80’s Nostalgia / Max Headroom Bleg

Some of us at the Buffet have had a grand old time trading 80 music trivia and memories. So without further ado, Eighties Icon, Max Headroom.

Now for the bleg part. Does anyone have an avi or wmv of Max? It need only be a couple of seconds. I have something nasty in mind.



  1. First, get Firefox. Then install the Greasemonkey extension. And the, get the YouGet script from UserScripts.org so you have a download link on all the YouTube pages.

    Then, using Windows Movie Maker, slice and dice your video download however you like. Save the result as wmv.

    Then, go to eRightSoft and get SUPER, which is an excellent free video file converter. It even has presets for iPod and PSP video.

    Did I mention that all of this is FREE? 🙂

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