An Inconvenient Ford

Well, since I grew up in Memphis, I’m well aware that the Fords are all quite inconvenient. But this is too good. I finally got a chance to enjoy the Ophelia Ford video from earlier in the week. This is our State Government, folks. Your tax dollars at work yet again.

Just in case you missed the story, you need to get your learn on. Apparently you need to get better knowledged about it.

But Ford, a Democrat, pressed DCS officials about death certificates and other matters that seemed to have little relevance to the hearing, even though they told her repeatedly that their agency has nothing to do with death certificates.

With her voice rising, Ford at one point called the officials’ remarks “absolutely dumb” and said they “make no sense.” She repeatedly told them, “What you’re talkin’ about ain’t hittin’ on nothin’ with me.”

Ford, 56, is back in Nashville after missing much of the 2007 legislative session, which she attributed to health problems, including anemia. She did not attend a meeting Tuesday of the Senate General Welfare Committee, on which she sits, and aides said she had returned to her hotel room after feeling ill. She could not be reached for comment.

Apparently she went to the hospital later on after fallin’ out in the hotel lounge. I’d say she got a little too full.

It’s times like this that (1) I miss livin’ in Memphis and (2) I’m grateful for YouTube.

(Hat tips to Mrs. Holmes & Krummy)


  1. Damn, now I understand the pitfalls of representative government. It boggles the mind that this idiot has the support of many other idiots in her district.

  2. Annika,

    I think maybe THIS might have been the Def Certificate she was looking for…

    Is there a big party scheduled for the end of your blog? I can contribute some more Def Certificates if you need them…

  3. Yo! Holmes!?!

    What be with Cruella de Creme playin’ up ‘da black speak?! It ain’t hittin’ on nuthin’ ‘wit me. It be duuuuuuuummmmmb (excuse my expression). Is she supposed to be like Michael Jackson-like skin-bleachin’ (errrr… Infantigo, or whatever the fukk you call it), is she half-rican, or is she some honkey that spent way too much time reciting Butterfly McQueen lines from “Gone ‘Wit ‘Da Wind”?!

    And another thing… What’s with ‘ol Bow Tie?! Did a pigeon shit on his head before the cameras started rollin’?!

  4. Yo! Yiddish!

    Don’t be dissin’ on the sistah…or I’ll send some of my body guards over to exact some reparations from your Joo ass…

    She just be tellin’ it like it is to da man, you racist cracker. What would you know about oppression and discrimination anyhows?

    And remember…Vote McKinney in ’08!

  5. Ophelia’s quite popular in Mempiss with both the living and the dead. In fact, it was Selma all over again when her election got tossed after the living impaired were disenfranchised.

    Just remember that nephew Harold was made head of the DLC a few months ago after losing to Bob Corker.

    Imagine how unhinged this woman would be if she had a Senator in the family. The entire city of Memphis should be razed for sending generations of these crooks to the capital.

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