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Post-natal choice enthusiast Andrea Yates, was able to deceive a Houston jury into letting her off the hook for the premeditated murder of three of her five children a scant five years ago.

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Thanks in part to a law which barred the court from informing the jury that finding Yates guilty by reason of insanity means she will now be eligible for review to stay out of prison every couple of years after the brightest stars in Hollywood offer her free coaching sessions for her mental evaluations.

A great day for women everywhere to exercise their right to choose.

Or as the New York Times is putting it, “Yates Found Innocent By Reason of Insanity”.

Sane? Maybe not. Innocent? Definitely not.

Idea: Hey Prosecutors, since you only convicted her of three – why not try sending her back to jail for the other two she didn’t get prosecuted for?


  1. I was planning just such a post.

    Christ, I hope not.

    I hate doing these posts. And I wouldn’t even have to if they would have executed her already. This is a perfect example of why the death penalty works.

    There is no such thing as “lock ’em up and throw away the key” as trying to look tough on crime liberals feign. There is no fricking key.

    A few years after a case subsides into the public memory, the liberals come to raid the Bastille and let the murderers tromp freely through the heather.

  2. I’m for changing the law to be ‘guilty by reason of insanity’, meaning you’re f’in crazy and don’t get to be a part of society again. What if you get cured? You get to live in an asylum as a sane person.

  3. Yates Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity…

    Does that headline reference Yates, or the jury?

    Time to add an Insufferable Pricks Party Platform: You intentionally kill (or molest) your kid, you take the needle. Automatic sentence. Insanity is not allowed to be a defense…

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