International House O’ Flapjacks

Uh…yea. I’ll have an order of the runny eggs hanging on a rusty nail.


Umm..with a side of flapjacks.

(Wonderbra snap to that sissy Drudge)

I still look young for my age though my bacon strip is a little worse for the wear.

13 comments on “International House O’ Flapjacks

  1. OK, babies dying in puke and Babs sagging breasts…


    All I ask is that you PLEASE don’t allow that link to a prolapsed anus again….

  2. “I’m not saying she’s got saggy funbags but in the South we get in trouble if we put our elbows on the table.”
    comment by Smantix

    Jeez Smantix, yer killin’ me here.

  3. James Brolin — “Amityville Horror” — Babs’ elbow-touching nipples. Me, I’m thinking Rod Steiger’s glad he’s dead before they could’ve called him over to deal with the flies buzzing around those things.

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