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It’s been a damn long time since we’ve had a good link drop. So let’s get it started all up in here.

The lovely and brilliant Right Thinking Girl alerts us to – horror of horrors! – a koran found in a crapper at Manhattan College in NYC. Upon finding the krapper koran, a paper-pushing administrator surely filled up an adjacent toilet with rivers of politically-correct-angst-inspired stool. How did the koran manage to go for a swim in the crapper?!?

Two guesses: It was dropped there or it was placed there. Either case, no biggie.

And even better is RTG’s conclusion…

So understanding Islam will automatically stop people from trying to flush the vile Koran down a toilet? I think not. Maybe they understand Islam and so they stuff the Koran down the toilet.

Is it any wonder I’m smitten with her?

Speaking of the Religion of Peace™, you better know what’s happening at your kids’ school. LGF notes that the “diversity police” are beginning the indoctrination process in Oregon and at least have some sort of blessing from the weak-kneed SCOTUS.

Elsewhere, if you want to go beyond politically correct and straight into “wrong”, look no further than Sharpy’s new T-Shirt. Too soon?

Sean Gleeson has demonstrated – yet again – that he is a true blog superstar. Visit Hot Air to see how his detective work uncovered the original bikini photo that Wankette and her fever swamp minions used to try to paint Michelle Malkin as a hypocrite.

In a massive post, Ace examines the irony of the gay left and their gay Republican witch hunt and outing festival. Read the whole thing if you enjoy bathing in the mental illness of the left – and there’s plenty to be had, brother. Plenty.

In other news, I’m a blog daddy. This must be one of my outside children. I’m tryin’ to figure out which girl I knocked up to produce this one. The list got so long, I quit counting years ago. But thanks for the kind words, Rollin’ Danny.

The Rottweiler drops an oratorical atomic elbow on the sub-humans from the Westboro Baptist Church, who are/were planning to protest at the funeral of the slaughtered Amish girls.

Take it one step further: Don’t allow them to ever steal oxygen again.

If we learn later that an unspecified number of Phred Phelps’ Syphilitic Hellspawn were killed in uncommonly brutal ways, we won’t as much as try to feign outrage, disgust or concern.

We’ll be too busy whooping it up, dancing the Happy Dance and buying drinks for every stranger we meet.

And if the local Police Dept up there suddenly develop a strange case of collective, spontaneous amnesia regarding what happened and who did what afterwards, we’ll just call it an Act of G-d and make another donation to a charity of our choice to show our gratitude.

No, we won’t be apologizing for our “eliminationist, hyperbolic rhetoric” either, so all of you bedwetters out there can go kiss our Imperial Ass.

Some things should never be tolerated.

You should read the whole thing if you can handle the spicy language, which is entirely called for when talking about these knuckle-dragging inbreds. I’m hoping that perhaps the Westboro “church” members will be taking a private plane that will somehow disappear from the radar during their journey. But that’s just the mean-spirited me talking. Don’t listen to that guy, he can be nasty.

Elsewhere, in the lefttardosphere, we’re reminded that when the left is racist, it’s cute, isn’t it?

More on Foley from Goldstein… When ‘child molesting’ is neither molesting, nor involving a child. Also, I had this same question when I received “tips” about the identity of one of Foley’s IM partners – what was the point?

Last but not least – Agent Bedhead serves up some red meat for you chubby chasers out there. Dig in, freaks.


  1. “More on Foley from Goldstein” Ah-ha,, Hate to say I told ya’ so (well not really)but on the earlier thread I did mention something about letting the dust clear a bit:wink:

  2. Billy,
    Sounds good to me! I love a party!
    On a related note, this is from the NYT:
    “Videos showing insurgent attacks against American troops in Iraq, long available in Baghdad shops and on Jihadist Web sites, have steadily migrated in recent months to popular Internet video-sharing sites, including YouTube and Google Video.”
    Here is the link to the entire story.

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