Knoxville Area Bleg-a-thon

I’m not one to go around blathering about personal matters, but the Holmes family is pullin’ up stakes. We’ve received an offer on our humble home that we’re just not going to be able to pass up.

This means heading into a rental of some sort while we spend the next 7-9 months looking for a new house.

Do any of you fine Knoxville-area folks know of any good online resources (besides the Knoxville News-Sentinel’s classifieds, which I’ve already started scouring) for finding quality homes/condos/duplexes for rent? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me at with any info.


  1. link … the usual caveats apply, as anywhere.

    My folks live in a condo-y area back off Middlebrook … Robinson Rd/Piney Grove Church Rd. Lots of condos for rent back in there, and the only advertising is lawn signs at the ends of the streets. Very nice, very quiet around there. Take a drive by with notepad and pen ready.

    Also, has all the major apt complexes. It’s the online version of that little booklet you see at Weigels.

    Searching on “Knoxville Rental Housing” brings several interesting results.

    Have fun. I just went through the Big Move. Still recovering.

  2. Congrats, PTH. Wherever you move, you’ll still be in my heart.


    The best way to find decent apts/houses etc, in general is to just drive around the area you want to live and look for signs. Most vacancies aren’t advertised in newspapers/online, etc. If you go for the unadvertised stuff, you’ll usually end up being the only shmuck looking to rent it too. If you follow a newspaper ad, you may have to compete against a few people, which blows.

  3. You can run a listed property search on You don’t even have to talk to one of those nasty Realtors unless you really want to (I am one of those by the way, but here in Kalifornica.) Look foward to hearing about the new Six Meat Mansion and Gravy Bar.

  4. It is about time you got out of that 1950’s single wide you were living in. That thing was a death trap. I guess you finally got that $200 you were looking to get for it.

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