Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Check out this Daily Show interview with Dennis Miller.

Although the Daily Show got harder to watch when Jon Stewart and the writers reached their “aw screw it, we’re Liberal and everybody knows it anyway” moment, I still think Stewart is funny and has great moments.

Dennis Miller is everything I love in a conservative comedian, in theory. To this day, I cannot put my finger on why his CNBC show just didn’t have the umph that he had in his HBO series or even on Saturday Night Live.

Both guys are in good form in this video. The chemistry works. In fact, I wish this could take the place of Hannity and Colmes. Miller does well even though he is playing to a respectful but not adoring crowd.


Because you asked for it… Part 2!
(If you are the commenter who asked for it, I deleted your comment by accident, sorry.)


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  2. It is telling how liberal a Daily Show audience is when Miller drops the Hugo Chavez line and hardly anyone in the audience is laughing.

    Meaning they are either adoring Chavez fans or don’t even know who Chavez is.

    That was such a great line even Stewart had a hard time keeping it together.

    Perhaps Miller should have a half hour in between Stewart and Colbert to at least bring some balance. Stewart, Miller, Colbert, South Park.

    Cranky, you got pt. 2 of that interview somewhere?

  3. Your dreaming if you think Dennis Miller is a “conservative” comedian. Sure he is for the war, but that is just about it on the conservative front. The other night he spent two minutes swooning over John Kerry. Yea, just what we need, to replace Hannity and Colmes.

  4. Yea, just what we need, to replace Hannity and Colmes.

    Sorry, please elaborate.

    At the beginning of the interview Dennis comes right out and says that he’s socially liberal and more of a libertarian than anything else.

    But whatever. I’ll take it. I remember one of his rants on his HBO series about the necessity of the death penalty really resonated with me. He’s more conservative than most in his field and I appreciate that.

  5. Dennis Miller over Sean Hannity any day. Jon Stewart, no. He’s entirely predictable. In this clip he’s the laugh track.

    I saw him go for 5 minutes raging about Don Rumsfeld’s use of the word “golly.” Rumsfeld has obviously trained himself over the years to avoid responding to all the stupid and tendentious questions he gets asked by calling the reporters a**h***s or resorting to other perfectly understandable profanity.
    Stewart seemed to think it funnier to use terms that had to be bleeped. The audience roared, but using foul language or discussing formerly unmentionable topics is an easy way to get cheap laughs. No wit required.

    Miller may go over peoples’ heads at times with vocabulary, but he more often has truly funny things to say.

    All the foul-mouthed lefty comedians like Stewart, Mahr, etc. don’t seem to realize that they’re ignoring a much larger audience by limiting themselves to vulgarities, profanities and belittling anybody who disagrees with their politics.

  6. Dennis Miller is just as foul mouthed as Stewart or Mahr, I’m not offended by it but I don’t speak that way either. Miller is a cut and dried libertarian with a big liberal bent on most issues, save the war and maybe the death penalty. He is anything other than a conservative, and he has even said so on “Oh my” Hannity & Colmes.

  7. I am a libertarian-conservative. But to me Jon Stewart is a really funny guy, even if he is a liberal. But Dennis Miller never gets even near a laugh out of me. I just don’t think that the guy is funny. He always mixes in some negative and ofen nasty edge that just kills the attempts at humor.

    You want a funny non-liberal? Then read P.J. O’Rourke.

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  9. Before anyone bashes Libertarians, you may want to look at the positions of the party. We are Conservatives when it comes the gov. but socially liberal. We believe in small gov, a strong military, low taxes, free market, originalist judges…ect. The reason we are socially liberal is because we want the government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) to stop imposing how we should live our lives. You can’t impose morality from on high in DC. That is what the state ballot box is for. If I agree or don’t agree with an issue let me cast my vote with the rest of my fellow citizens at the polls. One example…the Gay Marriage Amendment that was pushed back in June. That is an issue (according to the 10th amendment of the Bill of Rights) that should be left up to the states. Sorry for being long winded here but, I think this party is misunderstood (granted we have our kooks) and just wanted try and inform. Love the site though.

  10. It is telling how liberal a Daily Show audience is when Miller drops the Hugo Chavez line and hardly anyone in the audience is laughing.

    It’s telling how narrow the blinders are when you hear the Hugo Chavez line, hear the audience laughing and clapping enough that Miller has to pause and wait until he can go on to the next line, but it’s so inconceivable that “liberals” might laugh at a joke on Chavez that you convince yourself that “hardly anyone” was laughing.

