A Blockbuster Announcement From Six Meat Buffet!

Due to contractual obligations, Six Meat Buffet will not take a position regarding the Rosie O’Donnell / Donald Trump imbroglio.

For all the exciting details, see below.

trump vs rosie


  1. I’ve never been a big fan of either of them, but I am for Ro on this one. The Donald is trying to hold himself up as some kind of example of moral authority for us women folk. Pleeeeeease, give me a break.

    I am in the camp of women who would love to shave his head, as opposed to giving him head.

  2. I have never been a fan of either of them either…

    But I don’t think The Donald is trying to be a moral authority. He is simply making a business decision. He owns the pageant…he can do what he wants.

    As far as Rosie claiming ANY moral high ground…PUHLEEZE!

    Personally, I’d love to see this cage fight. But as manly as Rosie is, I think The Donald would kick his ass. As their verbal spat shows, The Donald fights dirty.

  3. I take the side of The Donald. Donald Trump has never backed down from anyone in the business world or the entertainment world. The Donald is a crossover phenomenon, and I have to applaud that. America’s 3rd favorite lesbian has been running on an expired shelf life and knows that her current gig at that yenya-fest (The View) is her last chance. The Donald has laid some pretty vicious smack on her and I can’t dispute any of it. Rosie, on the other hand has spewed bullshit about The Donald (except for the hair claim) and could very-well have to back up her tripe in a court of law. Like him or not, The Donald will leave a legacy to be admired (have you seen Ivanka?! That’s one hot schiksa with a mind for business) whereas, Rosie will be forgotten.

  4. Ever seen “Exit to Eden”, Yid?

    Tagline: To crack this case, these two cops will have to flash more than their badges.

    Trust me. If the thought of Rosie O’Donnell flashing her badge at you isn’t enough to send you screaming and rocking back-and-forth to darkest corner of the rubber room – you have the steely nerves of a Denver International air traffic controller.

    Or Riding The Bus With My Sister.

    Worth the rental fee if merely to stare in stunned silence at one of the most offensive caricatures of retarded people ever caught outside of a public classroom.

    It is to retards what Little Sambo is to black people. That link is worth the comments section alone.

    “this movie was pure torture. i’ve seen a lot of bad movies, including the entire ‘air bud’ series….”

    And for my Ultimate Fantasy Fighting Championship dollars, it is hands down (or at least one hand down and the other one open-palmed smacking your forehead repeatedly)

    Retards Against Rosie in the Octagon.

    That pay per view could make her “ching-a-chang-a-chong-chong remark” look like Shakespeare by comparison. And me rich enough to cover the therapy.

  5. I purpose that from this day forward, Rosie O’Donnell should referred to/known as Porky HO’Donnell. So it is written, so shall it be done.

    /ten commandments off

  6. Donald is a big bully,and his idea of the “ideal” woman is a skinny bimbo, therefore that makes Rosie ugly. He crossed the line when he went after her weight (dont you men tell me there isn’t a woman in your life whom you love, beit your mom, sister or wife who doesn’t have some weight to lose)and went after her girlfriend. Can you imagine if anyone started cracking jokes about that silicone on a stick wife of his?

    Yiddish. I have an idea. Since you’re on his side and I’m taking her side, what do you say they lock us in a cage and see which one of us can guilt the other one to death first?

    Smantix, if they locked us in a cage, your acerbic tongue would cut me way before I could throw a punch, so the only other option is to break out my S&M gear and cuff you to the cage. Wait. Nevermind. You’d like that too much. Oh, I know!!! I could cuff you and make you watch reruns of Hillary Clinton talking about health care while sining Kumbyah.
    Heh…I really am sadistic. 😉

    Billy, Billy, Billy. Lock us in a cage and I’ll be forced to beat you at 80s music trivia.

  7. Sharon,

    I’d accept your challenge primarily because win or lose it would be an epic battle that would last months.

    And win or lose I would thoroughly enjoy it.

  8. Yea. I’d have to be cuffed to a radiator if I had to listen to some “feminist” who holds hands in public with her “husband” even though in private he’s usually wrist-deep in the help.

    All the while singing “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”.

  9. Sharon,

    Turn off the Joan Baez. I’ll take you up on the guilt challenge. It’ll be like a 5th Grade Staring Contest/ I was like Perry Mason; I never lost. I come from the Helen Bindl School of guilt trips. I learned from the best and i’m ready to go to war at the drop of a yarmulke.


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