Phascist Phil: Phriend To Phelons

Armed with a mandate owed to Republican intransigence, Tennesseans are getting a cold, hard look at what Democrat fascism looks like.

Still reeling from an electoral speedball caused from huffing too many self-congratulatory fumes at his Inauguration and 150 cc’s of weapons grade hubris mainlined into his pulsing combover, Commandante Bredesen has fired a hotload across the bow of the first timid Republican state congress since Reconstruction.

Let’s hope their tiny, little penises don’t curl up inside of them as if to hide behind the eternally flashing neon “vacancy” sign over their scrotums.

Just this week he’s sought several new ways to raise taxes, hate on Whitey, banning smoking statewide, run over the citizenry with his car, and now most egregiously, waiting until after the election to Executive Order in his opposition to the death penalty. What? Didn’t he mention that during his campaign?

“I am a supporter of the death penalty (*cough, cough* bullshit). I believe, in addition, that it is incumbent on the state to carry out these sentences constitutionally and appropriately.

“In the process of preparing for litigation surrounding the lethal injection procedure used in our state, this is litigation in Judge Trauger’s Court, the office of the Attorney General and the staff of the Department of Correction have identified deficiencies with our written procedures that raise concerns that they are not adequate to preclude mistakes in the future.
“By separate orders of reprieve, because of this, we will this day grant reprieves to four individuals…”

Seeing as how Democrats have been running this state for the last 130 years, who exactly has been making said “mistakes”?

And who are The Ferocious Four that benefited from His magnaminity today you might ask? Just the typical DemocRAT core constituent:

Daryl Keith Holton – self-confessed quadruple 1st degree child murderer. Diagnosed by five doctors as being competent to stand trial. Four years after divorce from his wife, Model Citizen Keith had visitation of his four children.

Daddy, Daddy! Guess what I want for Christmas.

Unfortunately, little 4-yr old Kayla wasn’t wishing for a 7.62mm to her back as selfish daddy made her turn away so he wouldn’t be overly-traumatized by killing her and her three brothers (ages 6, 10 & 12) and hiding their bodies under a tarp in his uncle’s garage. He told them they were going Christmas shopping.

Now they’re Christmas shopping in Heaven. Awww…and you thought there wouldn’t be a happy ending.

Fast forward 10 years and now Governor Phil gets to play Santa. But no, he won’t be dispatching Yuletide Justice like old Keith did!

And how upset are you with your conviction, Mr. Holton?

“I’m satisfied with the findings of the state court’s jury and the sentences of death,” he’s quoted as saying in a transcript from the hearing last summer in Knoxville. “I believe the death sentence is appropriate for the crime which I was convicted.

“I just don’t have a problem with it,” he said.

He must be crazy! He disagreed with our Governor who contends that the system ain’t broke but he’ll fix it. Stick this case in your pocket the next time they say “it’s for the children”. After reading the case, he should have just killed his ex-wife and been sentenced to life. Maybe next time.

Edward Jerome Harbisonmurdered an old lady while in commission of felony burglary. Another self-confessed killer:

In a taped statement, he confessed to killing Mrs. Russell. Harbison stated that after he drove his girlfriend home from work, he and Schreane went to the Russell home, determined that it was empty, and used a screwdriver to break into the residence. While he and Schreane were carrying the stolen items from the house and the apartment to their car, Mrs. Russell returned home. Harbison contended that he thought Mrs. Russell was reaching for a gun, so he grabbed her. He stated that he hit her with the marble vase, “at the most” two times.

The coroner sold a slightly different version to a jury that was not nearly as politically savvy as our Dear Leader:
Mrs. Russell’s body was found inside this apartment. Medical examiners determined that the cause of her death was “massive multiple skull fractures with marked lacerations of the scalp and head, expelling brain tissue and literally crushing the victim’s face and disfiguring her beyond recognition.”

Eh, two times, ten times…how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Hell if I know! How many vase strikes to the face does it take to get to some old lady’s brain matter while I’m robbing her house? Stayed! Enjoy your hot, assthumping buttsex for another 90 days while the 28th year of cold fronts fall across Mrs. Russell’s grave.

