Didja Get The Memo? We ARE Going To Stage A Coup!

You think the last six years of the Bush Regime was great? Well, hang on to your jack boots, cause the next thirty will be awesome!

Yep, we’re here to stay. Except for the last bastions of democracy in Hollywood, Manhattan and Berkeley, we are gonna take the country for keeps.

Just ask Norman Lear’s wife:

All week I’ve been reading in disparate sources from Drudge to US News and World Report about Bush, Rove and Cheney being overly confident about the midterm elections. Even Republican strategists are increasingly concerned because the White House doesn’t have a plan if they lose. This lack of planning shouldn’t surprise anyone, but if you really think about it a creepy, crawly feeling grows in your gut.

Here are some questions: Are these guys simply narcissistic idiots Rove-ing around in some never-never land bubble or do they know something we don’t? Have they planned a grab bag nose punch of an October/November surprise? Or have Diebold, ES&S, and local state secretaries assured them that they will do “whatever it takes” to get a Republican Congress elected again?

Well? What about that, eh? The Democrats can only lose by Rethug malfeasance. Just like 2000.

Damn, as a Neocon, sometimes I scare myself.

So what is their next move? You guess it. Take to the streets!

Therefore we should all be on alert. If for whatever reason we don’t win back Congress in November the only real answer will be to take to the streets.

Kids, they’re not screwing around. We’re talking open revolt.

We must keep them down. When you see Boobs, Not Bombs on your lilly-white suburban street, please, shoot first, throw up later.


  1. Yeah…like I could resist that set up:


    I had to beat Sharon to the punch…

    Of course it sucks without Michael McDonald.

    BTW, saw that piece of crap Robin Williams movie this weekend…the one with the voter machine “malfunctions.”

    It all makes sense now. Bush begins with a “B”…alphabetically ahead of Gore with a “G” and Kerry with a “K”.

    At least it makes as much sense as political analysis from Mrs. Norman Lear.

  2. Hmmm…my Socom II says there ain’t gonna be no coup. And I believe everything he says, cause he ain’t never been wrong, yet. And he says he has a bunch of friends who will join with him if filthy hippies tried such a thing in this country.

  3. The left can’t get a street revolution going anymore, the 60’s leftovers are too busy working and the 60’s wannabees don’t have the numbers the boomers had. Let alone the Rock and Roll. Let’s face it, running around in the street in November won’t catch on. Nice try, tho.

  4. That’s one of the things that kills me about the commies. They bitch about “black box voting” for 6 years and now they brag about “polls” and “Election Day”.

    Bitches, all your election days are belong to us! 4-eva.

  5. Norman Lear’s wife!!!?? THIS is what is used for in-depth political analysis?

    My cat could do better, and like many Democrats he’s been neutered!

  6. After reading a few of their comments, this was the gem i found – But now we know, and the stakes are even higher. Another stolen election means the conversion to one-party dictatorship will be complete, unless the press and the people refuse to accept it. Will Mexicans EVER accept the right-wing president as lawful? I don’t think so!

    You just can’t make this kind of crap up.

  7. I just never know whether to laugh or be scared by what the leftards write and say. Because stuff like that is not just hyperbole. The DUmmies were all over that story, quoting it, discussing it. H*ll, we had marching anarchist kerry supporters marching and vandalizing here in Raleigh on election night 2004.

    An even stranger post over there is Zogby, of poll fame, discussing Democrats winning. Doesn’t mean his polls are skewed, right?

  8. Was this has-been barking moonbat wearing her tin-foil hat at the time? I can see it now — dozens of the unwashed pouring into streets, only to be met with a barrage of soap bars. Sheesh.

  9. Sorry about the double comment folks, but Cranky allows this sort of thing for “toad people”.

    There is one thing that really bothers me about this. Consider the so-called intertainment segment. It’s based on nothing more that people that pretend they are something they are not. They pretend they are someone they are not. They recite lines written by someone other than themselves. They pretend they really matter in life. If you really want to pick the nits, pretending is just a fancy word for LIE. In other words, their “job” is to LIE to people. Their entire life is a LIE. Think about this now. These people want to tell us how to vote and how to live. What bothers me?? There are people out there that beleive them. THAT worries me.

  10. Kids, they’re not screwing around. We’re talking open revolt.

    No we’re not. This is why we insist on the second amendment. Or why I do, anyway.

    I just need to put the finishing touches on my latest invention, the molotov beerball, by election day.

  11. Beyond vanity fair: sanity, inspiration, gratitude – moving on.

    “How glad I am to be able to roam in wood and thicket, among the trees and flowers and rocks. No one can love the country as I do … my bad hearing does not trouble me here. In the country, every tree seems to speak to me, saying ‘Holy! Holy!’ – Ludwig van Beethoven


  12. Sorry Doug, I had to delete the Truther’s comments because he continued to post the usual D.U./Truther conspiracy theories under different names, which got him booted. This makes your response seem disjointed, though it certainly wasn’t.

  13. Damn Preston,

    I wish you had left those comments up so I could have taken a run at the dolt…

    Imagine the gall…using different names to post comments. What a loser.

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