Shoe Blogging Comes To 6MB

It’s about time, too. [I guess you might call this “toed” blogging.]

Forget Kiki and her botox and her new frumpy fashion image.

Even though she’s out pounding the beat for Geraldo, Laurie Dhue still models the best shoes in the news business.

Check out this year’s must-have pumps, Geraldo digs them.

Geraldo and Laurie

Here’s a closeup. Red patent leather platform sling-back peeptoes. Very nice. I would accept these in a size 8 for Christmas, if anyone’s keeping a list.

Laurie's red pumps

My guess is they’re the “Lusta” pump by Stevens, $125.00 at Nordstrom.

And speaking of cute peeptoes, if I’m not mistaken wasn’t that a $350.00 black Mark Jacobs I saw Michelle crushing a beer can with today? Who cares if she scuffs them? They’re a tax write-off!


  1. Preston, you’re such a fag!

    Oh sorry, just saw the byline.

    Bring it on, annika. The feminine touch is most welcome here. Do you have any observations on Kiran Chetry?

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  3. I am all for this trend, Annika! Michelle Malkin has GREAT ankles!

    Now can we see yours?

    Just please, please, no lesbian shoe blogging…I don’t care to see hairy feet in birkenstocks…

  4. BooHoo. Billy spells lesbian better than me.

    Annika, go for it girl, you got the age and the legs I bet.

    I hear Paris blamed her falling down drunk during her sobriety walk on this very pair of shoes.

  5. For a few dizzying seconds, I thought one of the guys posted this, but then I got to the word “peeptoes” and realized none of them would know what that is.

  6. Maybe they’re Lusta pumps…

    I’m betting they’re Jessica Simpson, “Amy” pumps. Saw them at Nordstrom in July – red patent leather, blue patent leather, white patent leather – a little less expensive, only $80.00 or so.

    Jessica’s fall colors are out now, for this same style, here:

    and here:'amy'_sandal:35537

    And, to Jessica’s credit, she actually has some pretty nice lookin’ shoes.

    [I am an avid shoe collector. One can never be too rich, too thin, too blonde or have too many shoes!!! And she who dies with the most shoes wins… Wins what, I don’t know, but she wins.]

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