Mullah Mur-diddly-urdler!

There is a minor uproar in the bedwetter-o-sphere over Insty’s alleged call for the murder of our enemies.

In fact, pants-shitting Colorado law professor Paul Campos openly wept onto the pages of the Rocky Mountain News recently in a limp-wristed attack on Insty due to Insty’s hurtful commentary.

Murder is the premeditated unlawful killing of a human being. Glenn Reynolds, the well-known University of Tennessee law professor who authors one of the Internet’s most popular blogs, recently advocated the murder of Iranian scientists and clerics.
“We should be responding quietly, killing radical mullahs and Iranian atomic scientists . . . Basically, stepping on the Iranians’ toes hard enough to make them reconsider their not-so-covert war against us in Iraq,” Reynolds wrote.

Of course Iran is not at war with America, but just as Reynolds spent years repeating Bush administration propaganda about Iraq’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, he’s now dutifully repeating the administration’s claims about supposed Iranian government involvement in Iraq’s civil war.

Mmmmmkay….. Campos’ trademark lefty moral-outrage-driven hyperventilation is amusing at best, and tedious at worst. This is just a sample of the drivel that is cascading from the keyboards of the ass-o-sphere as a result of Reynolds’ excellent recommendation. There was really no need for Insty to defend himself, but, as usual, he does so with aplomb.

Personally, I believe we should go a hell of a lot further than simply whacking some scientists, mad mullahs and other government officials. It’s time for the little Hitlers in Teheran and Damascus to glow in the dark. Turn the Syrian and Iranian Governments into radiation-emitting rubble. The best way to help the Iranian government with its nuclear program is to give them an up-close look at how atomic weaponry works.

If we weren’t a third(second?)-tier blog, some Churchillian faculty ass-clown might produce some emotional column attacking us, but alas…

Speaking of target-rich environments, here is an excellent location to hit first.


  1. I like the comment elsewhere to the effect that Ahmadinnerjacket looks like a six year old who needs to pee. Taken together thought, he and Baby Assad look like they are deathly afraid of getting cooties from one another. Which, come to think of it, isn’t all that unreasonable.

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