Words Fail Me

Baby dies after falling in a bucket of mom’s puke.

A baby died after rolling off a bed and falling into a bucket of her teenage mother’s vomit at a homeless shelter, police said.

The mother, Savarin DeJesus, 18, was charged with criminally negligent homicide and endangering the welfare of a child, and could get five years behind bars.

The young woman trembled and wept as she faced a judge Friday. “I loved my baby. I want you to know that,” she said.

Authorities said DeJesus spent the evening of Sept. 15 downing gin and smoking cigarettes and then returned before dawn to the shelter where she lived with the 4-month old girl, Niah. DeJesus threw up into a bucket of cleaning solution next to her bed, then passed out on the bed, clutching Niah’s legs, authorities said.

When she awoke about 10 hours later, she found the baby with her head in the bucket, which contained about six inches of liquid, according to court papers.

The cause of death was either asphyxiation or drowning, the medical examiner’s office said.

DeJesus “loved her baby and would never hurt her,” said her lawyer, Kenneth Gilbert.

She loved her baby enough to kill her. Now, that’s love with a capital-L. They should find a big bucket, fill it with puke and dispose of the mother in the same fashion. This would undoubtedly be a great loss to society, given the mother’s current and future societal contributions, but I think we would find a way to move on.


  1. I thought old Hugo Chavez was down there in Harlem yesterday. Surely he would be willing to help one of his own, as this gals’ name seems to indicate a Latina. But alas, old Hugo was just too busy casting out demons and selling oil contracts. The most gruesome case I have heard in a while, though, Preston. Just where do you get all the spare time to find these little tidbits of news?

  2. Okay, the criminally negligent mom got locked up….

    Now what about whatever SOBs were running the shelter? Either the drunken bitch was lugging the child when she stumbled into the joint just before dawn, or she had left the kid there, unattended, while she was out boozing it up.

    Either way, whoever was on duty in the shelter also deserves to be tossed in a cell for endangering the welfare of a child.

  3. “Authorities said DeJesus spent the evening of Sept. 15 downing gin and smoking cigarettes”
    “Downing gin” — Yup.
    Underage — yup
    “Smoking cigarettes”? — nope – More like weed or crack.

    “DeJesus “loved her baby and would never hurt her,” said her lawyer, Kenneth Gilbert.”
    Gotta throw a great big BS flag on that statement.

  4. This Hispano-hatred is so typical Preston. That child’s death can squarely be laid in the yellow latexed gloves of the Big Bucket industry.

    Big Bucket has knowingly sold these murderous products to the minority community for years. No mop locks. No 5 day waiting periods. Nothing.

    If it saves just one child….

  5. Please understand, I’m not making light of a sad loss.

    Smantix, was it a high capacity, semi-automatic assault mop bucket? Could it hold more than ten mops at one time? Can those mops be taken out together or only one at a time? Does the bucket have a brush lug? Does the bucket have an evil spash suppressor making it look like an assault bucket? Where do we draw the line? WHERE? Ban all buckets! Register bucket owners. Do it for the children.

  6. Smantix,

    I was seriously considering a sick response, perhaps involving a sock puppet…

    But I can’t top that. Thanks. Diet Coke all over the keyboard…

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