How To Survive In South Central America

Pressure on Brazil’s leftist “populist” Lula de Silva got stepped up yesterday with Argentina’s President Nestor Kirchner announcing that:

Argentina would gladly join a Bank of the South proposed by Mr Chavez to finance regional projects, he said.

“It cannot be that it bothers anyone that our nations become integrated,” Mr Kirchner said.

“Much has been said recently that… in [Brazilian] President Lula’s case or in my case that we had to contain President Chavez – an absolute error.”

The “regional project” in question will be a trans-Brazilian oil pipeline between Venezuela and Argentina that will have Russian backing.

Somebody had a theory that was aptly applied in Southeast Asia and neatly encapsulates what’s happening in South America…oh..what was it called? Oh, yea.

Dominos Mofos
Dominos m*@^%&*$*!#rs.

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