While Their Citizens Are Still Smoldering, India Censors Free Discussion of Islamofascism

Dr. S has notified us that The Jawa Report is officially BANNED in India. Why?

India has banned a number of websites by domain, but has only singled out 17 websites by name, including this one. Among the American websites all are connected in some way to The Jawa Report.

Why did India ban this website? And what is the larger meaning of this action?

The short answer to the first question is that we offended Islamists and India is afraid of it’s own Muslim citizens. The short answer to the second question is that, sadly, it is increasingly becoming evident that liberty may not be able to exist wherever there is a large population of Muslims.

What, specifically, did we do to offend Islamists and their supporters in the Muslim world?

You’ll have to go read the entire analysis.

Rusty is right. The violent, murderous disciples of the Religion of Peace™ have shut down free speech wherever they can band together to make enough noise. You would think that India would have more of a backbone – especially after their own citizens were slaughtered not two weeks ago by these same animals. But, they’ve elected to take the Spanish/French route. Roll over, play dead, hope that the allahphiles kill the other guy and not you.

Well, this blog is proud to stand with the Jawa Report for free speech and for speaking the truth about islamofascism and its threat to the survival of the West. Ban us too, Apu.


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  2. Apu is too busy filling Slurpees to accede with your request.

    Isn’t it funny that Merri made the list? On her long dead typepad site?

    The only thing stranger would be finding out that yes, Brittney is actually a female.

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