kick butt, kids who are uncontrolled and facing no future. The closest anyone in this town has come to addressing the real root cause was when Inquirer columnist Claude Lewis wrote recently about the need to give kids back their childhood.

Not only does the city not hear Lewis’ wisdom, but it’s about to contradict his logic by undercutting a private group that preaches ethics, values and morality to young people who could otherwise fall into the grip of urban violence. At a time when young black people are dying in the streets, the mayor has set his sight on the Boy Scouts.

So guess who is poised to lose out? Not some Hitler youth. No, the losers are more than 40,000 local kids in grades K-12 who participate in programs called Learning for Life, or ScoutReach.

Learning for Life is a values-based, life-skills program run in collaboration with the city schools. The youths are taught by district teachers. ScoutReach helps to meet the developmental needs of young boys in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware counties. By emphasizing ethics and moral values, ScoutReach addresses many of the social concerns of parents and youth in our area.

Values. Ethics. Morals. Just the kind of things to throw away at a time when the city is in crisis, as long as the city involved is this one.

And there is something else significant about Learning for Life: The program is absolutely nondiscriminatory!


The anti Boy Scout crusade continues because right thinking people cannot tolerate their policies, and if I can venture a guess, their stance on morals.

As this excellent article stresses, the losers are those poor children who are the benefactors of the mythical Liberal Caring.

You know how some say, “I love God, but I’m against organized religion?”

Well, I have no problem with homosexuals, but I’m against “organized homosexuality”.

Yet another reason I steer clear of the City whenever possible.

Profiles in Choice, Continued

An unidentified teen struck a blow for womens’ rights last week, providing a Miami-area abortion clinic a rare opportunity at a coveted late-term abortion.

An autopsy of a fetus found in a biohazard container in a Hialeah abortion clinic was performed by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office on Saturday, but the results may not be known for several days or possibly weeks, police say.

The autopsy was carried out a day after Hialeah Police Chief Rolando Bolaños ordered the clinic, A Gyn Diagnostic Center, 3671 W. 16th Ave., closed in connection with a possible homicide. It’s unclear whether the fetus was born dead or alive.

”The medical examiner is conducting tests and taking tissue samples,” said Lt. Ralph Gracia on Saturday.

“Right now, it is totally dependent on what they say. I’m just glad we found the child’s remains.”

Typical misogynist. Child’s remains, indeed. That was a choice, you hateful, hateful man.

The fetus is believed to belong to an 18-year-old who told police she gave premature birth to the boy while waiting to see a doctor at the clinic on July 20. She was 23 weeks pregnant — within a week of the legal limit to have an abortion.

On the same day, police received a tip about the birth at the clinic, but found no fetus after conducting a search of the offices.

On Friday, after receiving another anonymous tip, police searched the clinic again and recovered the fetus believed to belong to the 18-year-old.

They also interviewed the teenager, who told them that clinic workers sent her home after a doctor examined her. She was not identified by police.

Unnamed clinic officials were quoted (off the record) as praising the unidentified teen for having “courage beyond her years,” and said that, when and if she feels like it, she will be an “excellent mother” for whichever children she chooses not to kill.

Also, from CBS4.Com:

Police say the woman arrived the next day after the procedure complaining of severe pain. Workers at the clinic explained to her that the doctor was not available and she’d have to wait.

The woman was taken into a recovery room and according to witnessess, gave birth in the clinic.

”Employees cut the umbilical cord, put the baby in a bag and walked away with it,” Hialeah Lt. Ralph Gracia said.

An anonymous caller, who police believe to be a clinic worker, alerted officials that the baby was born alive and possibly killed. When officials arrived, however, there was no body to be found.

CBS4’s Dave Malkoff reported that when police were called to the scene a second time Friday night, they found the body of a dead baby in a biohazard bag.

Just another run-of-the-mill day in an all-American abortion mill. And really, what’s the difference in this and any other procedure that goes on there? They were just doing their job, and helping another brave woman “score a three-pointer for choice!” She’s the female Cheryl Swoopes of the womens’ rights movement! Be proud and walk tall, unidentified teen!

Israel 53, Hizbollah 18

How the hell does Hizbollah have 18? Potfry has an explanation.

On the heels of the European Union’s claim that Israel’s response to the kidnapping of three of their soldiers was “disproportionate,” the UN has installed a team of referees and a scoreboard in Lebanon to ensure that Israel does not attempt to take the upper hand in the seven day battle.

