We Be Three

This is usually a somber week. We reflect on the time our government slaughtered its own people at Waco, April 19, 1993. We reflect on the time when a couple of nutballs, with the help of some sympathetic islamists, killed hundreds of innocents in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. Now we have the mass-murdering Korean Christ-complex maniac to remember this time every year. What is it about this week?

On the flip side, let’s take a minute for remembering something good. Three years of meat.

To quote De La Soul (who were quoting Schoolhouse Rock…)

Yes it is, it’s the magic number

You may try to subtract it,
but it just won’t go away.
Three times one?
(What is it?)
One, two, three
That’s the magic number…”

You may want us gone, but we still up in the hizzy after three years, biatch.

*726,807 total unique visits
*1,111,422 page views
*Our own political party (Insufferable Pricks, naturally)
*A massive, highly-paid staff (Special thanks to Smantix, Cranky, annika and everyone else who shows up around here to post, comment and make this place fun)

It’s such a huge occasion, we’re having toad cupcakes.

And a Tennessee-style hoedown.

Will you come to our birthday party?


  1. I always recognize this 19th day because it’s my dad’s birthday, strangely also my high-school sweetheart’s, but mid-April really has a dark history. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Colombine shootings. Yesterday was the anniversary of the suicide bombing in Beirut. On the “bright” side, today can be remembered as the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the day some brave Jews refused to roll over and be victims without a fire-fight.

    Oh well, happy blogiversary!

  2. Hell yeah i’m comin’ to your party, Holmes. I’m bringin’ some high-octane ‘shine, too. Speaking of School House Rokk \m/…

    “A man and a woman had a little baby…
    They had three…
    That’s a magic number.”

    Now comes the chorus of the same-numbered multiples.

  3. My kids are learning to multiply by threes this week and we have been memorizing that song since monday. Just a funny coincidence.

    Something you wouldn’t hear on TV today:

    Somewhere in that ancient, mystic, Trinity
    You get three as a magic number.
    The past, the present and the future,
    Faith, hope, and charity,
    The heart, the brain, and the body….

  4. Hey Michele, something else you might not hear…

    “A MAN and a WOMAN had a little baby…”

    I think that might be a little homophobic these days. Gay rights groups would go crazy…

    BTW, if we are having a Ho-down, can we invite Imus and Sharpton?

  5. I’m with Dan on this one. Not only did you say “hoe”down but the overt usage of “biatch” requires that you resign immediately, issue boot licking apologizes to every downed “hoe” and “biatch” and check into rehab forthwith. I’ll have the rev Al Shitton check back here to monitor your progress.

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  7. Thanks for putting this up Preston. It totally kept me from gaying it up with what I had written down.

    This whole effort is like the closest thing to a same-sex relationship I’ve ever had. Keep reaching for that rhetorical rainbow fellas.

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