1. Kudos, PTH.

    Speaking about “the last shred of decency, Sir” thingy, couldn’t the dems have said to Mikey: “Y’know, Mike, we agree with you they’re all a bunch of victim-hating bastards, but… well, umm… this could come back to bite us in the arse in the end.”

    And to think some of you out there still believe you’ll have to hold your nose when you vote Repub in two weeks!? Lesser of two evils my tsuchis…enough, already. What could possibly be lower than this?

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  3. Yes, RTG, but in a bad way?

    Let’s just say that at the Buffet, our meats have good taste. The authors, not so much.

    I am a bad person but this kind of posting is a lot less expensive than seeing a $75/hr anger management therapist.

  4. Cranky,

    Many times I have discouraged Mr. Smantix from posting grossly obscene or hideously vile posts for fear of offending. On this day, I will assure you that I will never, ever, stop him again!

    Here I thought Smantix was the King of bad taste.

    You have surpassed him, and I don’t know if he’ll ever get his throne back.

    Loved it by the way. That pompous little man needed his come uppence!


  5. Cranky,

    Of course you know we are all secretly clamoring for more…

    That way we can savor dipping a toe in the muck, while showing our “righteous indignation.”

  6. lets blame Alice Cooper,His old song,Dead Babies, Must have perked into the liberal sub-concious long ago,Where else can the drive to industrialize the “by products” of institutional murder of children,come from?

  7. Cranky, don’t become that stereotypical “self-loathing” neocon…

    And besides…y’all made a top tier blog over at Jawa Report!

    I think 6mb just vaulted from 3rd tier to 2nd!

  8. Max Headroom was way ahead of his time. He’s still (thanks to C-C-C-C-ran-n-n-n-ky!) 2 steps ahead of Alex P. Keaton. Maybe now I can get my hands on Mallory without any serious retalliation by her big brother.

  9. Next thing you know these stem cells will turn a “toad” into a Prince. There’s still hope you yet, cranky. Prince Cranky, now that has a ring to it. As for the movie, you’re a bad man.

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