Good stuff – it even takes time to bash the French.

Reservoir tip: Sobek/Ace

Seattle Jews Shot By Generic Gun-Toting “Gunman”

A Seattle-area Jewish organization made the mistake of holding a rally in support of Israel last weekend, which may have been at least partial motivation for a generic gunman to take aim at several of them today with a weapon of some sort. The possibility remains that the weapon may have been a gun of some description that possibly shot bullets or other projectiles.

al-Reuters is quick to note that the generic gunman may have been targeting women (instead of Jews):

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Vice President Amy Wasser-Simpson told the Seattle Times in a story on its Web site that a man got through security at the building and shouted, “I’m a Muslim American; I’m angry at Israel,” then began shooting.

Police did not confirm the report and offered no immediate motive for the shooting. It was not clear if the shooter was specifically targeting women.

That’s it, al-Reuters. A woman-hating generic gunman just happened to pop in on the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and open fire. Well, those islams do fear un-cloaked women, so perhaps they have a point. If the Feds have any say, I’m sure that local authorities will apologize to the suspect in custody and have him back on the street in 24 hours.


Malkin has a freshly-updated gallery of generic “lone gunmen”. Don’t worry, their records have also been whitewashed of having anything to do with The Religion of Peace™.


The brave muslim in question used a 13-year-old girl to gain entrance to the building in Seattle where he went on his shooting spree. I don’t know why this is a surprise. The islamofascist is famous for hiding behind the skirts of women and children. This is a page out of their already-well-known playbook. Such bravery! allah would be proud, I’m sure.

NYT – Sun to Rise In East

Breaking into Pulitzer territory, the New York Times informs us that Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah.

Do you mean to say that the Arab world, even for a minute, supported Israel over Hezbollah? Well, that would be the implication.

In the exact same fashion that France announced that “we were all Americans on 9/11,” Egypt and Saudi Arabia condemned Hezbollah’s act of war on Israel.

So now that we’ve established that the “Arab Street” was shouting that they were all Israelis now, let’s dig in!

Even Al Qaeda, run by violent Sunni Muslim extremists normally hostile to all Shiites, has gotten into the act, with its deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, releasing a taped message saying that through its fighting in Iraq, his organization was also trying to liberate Palestine.

Waitafreakinminute! “Even Al-Qaida” is against Israel. All this time watching CNN could not have prepared me for this!

And the number one sign that the Arab world doesn’t support Israel…

An editorial in the weekly Al Dustur by Ibrahim Issa, who faces a lengthy jail sentence for his previous criticism of President Mubarak, compared current Arab leaders to the medieval princes who let the Crusaders chip away at Muslim lands until they controlled them all.

After attending an intellectual rally in Cairo for Lebanon, the Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm wrote a column describing how he had watched a companion buy 20 posters of Sheik Nasrallah.

“People are praying for him as they walk in the street, because we were made to feel oppressed, weak and handicapped,” Mr. Negm said in an interview. “I asked the man who sweeps the street under my building what he thought, and he said: ‘Uncle Ahmed, he has awakened the dead man inside me! May God make him triumphant!’ ”

In Lebanon, Rasha Salti, a freelance writer, summarized the sense that Sheik Nasrallah differed from other Arab leaders.

“Since the war broke out, Hassan Nasrallah has displayed a persona, and public behavior also, to the exact opposite of Arab heads of states,” she wrote in an e-mail message posted on many blogs.

Recap: Arab statesmen are to be condemned because they do such ridiculous things like negotiate, compromise and work with non-Arabs.

Not Sheik Nasrallah. No sirree. He is strong and makes us feel strong too.

Nothing cures impotence like blowing sh*t up, eh? Nevermind that if the M.E. was a stable place these little Viagra Warriors could become strong by doing things like purchasing a home, raising families and offroading on weekends.

And all it took was Israel to turn public opinion against it.

The Self Fisking Post – Howard Dean

You know Howard Dean is such a caricature that even a straight reporting of a news story makes him look like the twit he is.

Quoth Dean:

“The Iraqi prime minister is an anti-Semite,” the Democratic leader told a gathering of business leaders in Florida. “We don’t need to spend $200 and $300 and $500 billion bringing democracy to Iraq to turn it over to people who believe that Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself and who refuse to condemn Hezbollah.”

Cynthia McKinney was unavalable for comment.