Michael Joe Boyd – A two-fer! While on parole for 2nd degree murder, Mike got his girlfriend to lure William Price back to the infamous Lorraine Motel. Much like MLK, Jr., Boyd (now known as Mika’eel Abdullah Abdus Samad) had a dream too. Unfortunately for William Price it was deeply rooted in his wallet. Glock, glock..know what I’m saying?

And last, but certainly not least:

Pervis Payne

The victims of Payne’s offenses were 28-year-old Charisse Christopher, her 2-year-old daughter Lacie, and her 3-year old son Nicholas. […]
When the first police officer arrived at the scene, he immediately encountered Payne who was leaving the apartment building, so covered with blood that he appeared to be ” `sweating blood.’ ” The officer confronted Payne, who re- sponded, ” `I’m the complainant.’ ” Id., at 3-4. When the officer asked, ” `What’s going on up there?’ ” Payne struck the officer with the overnight bag, dropped his tennis shoes, and fled.

Inside the apartment, the police encountered a horrifying scene. Blood covered the walls and floor throughout the unit. Charisse and her children were lying on the floor in the kitchen. Nicholas, despite several wounds inflicted by a butcher knife that completely penetrated through his body from front to back, was still breathing. Miraculously, he survived, but not until after undergoing seven hours of surgery and a transfusion of 1700 cc’s of blood 400 to 500 cc’s more than his estimated normal blood volume. Charisse and Lacie were dead.

Charisse’s body was found on the kitchen floor on her back, her legs fully extended. She had sustained 42 direct knife wounds and 42 defensive wounds on her arms and hands. The wounds were caused by 41 separate thrusts of a butcher knife. None of the 84 wounds inflicted by Payne were individually fatal; rather, the cause of death was most likely bleeding from all of the wounds.

Lacie’s body was on the kitchen floor near her mother. She had suffered stab wounds to the chest, abdomen, back, and head. The murder weapon, a butcher knife, was found at her feet. Payne’s baseball cap was snapped on her arm near her elbow. Three cans of malt liquor bearing Payne’s fingerprints were found on a table near her body, and a fourth empty one was on the landing outside the apartment door.

Payne was apprehended later that day hiding in the attic of the home of a former girlfriend. … He had blood on his body and clothes and several scratches across his chest. It was later determined that the blood stains matched the victims’ blood types.His overnight bag, containing a bloody white shirt, was found in a nearby dumpster.

Yea. Some real questions marks out of these four cases.

We need to revisit the little boxes of Holton’s kids although we may need to sob a little louder over the deaf one.

We need to get Gary Sinise and the rest of the CSI cast to pickup an old piece of bone, tilt their heads a little and show that rote look of detached concern as they attempt to reconstruct what was left of Mrs. Russell’s face.

We need to pour our 40oz. on the curb for William Price whose attempt to nab some snappy nappy got him pushing up daisies for his ducats.

We need to examine the skin found under Charisse’s fingernails one more time. We need to count her 84 stab wounds again. We need to pry open little Lacie’s eyes to see if Pervis Payne’s reflection is still engraved after all of these years.

After perusing this rogue’s gallery, it turns out that the real monster was just given a statewide mandate to loose every burglarizing, child-killing rapist upon the public and hand them the keys to City Hall.

Thanks again to every aisle crossing pantshitter who voted for this Napoleon complexed tyrant.

CORRECTION: Removed Governor’s blame from Van Hilleary. Although he ran for Governor in 2002 and lost, he did play the spoiler in the 2006 Senate race to effectively hand an unnecessarily narrow win to milquetoast candidate Corker.


  1. I noticed you went to great pains to point out all of the pain and suffering by the “victims”.

    But you neglect to point out the pain and suffering that Gov. Phil is saving us liberals and of course these men on death row who were true victims of our society.

    A man like Pervis Payne is not the scumbag you paint him to be. Had our society taken the time to give him an outlet for his frustrations, perhaps he could have been saved from lashing out as he did.

