The Twelve Days of Christmas – DAY FOUR

*** Christmas 2006 Update – Speaking of race-based politics, why not pull out this classic from last year’s 12 Days of Christmas Campaign? Play the Race Card this Christmas! Everybody’s doing it!***

Day Four and it’s been nothing but a White Christmas at The Buffet. But once you get past the hostess, the maitre d’ and three or four old honkies sipping cognac by the fireplace – we can inspect the kitchen to see what’s being cooked up for the hard to please liberals still on our to-do lists.

Ummm…smells like trouble.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… THE RACE CARD GAME!

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~~~You too can be a winner in the game of life…~~~

If we’re to believe what passes for black leadership in America, you already know that if you’re pigmentationally gifted that you won’t ever be a winner unless Life suddenly turns into a contest to see who can have the highest Cricket cellphone bill ever sent to Collections. We can’t help you win at Life – but by God, you’ll never run out of excuses for failure when you can play – The Race Card!

Need a little extra cash for your coalition? Just show up on Wall Street with your hat in your hand and remind those corporate fat cats who has the power of the media spectacle on their side.

Lookin’ to make a name for yourself in national politics? You might get lucky and draw the manufactured hate crime card and thrust yourself into the media spotlight! Just look out, because those riots can get nasty from time to time.

Need that little extra boost to get into the college of your choice? Then you already know how to play the Race Card Game without even reading the rules!

Angry that your candidate didn’t get elected? You may get lucky and get the voter intimidation card – or even better – you might be voting by butterfly ballots which we all know are very hard to read! Play the right card and you may have grounds for a very profitable lawsuit!

Whether you’re served the wrong airline food, been called a “water buffalo”, exposed to inclement weather, or forced to dress business casual while getting paid millions of dollars to watch a basketball game – no indiscretion is too small and no perceived insult is too slight when you can play the “Race Card” game!

Will you get elected Mayor of Detroit or re-elected to Mayor of Washington? Play ball for the 76ers or get played out by somebody else’s babymama? Be a convicted murderer in a hit HBO movie or will you be a convicted murder put to death by the State of California – you’ll never know until you play “Race Card”!

Experience the soft bigotry of no expectations this Kwanzaa.

Not available in Vermont



  1. This is simply brilliant. I’ve been wanting to “play that game” for a long time. But I was under the impression that you had to be a black man to play the game. Now I feel good about going out and purchasing it.

    My kids need to know how to play this so I may by several games.

    You had better copyright this before Milton-Bradley sees it.

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