Welcome to the Pussified States of America

You may remember, not so long ago, I invited John McCain to eat my balls. This time, he can put mustard on them. Assclown.

In an open rebellion against President Bush, a Republican-controlled Senate committee voted through its own bill reaffirming the Geneva Conventions and establishing clear protection for the rights of detained terrorist suspects.

The move, by the powerful Armed Forces Committee, came just hours after Mr Bush went in person to Capitol Hill to urge Republicans to support the far tougher legislation the administration is proposing, which the President says is vital for an effective waging of the “war on terror”.

Oh, did you actually think we had a chance at winning the War on Terror? Not with these gutless motherfuckers in charge. You’d think that they might be able to understand that these are terrorists, not pickpockets from Iowa City. Geneva Convention rules do not apply to animals who use women and children as human shields so that they can use their corpses repeatedly in al-Reuters distributed propaganda. Hell, I’d laugh at this, if it wasn’t so accurate.

We are being led to slaughter by self-absorbed idiots who care more about their own retirement funds than protecting Americans from global jihad. This is why GOP is now short for “Gutless Old Pussies”. It’s like the GOP is working its ass off to be as weak as the Donks – which is hard to pull off.

But with moves like this, the Bush Administration is starting to look a lot like the Carter Administration.

U.S. military officials tell NBC News they had “high-level” Taliban fighters in their gunsights during a July reconnaissance flight but decided not to fire. The decision to pass on the target angered some in the military, but commanders say they have “no regrets.”

Army intelligence officers say the grainy black-and-white aerial photo taken by a Predator drone and obtained by NBC News on Tuesday shows some 190 suspected Taliban militants standing in several rows outside near a vehicle in Afghanistan.

The military said Wednesday that the group seen in the Predator image was apparently gathered for a funeral at a cemetery.

This would have been the perfect time to give them the gift of at least 190 more funerals for others to attend. But we’re above all that, aren’t we?

Even though U.S. military officials in Afghanistan had positively identified those gathered as Taliban fighters, including some “high-level Taliban leaders,” they told NBC News they have “no regrets” in refusing to give the order to attack the gathering.

“Coalition Forces do not discuss rules of engagement; however, they hold themselves to a higher moral and ethical standard than their enemies,” the military said in a statement.

Well, bully for you, you castrated bureaucrat. This is the kind of weakness that has the islamofascists laughing their asses off at us as they put together the plans for their next slaughter. Can you blame them? We’ve proven time and again that the “W” stands for weakness.

This is not World War II. We are not at war with a culture that values life. We are at war with an islamofascist culture that celebrates death and slaughter and has no regard for human life or humanity itself.

Somebody give me a reason to vote for the GOP this November. As far as I’m concerned, they have one job – neutralizing the threat of global jihad. So far, they’re failing with a capital-fucking-F. I know damn well the Donks aren’t going to take care of it – they’re too busy shilling for CAIR and the other side.

I feel the most sympathy for our fighting men and women on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re putting everything on the line, and they’re being screwed by the same bureaucracy that refuses to allow them to get the job done. They’re being railroaded by the same gutless politicians who prefer lining their pockets to securing our borders.

Thanks for driving the final nails into the GOP coffin, President Junior.


“McCain to risk the presidency over secret prisons…” was the headline over at Drudge this morning.

Don’t worry, John, I don’t think you’ve got a hope in hell of getting close to the White House. At least I hope you don’t.


  1. Dammit I knew it would come to this. All we had to do was nuke Saddam, Al-Queda and the rest o them towel-heads in Iraq. What the hell do we have nukes for if we aren’t gonna use em? It’s like carrying around a .45 and then gettin punched out by an 8-year-old girl.

    Bush will be the first one to ditch us the minute the terrorists land on our beaches and begin to rape, pillage and murder children. Hopefully they’ll all be liberal Hollywood elitists.

    I’ve got to get to Wal-Mart before it closes.

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  3. American Libruls wouldn’t stand for having damn towelheads in dirty nightshirts raping, pillaging and murderin’ the chirren.

    That’s the teacher union’s job, dammit!

    Troll Alert on Aisle 37. Shoot him before he hides in the women’s panties section.

  4. Dude, chill.

    If you’re one of those Repubs who secretly wishes for a Democratic resurgence that retakes one or both legislative houses (and thus teaches us all some sort of “lesson”,) you may yet get your wish.

    I don’t know about other branches, but AF folks receive annual training on Laws of War, and cemeteries have been verboten targets for some time. Personally, if I wasn’t retired, I’d be for attacking anything that moves right now, but I’d hardly include in my argument the Kos-like epithet “President Jr.” Jimmy freakin’ Carter?! Your typing fingers should tremble and quiver before linking that POS with Dubya in the same sentence.

    I like your stuff for the most part, but you’re swerving a bit left on this particular road, brother. Short of nuking these latter-day nazis, W has to bite the shit sandwich on a daily basis, including his dealings with some incredibly short-sighted GOP senators. RR had his assholes, and Dubya’s got his. Neither got everything he wanted, but both still got it done.