    I agree with the comment from Dan. I’m a libertarian, and find Jon Stewart pretty funny, not enough pay to see the show on iTunes (I don’t get cable) but I enjoy it when I see it. But Dennis Miller? He wasn’t funny when he sounded liberal, he’s not funny now. Every now and then a good line, but something about his schtick got old a long time ago.

    And I agree with T-bone, too. It’s a crying shame to see the Republican party taken over by big-government spenders who are also big-government morality police. Increasing spending at a higher rate than Clinton *and* increasing government power, increasing secrecy, decreasing accountability, decreasing states rights, attacking the bill of rights, etc., etc. Sickening.

  11. Like I said we have our “KOOKS” but most of us want to be able to decide how we want to live. Let the federal government do it’s job of national security (which it isn’t), and running the country. Things like, yes, leglazation of pot should be left up to us. If it loses at the state polls, so be it. Remember, 37 states had legal abortion (don’t want to stir anything up here) in 1970. In 1973 Roe v. Wade took the power away from the other states with swing of a gavel. I just think that we should decide what we do in our lives by virtus of the ballot box. Which is what most Libertarians want.

  12. To jsjs:
    It’s a crying shame to see the Republican party taken over by big-government spenders who are also big-government

    That is truely not the conservative party. You are correct when you talk about big gov with this administration. That is the my biggest problem with it as well. I do agree with monitoring phones of suspected terrorists. First it is allowed, title 50 USC 1102 & 1108. that is what the gov. needs to do to protect us as long as it has oversight. Which it did. Because of all the spending of this admin, I also think the 16th amendment needs to be repeelled (sp).

  13. Speaking of comedians, this was damn good. It’s obvious that Stewart was enjoying this almost as much as Miller, and there’s nothing cooler in comedy. If Johnny Carson got off on somebody, no matter who, you laughed because Carson was in stitches.

    FF to 2006: politics and polarization sucks. I won’t watch this asshole because he said this, and so on, ad nauseum. For bullshit disclosure purposes, I used to sorta like Dennis Miller years ago, yet always loved Jon Stewart up until Nov ’00. In the last six years, their roles are reversed 180 for me; consider–I’m a guy who can’t even listen to OLD Green Day anymore, and only just recently allowed himself a Pretenders song every now and then. Is it going to take a Hillary presidency to let me clue back in to what I’ve consciously ignored since Jan ’01?? Argh.

    Shut up and sing/make me laugh, indeed.

  14. Comments are closed on the above “Stratego” entry, but I just want to say…

    This was the post that introduced me to 6MB. I was on Malkin’s site and she linked to this. I laughed my ass off and passed it on to as many friends as I could.

    I used to play Stratego as a kid. In a piece of military brilliance that unfortunately has been copied by terrorists now, I used to move my bombs around the board.

    Thanks for the resurrection!

  15. I know exactly where you’re coming from, Geezer. I’m selective on the Shut up and sing part. Green Day doesn’t get 20 seconds before I switch it off. U2 gets a pass however.

    C’mon jsjs, The Daily Show audience roars at the Cheney shoots the guy in face line. The Chavez line had a “where’s he going with this” pause in it.

    We welcome Libertarians. Perhaps you would consider throwing your support behind the Insufferable Pricks party in ’08?

  16. Cranky,

    Thanks for having my back on the jsjs retort.

    Where did the newbies all come from? They all make great points and I think they could become HUGE Pricks.

  17. I am also a republican libertarian and I really enjoyed this segment of Stewart. Thanks for posting.
    It was refreshing to watch these clips and not see two partisans screaming at each other.
    After awhile the partisans in the media on both sides loses it and it is just plain boring.
    At least these segments of Stewart and Miller were funny.

  18. Hey Billy, you found us via the 12 days posts. That’s cool. You’re like family now. (BTW, we got an Instalanche last night)

    T-Bone, with the IP party everything’s a double entendre. Don’t worry about it. Michele’s right on about that.

  19. Found my way here via Instalanche, but I was laughing my ass off watching that… again, the rare occasion when two people of opposing viewpoints listening and having fun. Heaven forbid that become normal…


  20. The funniest thing Jon Stewart ever said was when his first show on MTV was being cancelled.

    He said, “There were those of you who said this wouldn’t last. To those people I say, ‘good call’.”

    Stewart is not funny. Has never been funny. The writers at Comedy Central are what have driven the Daily Show since Craig Kilbourne hosted it and far superior to Stewart. We see where his talent got him.

    Same thing with shows like “Talk Soup”. Greg Kinnear, Aisha, Skunk Boy, McHale. And Senor Sock, god rest his soul.

    It doesn’t matter who’s reading the lines as long as their core group of writers stays intact.

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