Fortunately the RNC was:

The Republican National Committee rejected Dean’s criticism of Al-Maliki, saying, “It is incredibly troubling that Howard Dean would seek to score cheap political points by attacking the democratically elected prime minister of Iraq.”

Short, succinct, to the point and dead on.

This is also beautiful:

On Capitol Hill, Sen. John Warner, R-Va., the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said: “I dismiss Howard Dean. Really, he’s a disappointment, even to Democrats. I don’t care to deal with that.”

Remember this is the chairman of the DNC, not the founder of

Let’s end this with a dose of ironic tonedeafness:

Dean also used the Florida appearance to criticize President Bush, calling him “the most divisive president probably in our history” as he complained that Republican policies of deceit and finger-pointing are tearing the country apart.

“He’s always talking about those people. It’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s the gays’ fault. It’s the immigrants’ fault. It’s the liberals’ fault. It’s the Democrats’ fault. It’s Hollywood people,” Dean said. “Americans are sick of that. Even if you win elections doing that, you drag down our country.”

Some time ago, my crazy friend Doug mated Howard Dean with Daffy Duck. Their offspring was … interesting to say the least.

Ladeees and Gentlemen, thanks to the miracle of You Tube, I present to you Howard Dean the Duck!

Profiles In Choice

Post-natal choice enthusiast Andrea Yates, was able to deceive a Houston jury into letting her off the hook for the premeditated murder of three of her five children a scant five years ago.

Choice Enthusiast Since 2001
Collect Them All! Just like Andrea did.

Thanks in part to a law which barred the court from informing the jury that finding Yates guilty by reason of insanity means she will now be eligible for review to stay out of prison every couple of years after the brightest stars in Hollywood offer her free coaching sessions for her mental evaluations.

A great day for women everywhere to exercise their right to choose.

Or as the New York Times is putting it, “Yates Found Innocent By Reason of Insanity”.

Sane? Maybe not. Innocent? Definitely not.

Idea: Hey Prosecutors, since you only convicted her of three – why not try sending her back to jail for the other two she didn’t get prosecuted for?

Shocker: Ass Kickee Rejects Ceasefire

Not since Rocky I has the most hapless recipient of such a one-sided asskicking rebuffed a call to throw in the towel. You do remember Rocky I though, right? Rocky lost. And he was getting hit by fists, not precision guided airstrikes.

How do those slippery Jews do it? While the world condemns Israel for fighting back against an armed invasion that left settlers murdered and soldiers kidnapped, the Lebanese PR campaign squanders International Victim Status ™ by saying that they want to keep on fighting.

Thanks, but no thanks:

Nabih Berri, Lebanon’s parliamentary speaker who acts as a go-between with Hizbollah, on Monday night rejected proposals brought by Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, to end the fighting between the Shia movement and Israel.
(Prime Minister) Mr Siniora’s government says it needs cards in its hands – including an Israeli willingness to withdraw from the occupied Shebaa farms (ed. – a land dispute not mentioned for over three decades after the Six Day War), which Beirut claims sovereignty over, and an exchange of prisoners (read: blackmail) – if it is to have a chance of persuading Hizbollah to compromise.

Capt. Ed links to Memri’s video of Nasrallah saying that he told the Lebanese government that he planned on abducting soldiers for blackmail and that they knew he was going to do it:

Interviewer: “Did you inform them that you were about to abduct Israeli soldiers?”

Hassan Nasrallah: “I told them that we must resolve the issue of the prisoners, and that the only way to resolve it is by abducting Israeli soldiers.”

Interviewer: “Did you say this clearly?”

Hassan Nasrallah: “Yes, and nobody said to me: ‘No, you are not allowed to abduct Israeli soldiers.’ Even if they had told me not to… I’m not defending myself here. I said that we would abduct Israeli soldiers, in meetings with some of the main political leaders in the country. I don’t want to mention names now, but when the time comes to settle accounts, I will.
“If 60-70 people know all the details of an abduction operation, can it possibly be successful? No, it cannot. All the more so if I inform a government, which has 24 ministers, the heads of the three government branches, political forces, and coalitions. When we held the national dialogue, we talked and discussed things, and an hour later, the protocols of the meetings reached the embassies. Do you want me to tell the entire world that I am about to carry out an abduction operation? It’s not logical.”

Memri also carries video of Nasrallah’s Iranian sugar daddies:

Gholam-Ali Haddad ‘Adel: “To Hassan Nasrallah we say: Well done. This religious scholar roars like a lion, and the blood of Imam Khomeini rages in his veins.”

