Sudden Jihadi Speedbump Syndrome

Another case of Sudden Jihadi Rage Syndrome or typical Nashville driver? You be the judge:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A local cab driver allegedly tried to run over two customers after a fight over religion became heated.
The incident happened early Sunday morning on the Vanderbilt campus and left one man hospitalized and a cab driver arrested, said police

Two students visiting from Ohio were coming from a bar downtown when they got into an argument with their driver over religion, said police. After they paid the driver he allegedly ran them down in a parking lot.

Nothing fosters multicultural understanding like converting your opposition by treating them like speed bumps in front of the Loews Vanderbilt Plaza.

Ibrihim Ahmned, of United Cab, was arrested and charged with assault, attempted homicide and theft.

Turns out the cabbie was also driving on a suspended license and a stolen license plate.

No word yet on whether this will be prosecuted as a hate crime. And doubtful we will.


  1. Naaah, musleems and blacks are not capable of committing “hate crimes”. That term is reserved for those hate-filled crackers.

    And this was probably just another case of an illegal doing the job that Americans just won’t do. Memo to other white, non-musleem young people – don’t argue with musleem cabbies. If they’re not smart enough to procure a firearm, you can bet they’ll use whatever they’ve got at their disposal to “convert” you.

  2. Remember last year when they “allegedly” found a torn up and burnt Koran on a mosque step and called out the police to start a hate crime investigation?

    Think old Ahmned will be charged here with a hate crime? Of course not!

    Spanky (Serpas) would never be so inclined.

  3. Just like the Muslim brother at UNC who accidentally ran over those students, the Muslim brother whose gun accidentally went off outside the JCC in Seattle, the Bosnian/Muslim brother who tragically was shot in that mall in SLC after HIS gun accidentally went off, the Muslim brother whose gun accidentally went off at the ElAl counter at LAX, the DC “sniper” consipiracy…this was an isolated incident.

    Your racist hatred is unnecessary, you Zionist pig.

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