One Prick’s Look at The Issues

A little perusing of the Democratic party’s platform shows how we as a country are royally screwed.

Besides identifying Republicans as “do nothing”, there is very little believable in their agenda.

Summarized for your reading enjoyment is an analysis of both the Dem’s and the Repub’s position on the issues.

Issue Republican Democratic
Illegal Immigration Nothing Adopt a tough and comprehensive immigration plan which respects people of all races.
Domestic Security Nothing Adopt a tough and comprehensive plan to check every freakin’ cargo container entering the country.

Also, boost law enforcement while respecting individual privacy by prohibiting wiretaps, profiling, communication between the different branches of law enforcement and bag checks on New York City subways.

The War on Terror Wage war on Jihadis both domestically and internationally. Identify

  • The Real Terrorists
  • The Root Causes
  • The Secret Power of Kofi Annan
“Family” Issues Pass feelgood laws/amendments. Defend the American family be they working-class, gay, lesbian, transgender or questioning.
Irresponsible Spending Condemn it (Nothing) Do everything possible to get back in first position at the trough.
Energy Policy Nothing Implement a strong two-pronged strategy by taxing the hell out of SUVs and gasoline and seeing if Hugo Chavez has any more of the boffo cheap oil to donate.


  1. Noticeably missing are the Republican and Democratic positions on Chickweed….

    This could be the issue that puts an IP Party candidate in the White House in ’08…

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