1. Since when is it bad to protect the identity of a minor…

    And since when is it bad to be a liberal!? I’d rather be a liberal, than a knee-jerk neo-con…at least I THINK for myself!

  2. Mr. Evil,
    Sharon is a blog buddy and all around nice person with a sense of humor.

    That said, Rep. Foley can still get out of this mess by claiming that he is a “Gay American” and taking it to Oprah. This might be the key difference between “D” and “R” politically speaking.

  3. I’ll question the timing on it. When did this take place? Because if it’s been early this year or last year this was put on ice until now.

    Unarguably worse than Torricelli’s last minute capitulation over corruption that led to Frank Lautenberg rising from the grave in NJ a few years ago. Florida Reps need to get his name off the fricking ballot.

    The minor’s identity should be protected and the Page system should be done away with.

    Of course I’m against sending our representatives to Washington too. We live in a day and age where technology can cease your public servants from “losing touch with the people” by sending them hundreds and thousands of miles away.

    T.O. didn’t attempt to kill himself. But Foley should.

  4. Cranky,

    Didn’t know you were a “knee-jerk” neo-con. Why the hell didn’t you tell me…maybe I wouldn’t spend so much time hanging around here…

    I thought you were just a “jerk” neo-con.

    Thank you so much Fred for helping me see the light. And tread lightly when Cranky toad blogs…or you will REALLY get it!

  5. “Liberals think for themselves”. That is too fucking funny. The last few weeks showed the illiterati of the liberal galaxy aligning to get their Presidential Rugburn on so that they could more effectively communicate party talking points.

    That’s not “thinking for yourself” – that’s “selling out”.

  6. Hey Fred, why don’t you take your standard i-don’t-have-a-sense-of-humor-brand-liberal-talking-points and head back to the bath house. If that’s the best you can do, I suggest you ask Sharon for admittance to lefty finishing school. Dolt.

  7. I know this post is “partisan” but I’m sure we all, as Smantix pointed out, need to see this guy fry. That crosses both sides of the aisle.

    What I find fascinating is the comments on the ABC blog. Most conservative comments start out with “As a conservative, I’m disgusted/horrified/outraged, etc. …” and most of the Democratic comments with “you hippocrits… u.r. sexshually repressed.”

    Regarding the exploitation of minors, I think Dennis Miller put it best.

    “You’ve got to promise me if…you ever get to the point in your life when you are so puzzled, confused and frightened that you
    feel the only way out is to abuse or molest a kid, well then, you have to kill yourself. You have to lean into the strike
    zone and take one for the team.”


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    Could br trouble….

  9. Gordon, Cranky, or whatever the hell your name is…

    Your wingnut, non-compassionate views on this whole thing just goes to show how you can’t think for yourself.

    I hope this minor’s identity remains protected so that he can continue his journey in exploring his sexuality…without being judged by thugs like you.

    And how quickly you come down on this public servant who was simply assisting this kid in his journey. He was showing a pure love you could never understand…er…


    Foley is a REPUBLICAN?

    HA! There you go! Just another example of a Rethuglican exploiting the youth in our country! When will you neo-cons…blah, blah, blah…Bush Lied…blah…blah…blah………

  10. Cranky,
    I’m fairly sure Foley’s first call was not to his lawyer, but to an agent. I don’t think he can get on Oprah until he has a book out. If there are more victims, he could get a movie of the week deal.
    Yep. We’ve got our priorities right in this country!

  11. What’s come to light is that this exchange took place in Fall of 2005. So these allegations being made public, the way they were, were politically timed for the last minute.

    Whoever sat on them allowed Foley to keep going about whatever perverted business he was engaged in so that they could score some political points 30 days before an election.

    So basically the story sitters enabled Foley to continue his practices for a year. And thanks to Fred for showing us his true colors. He’s mad at Foley for hitting on the kid when he’s 16 but at the same time he hopes the kid turns out gay so he can hit on him when he’s 18.

    Way to go, buddy.

  12. Stik, Unless you have photos, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Back off, mister.

    Smantix, If you’re addressing the second Mr. Evil comment… I’m sorry to tell you that that one is the work of a sock puppet. Seriously. Based on the email used, it is a sock puppet we know well.

    Sharon, sad but true.

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