1. GM in a public rest room:

    shoot me Up before I blow, blow,
    bobbin’my head like a yo-yo,

    shoot me Up before I swa-llow
    glory hole night-n-day.

    (I tried not to, however I just couldn’t stop it)

  2. Let me tell you a little story: Back in 10th grade (1984) when that Wham song “Wake Me Up” was being played ad-nauseum on radio and Mtv, I was the first to call “GAY!” on George Michael (and Andrew Ridgely, by default). No straight man at any time sporting both ears pierced, orange dolphin shorts, and a shirt stating “Choose Life” (which i’m sure had nothing to do with reproductive rights), and dancing like he had a ferret in his trousers will ever pass for straight. Every girl within earshot would shout me down and say “oh, you’re so wrong!” “You’re just jealous because he’s good looking and can dance”. No, girls! He’s f#$$%$ gay! Do I have to fo around with the “I told you so(s)” next year at my 20 year H.S. Reunion?!

  3. He was once on my top ten list of celebrities I would sleep with if I could. (circa 85)
    I usually have good gaydar, but it’s a little harder to tell with British men.
    Sexuality aside, is Michael’s even relevant musically anymore?

  4. Hmm…in 1985 I was dancing the Texas two-step and the cotten-eye Joe at Cowboys in Abilene, Tx., and I had no earthly idea who this gay feller was. And I am glad.

  5. That picture with the blow-up dog is traumatizing on so many levels – but mainly from a projection standpoint.

    He’s saying Blair blows Bush is a pejorative. This, coming from a guy who was just caught two months ago blowing a fat, balding, 58 year old, unemployed van driver in the woods by the British tabloids.

    I think he meant it as a compliment. Hot stuff.

    Quoteth the Michael: “Are you gay? No? Then f*** off! This is my culture!”

    One day a pipin’ hot load of that Truck Driver brand, coffee-flavored SuperAIDS is going to be his last splash in the headlines.

  6. jesusland Joje,
    Small world! My ex is from Abilene and in the mid 80s we went through there and went dancing. We always went out doing the Texas Two Step and The Cotton-eye Joe!
    I’m originally from El Paso, so dancing was in my genes (and jeans)too. Who knows? we might have met. The ex grew up there and went to Abilene Christian in the 70s.

  7. “No straight man at any time sporting both ears pierced”

    “but it’s a little harder to tell with British men.”

    Ain’t that the truth. I remember the “code” -the cool guy would wear the single earring on the left ear and gays would wear it on the right.

    Then MTV Brit Pop guys like Duran Duran wore them in both. I never understood the androgyny-is-sexy bit. e.g. Nick Rhodes’ lipstick and Motley Crue’s fishnets.

  8. Sharon, ain’t it a small world after all. Your husband went to ACC, huh? Well, I hate to admit it, but I always went after the Methodist girls at McMurry College, rather than the Church of Christ girls at ACC or the Baptist girls at Hardin-Simmons. Yes, I know, I was a rat, but the Church of Christers and Baptists didn’t go out “dancin'”, and you know, so I went after the Methodists. I’m now ashamed of my bad behavior, and never tell my kids about that time in my life. Or my wife, either. Best regards to you and yours! Were you the blonde I winked at that Saturday night when…never mind.

  9. Swampy,

    I was waiting for you to play the “all your glory holes are belong to us” card…

    You must have completed your therapy…

    comment by Billy —

    Why, yes Billy I did, but I could back slide at any moment…..:shock:

  10. JesusLand Joe–
    Honestly, it’s possbile our paths crossed then.
    Exes first wife was a blonde, so it wasn’t me. I have black hair.
    Email me and I can fill you in on a little more: MissSharonCobb@aol.com –put your handle in the subject line. Or, take a look on my site and look at my photos from my Flickr account. I have pics of the ex and me on that site. I bet you recognize him.

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