  2. You could be going too hard on the guy, Essy. Look at his picture again. I mean, really, really look. How can you miss those caring eyes, eyes that won’t be satisfied until you are, as you drive off the lot tonite in the car of your dreams? For once, admit that your nether regions melt from the warmth of such a sincere smile, a smile that could only come from one who wishes you nothing but the best and a whole-life policy? Ah, the dimpled chin of your battle-scarred quarterback who…oops, it’s the Colts and Bears this Sunday, isn’t it? Sorry.

    Teeth! He’s got really good teeth! Umm… blue shirt, red tie–alpha-male something-or-other. Gray hair! That’s it! He’s paid his dues, been around the block, probably got a divorce or two and a shitload of child support or alimony checks to write every month… he’s been there! He’s one of us!

    Alright, I’m out. You guys are royally fucked. Good luck with all that and this clown…

  3. You’re right Geez. My spit was misplaced on that one. Hilleary was actually the Senate spoiler candidate who almost gave Harold Ford Jr. the seat by weeding out the real candidate in favor of a milquetoast moderate – Bob Corker.

    I corrected it above but let the transcripts from the court records on all of the felons sentenced to death to stand on their own.

  4. Smantix,

    You apparently didn’t notice, or perhaps I didn’t notice that you noticed, but nonetheless, one of the fastest, if not the fastest, group of new voters are convicted felons. So your governor is just getting a leg up on the competition, and is serving one of constituancies of the Democratic Party.

    I would assume the good people of Tennessee were aware at election time that the Democrats had dirty hands when it comes to their dealing with violent criminals, especially as it meshes with one of their favored ethnic groups. If they didn’t know that, then they should have been reminded.

    Of course, those kinds of reminders might be outlawed under Barack’s proposed new election laws, landing the bearer of truth a jail sentence. What a great force for freedom the Democrats are. I think I’ll go puke now.

  5. Wow, now I’m getting pissed off. You’ve got such a beautiful state (that drive from Roanoke, VA to Bristol is still a fave in our family) and yet you get stuck with this goof and Gore, to boot?

    Ah, God’ll sort it out, sooner or later. Probably right after He’s stopped laughing at the antics of the “Mideast Comedy Hour” and tells the Isrealis to square it all away once and for all.

  6. TK, Bredesen is one those kinds of threats. A northeastern carpetbagger who knows how to play the “aw shucks, simple man” card even though he couldn’t tell you how much a gallon of milk costs.

    And although I think people like Sharon would disagree with me on this, he is a liberal’s liberal who pawns himself off as a moderate. In private, he is a rabid dog who understands that his hardcore leftist beliefs without political expediency are worthless.

    You will see him on the national stage soon enough. Hopefully all of these archives will be around when people are wanting to find out who he is.

  7. Ah….I see, now, Smantix. The hope of the good people of Tennessee is for this man to hit the national stage, a la Bill Clinton finally leaving the governorship of Arkansas to become the President.

    Damn, that’s a scary thought. After eight years of running roughshod over the state of Tennessee, I have to look forward to this guy hitting the national stage and ruining the state of Texas as well. Shite, and I don’t mean a Muslim sect.

  8. Smantix,

    I know your state is jacked up…just PTL that you and Preston are there to perhaps keep this dork in check.

    But consider a move to California, will ya? When our joke of a Governator steps down, the betting money is that LA Mayor Anthony Reconquista will be running against SF Mayor Gavin “do-you-know-where-your-wife-is” Newsom to lead our once-fine state.

    Because we are in need of a big Prick…

  9. You’re a Cally, Billy? Awesome. Nearly 10 years at Edwards, myself; too many stories to tell.

    Just go on up to Solvang or Cambria and pretend the rest of the state fell into the ocean or went up in flames. Worked for me.

  10. More specifically I am a LoCal, or San Diegan.

    If any part of this state falls into the Pacific, my part goes first. I am 4 blocks away…

    Makes for great summers…’cept when the Zonies hit.

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