Ron Artest’s Belated Valentine’s Day Def Poetry Slam

So what? Ann Coulter joked that Handjob Johnny Edwards was a little light in his legal briefs. And while it’s starting to look like she won’t book out the Log Cabin Republican lecture circuit, it’s rumored that she’s expected to go high in next year’s NBA draft.

Not one to let the liberals and very serious bloggers beat up on a woman, the highly impressionable Sacramento King, Ron Artest, has crowned his Queen in kind:

I Punch You

“Artest was booked on the charge of domestic violence and preventing a victim from reporting a crime, so two charges,” said Dena Erwin, a spokeswoman for the Placer County Sheriff’s office.

Local police arrested Artest, 27, at his residence in Loomis, California, a suburb of the state capital Sacramento on Monday morning and released him on $50,000 bail by 2 p.m. Citing privacy laws, officials would not say whether the victim was his wife.

Artest, then playing for the Indiana Pacers, lost about $5 million in earnings after a 73-game suspension when a 2004 fight spilled into the stands.

A $5MM dollar fine for a spilled drink and he keeps on swinging! You think a measly $50k is going to stop him from socking a girl in the malph?

All the signs were there though. Take Artest’s Belated Valentine’s Day Card:

Pimp Hand Strong

Say what you will, this latest flexing of Artest’s domestic dukes is the media’s fault. Why, less than a month ago they were complaining that he was letting his bitches run wild and starving them to death.

After that, you’ve gotta have some nerve to excoriate him after he’s slaved over a hot basketball hoop all day and then have to come home and serve his ungrateful woman up a knuckle sammich.

Make up your minds, people.


  1. Crap like this is why I don’t watch the NBA anymore…this and the fact that they don’t really play “basketball” in that league.

    For some reason, I just don’t relate to the “gangsta” mentality that has spread through the league.

  2. Yo dogg, why you be diss’in my nigga’? You knows da’ ho had it comm’in. Wah’sa brotha’ gos-ta’ do ta’ feel some love up-in-dis-mutha-fucka. Don’t make me git’s my bitch Cynthia McKinney all up in yo’ shit.:mad:

  3. Hey Swampy…was wondering where the hell you have been.

    I don’t think you want Cynthia McKinney to get involved. She’s a little TOO Gangsta…even for the NBA.

  4. Hey Billy,,, I’ve been traveling a little lately, I appears that I may have to issue a warning to the TN blogers, as I might be moving back there as a result of a job transfer. I’ll be out all next week too.

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