Crowd: “Allah Akbar.

“Allah Akbar.

“Allah Akbar.”

“Allah Akbar” might as well be the Dhimmicrat rallying cry this November before they crash the 747s of their Hezbollah supporting party into the Twin Towers of Uncle Sam’s middle fingers.

Life Imitates Lame 80s Movie

How come when he does it, it’s endearing and romantic but when she does it, it’s “stalking” and “harassment”? I, for one, blame the patriarchy!

Say Stay Away From Me

A woman John Cusack claims is stalking him has taken out a court order barring the actor from coming near her.

Cusack was granted a temporary restraining order Tuesday stipulating that Emily Leatherman, 31, stay at least 500 feet away from him, his home, his work, his car and any company or office where he does business.

After the 40-year-old actor sought the order last month, Leatherman made a similar request, which was granted by a Superior Court judge on July 14 pending an August hearing.

From what I’ve seen of this Cusack kid, he’s got a history as a predator. Standing outside of a girl’s window all night. All wanting to be her “sledgehammer” or some such.

Take it as a compliment, Johnny! She must not have seen “Must Love Dogs” yet.

Screwed, Tattooed, and Capitol Hill Blued

One of my favorite lines from Letters to the Editors has to be “I voted for Reagan and have been a Republican all my life but…..”. The idea that Nixon and Reagan era stalwarts have been so disillusioned with Iraq that they have been deserting Republican ranks in droves. Just like I was a lifelong Democrat until Joe Lieberman started taking my party in the wrong direction down the radical rightwing path. Uh-huh.

Eric, from Classical Values, has outdone himself with a bit of citizen journalism over the last couple of days regarding a host of wholly fabricated stories from former Nixon and Reagan era strongman, George Harleigh much to the chagrin of the Leftists who’ve learned to love the political smut mag Capitol Hill Blue. So thorough a thrashing that Capitol Hill Blue has issued this half-assed apology:

“Professor Harleigh” claimed to be a retired political science professor from Southern Illinois University and offered, as backup, links to a number of web sites and news publications that quoted him or used material furnished by him. We checked the web sites and other news publications and found him quoted often so we began using his material in selected stories. Since 1998, we have used quotes from “George Harleigh” in 83 stories on our web site.

Recently, we received an inquiry from Southern Illinois University saying they were trying to locate the “George Harleigh” who claimed to have taught at their institution but said they did not have any record of a “George Harleigh” or even a “Harleigh” ever teaching at the university’s campuses in Carbondale or Edwardsville, Illinois.
This raised enough questions in our minds to remove any quotes by or references to Mr. Harleigh from the 83 stories, including one published today. None of the stories originated from information supplied by him and, in no case, were his comments the central focus of the story, so we did not feel the need to remove any stories or mofidy (sic) their original intent so they remain in our archives without the quotes from “Harleigh.”

All quotes attributed to Mr. Harleigh came from the daily newsletters he sent and were unsolicited. They were, however, timely and often fit into stories we were developing and we used them. That was our mistake. It was a foolish, lazy practice that should not have happened.

83 stories??? If Harleigh had cancerous polyps, Capitol Hill Blue should have known it first. As we speak, CHB is “revising” all the libel they’ve been vomiting across the broadband for years. Unfortunately for CHB, the cache still has it.

In fact, if you’ve heard that Bush called The Constitution “just a g*ddamned piece of paper”, that “a war” had been declared on journalists using the Patriot Act, that CIA agents told him in person that Niger yellowcake claims were bogus before the SotU address, that the “intel agents have had it with Bush”, that Bush is a paranoid schizophrenic, a “decider-in-chief” who is tearing into his staff when not heavily medicated, that he was cursing out veterans at a VFW meeting, that Dick Cheney was drunk during his hunting accident, that mean, old Republicans like Tom DeLay have stopped the good faith efforts of Democrats with pollution politics – you’ve been had. Utterly and completely.

Other than the mutilated body of journalism that’s been autopsied in full view thanks to some healthy skepticism towards imaginary sources, it is doubtful charges will be filed. We have intent but we have no corpus delicti. And no court can convict Capitol Hill Blue of raping the willing. Their fanclub gave away their precious cherry of credibility as freely as they did often.

However, if retractions aren’t forthcoming, I would support a hanging in the court of public opinion.