    Ease up on the Prez, and I’ll keep coming back. And I apologize for the “Dude” thingy.

  5. “The reason for these rules of engagement is that we’re not engaged in a full-out war, where we have unconditional surrender as the objective.”(from the same MSNBC article)

    That is the problem in a nutshell.

  6. SO…..
    If we just shoot ’em right away then no gitmo…no ACLU….no Supreme Court rulings…no congressional ‘may I’….

    The only thing we really need to change is our rules of engagement…..and a few of the murder statutes here in the states.
    How hard can it be?

    I’m referring to the …um…terrorists of course…..

  7. ROE are what they are, and the troops (and their COs) didn’t get a vote. Well, the top dawgs got to testify in front of an increasingly non-military vet Congress, but…

    Shoot ’em where they stand, sez I. Shoot ’em multiple times if they’re hiding behind kids or burkhas.

    As for Muslim cemeteries: anyone who’s been over there knows they resemble garbage dumps, which kinda lets you in on how they view life and death vice us in the west.

  8. Geezer – it isn’t me who moved to the left – it’s the GOP and the President. I don’t like comparing Junior and Carter (history’s greatest monster), but when you display this kind of weakness and lack of committment, you might as well have a D by your name.

    And I’ve always called him President Junior – because he’s just like Bush, Sr. A country-club Republican who doesn’t have a conservative bone in his body until it’s time to try and get re-elected.

    The last direction I’d ever swerve is left, brother. I’m sick of seeing the troops get the shaft a military establishment that only wants to prosecute them for doing their job (Pantano, Pendleton 8).

    The only country prepared to enforce the Bush doctrine is Israel and we’ve pussified them as well. I’d like to think all is not lost, but it’s getting harder and harder.

  9. “The last direction I’d ever swerve is left, brother.”

    Yes, the reason Preston never posts a picture of himself is that he actually denies that his body has a left side and refuses to look at it. ( It takes him forever to get around Knoxville since he won’t make left turns at all). It’s neurological I think.

    Anyway, who are we supposed to vote for? Conservatives can’t just sit out an election, that’s just shooting ourselves in the foot. (The right foot, btw).

  10. Geezer, I’ve got to agree with Preston. HE ain’t moving to the left, Bush is. He’s actually buckling under the pressure of, wait for it…. other republicans!


    IMHO, we need to bomb MORE. We need to show more spine. The terrorist are laughing at us.

    And, as Bin fuking laden said at the beginning of all this (which is repulsive that this nutjob knows Americans better than we know ourselves!) he said “Americans don’t have the stomach for war”.

    GD right we don’t! Er, should I say, our politicians and lefty ball gobblers don’t!

    One more thing, Iraq, and the wussie way it’s been waged, is the #1 reason Bush’s poll numbers are in the tank. If he were to step it up a notch (or two or three…), he’d be in the 50s or 60s, instead of the 30s.

  11. I don’t know about other branches, but AF folks receive annual training on Laws of War, and cemeteries have been verboten targets for some time.

    Ok, but it isn’t like they had just moved in to the cemetary and they were arranging furniture. I mean, they had to leave sometime, didn’t they?

  12. PTH: to steal from one of my favorite flicks, “It’s your BBQ, and it tastes good.” Still sorry about the “dude” thing.

    I guess I’m just oversensitive when it comes to Repub prez’. My AF career started with Carter, enuf said there. RR’s tenure just may have helped many of us decide to stay in in for the long haul; I know I didn’t originally join to be a “career man.”

    Couldn’t stand Quayle and actually voted for Tank-Boy; bit my lip and went for Daddy Bush in ’92.

    After 8 years of Bubba, W’s entrance was like a long, warm shower when you’re not hurried and you can use all the f-ing soap you want and come out feeling like some brand new day. I’d follow the guy to my grave. I’m trying to understand how Republicans could feel otherwise; turning 50 makes noone smarter than the day before.

    Michele: American political conservatives have only one electable party to vote for, and we obviously agree on that… good on ya.

    dsmith: a dead terrorist doesn’t laugh much, and I’m pretty sure we’ve killed a helluva lot of them in the last 5 years. The ones still around will just have to wait their turn.

    From what I’ve webbed tonite, Dubya seems to be standing his ground, with the House backing his proposals. It’s McCain, Warner and Graham who can’t get past their egos; not exactly the “Republican revolt” the media goo their panties over. As you already know, Dubya’s numbers are up this week, not that it changes anything. Me, I’m happy.

    Doug: I’ve seen Muslim cemeteries in Saudi, Bahrain and Turkey. From the road, they look like garbage dumps. Read what you will into “their” view of death vice ours. This part of our Law of War needs serious revisting, along with “places of worship” that double as ammo dumps.

    At least we all agree there’s a war on, and we’d better win it or life’s gonna suck for anyone wanting to call themself an American.

  13. Geezer, I appreciate your passion and perspective. However, I’ve never let party affiliation prevent me from calling a spade a spade. We certainly agree that there’s a war on, it’s just that our government refuses to fight it. And we’re the ones who have to bite down on the steaming shit sandwich as a result. I’m sick of it.

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