Redefining the Terms

In hippie parlance, the counter culture has become the Establishment, man.

With each passing decade, the idealistic stances left has stood for have become increasingly farcical. The entire movement should have shut down in embarassment at the first pro-Mumia rally.

Most annoying is the assumption that somehow, these clowns still hold the high moral ground. Terms like “bigot”, “fundie” and “hypocrite” are thrown around with absolutely no sense of irony.

All that to long-windedly say that it’s time stop accepting the labels that are put on us by these self-righteous twits.

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  1. Regarding the riot instigated by the Chicano Caucus at Columbia University:

    Press Release – The Minuteman Project – October 13, 2006

    13 October 2006

    CONTACT: Tim Bueler
    (530) 401-3285

    Students shouted down speaker with racial slurs

    Columbia University, NY – While participating in a forum at Columbia
    University, the Director of Community Affairs for the National Minuteman Project, Marvin Stewart, a black man from California, was verbally and physically assaulted by a mob.

    Mr. Stewart, the first speaker in the event, was taunted and harassed, with protestors in the audience assaulting him with the “n-word.” The next speaker, Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist was attacked during his speech by protestors who stormed the stage, forcing an abrupt end to the event.

    Campus police stood by and did nothing, as personal and racial slurs were shouted while Stewart attempted to give his presentation. Though encouraged by his hosts to retreat, Stewart held his ground, and continued his speech, though his words were difficult to hear at times, due to continuous heckling and the obscenities hurled at him. He closed his speech with, “God Bless America and America Bless God.”

    Stewart, a Minuteman Project volunteer who has held a seat on California’s University Board of Regents, was to share the stage with Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist and Dr. Jerome Corsi (PhD, Harvard), who is Gilchrist’s co-author of “Minutemen – The Battle to Secure America’s Borders.”

    Chris Kulawik, President of the Columbia College Republicans, had invited the three to Columbia’s Roone Arledge Auditorium, where their presentations were to be followed by an open forum Q&A.

    Clearly emboldened by the lack of active police protection, the disrupters suddenly stormed the stage a few minutes after Gilchrist began to speak. The podium was knocked over, but Gilchrist, a Viet-Nam
    combat vet, stood his ground. Seeing the determination of a man who was unlikely to be bullied was enough to deter the cowardly student assault.

    On the other side of the stage, Marvin Stewart was engaged in his own contest of wills. As he was being mobbed by the bullying crowd who had put their hands on him, pushing him back, he pulled out a canister of pepper spray, and asked, “What’s your decision?” That was enough to back off the mob, which settled for taking over the stage and disrupting the proceedings.

    The leaders of the anti free speech, racist mob attempted to justify their actions by claiming that they have the “right” to shut down any discussion offered by anyone who disagrees with them. Clearly, the concept of “free speech” is imperfectly understood by the students at Columbia. This is not the first instance of disrespect for conservative viewpoints, and the school has developed an unenviable reputation with respect to tolerance, respect, and freedom of speech.

    Given the lack of control by campus police, and the lack of an apology from the University president or the groups involved, Stewart has filed a police report for harassment with the NYPD:

    On October 10, 2006, Marvin Stewart filed a police report at Lake Forest in Orange County, CA, for stolen property. The case was assigned #06-198490 and the report was taken by Richard W. Nelson, Administrative Deputy. This case will be forwarded to Sgt. Lavin, NYPD.

    On October 11, 2006, Marvin Stewart filed a police report for harassment with the New York Police Department. The case was assigned #4158 and filed with Detective Lugo of the NYPD.


    The Minuteman Project
    P.O. Box 3944
    Laguna Hills, California 92654

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