Big Media Meltdown

I was content with #9’s logical one-two punch delivered about the head, throat, and abdomen of the Knoxville News Sentinel’s Jack Lair (Online Editor) in regards to the media coverage given to the Christian/Newsom murders. Now Sweetness & Light points out the increasingly defensive stance of the Associated Press:

Bloggers say media coverage is unequal
Postings claim news outlets refuse to cover case of crime against whites by blacks.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – In a powerful demonstration of the way the Internet has opened up the mainstream media to intensive second-guessing, bloggers are charging that news outlets have ignored the rape and murder of a young Knoxville couple because of the racial implications of the story.

The two victims were white; the five defendants are black.

The critics include mainstream conservatives, such as the National Review, and white supremacists. They have drawn comparisons to the Duke lacrosse rape case and wondered why the killings of Channon Christian, a 21-year-old University of Tennessee student, and her 23-year-old boyfriend Christopher Newsom are not getting the same attention from what the bloggers regard sneeringly as the liberal media.

“Oh, that’s right, the victims were WHITE!” several conservative blogs have observed.

Local media in Knoxville have covered developments in the carjacking case since the bodies were found, and The Associated Press transmitted stories nationally.

You’d do well to find a baked potato as loaded as those few paragraphs from the AP. National Review and White Supremacists lumped together like so much sour cream and chives. Alleged direct quotes from the nebulous “several conservative blogs” who don’t warrant mentioning by name. And, of course, the defining down of what happened to just “the carjacking case”.

Somebody’s car got stolen. Move along, nothing to see here.

A 46-count indictment was ladled out like so much judicial au jus against the participants of one of the most disgusting hate crimes in US history and the Associated Press is determined to toss this story in the trash as the culprits did to the body of Channon Christian. Instead of liquid cleanser, they seek to use the power of the press to cleanse our mouths of their politically correct DNA evidence.

How well do you have to know someone to commit a hate crime? A day, a week, a year? Really.

The truth will come out. It is a testament to the new media that the Accomplice Press will not be the ones delivering it.

For the record, anyone visiting this post past the original publish date would do well to note that the fraudulent commenter going by the name “Nicholas Stix”, among many others, is simply a white supremacist provocateur who got completely fucking P3WND. 


  1. The AP has been absolutely “nadless” for some time now on stories that don’t blend with their lopsided view of societal dysfunctions, but their treatment of this tragedy is just plain “chickenshit”.

  2. It’s not the largest audience, but Gerry Rivers…er I mean Geraldo Rivera did about a 5 minute spot on it tonight on “At Large”.

  3. The angle as a “hate crime” isn’t what is important here. All of the parties (victims and perps) could have been white, black or orange…it wouldn’t have mattered. It was the horrific nature of this crime that mattered.

    The fact that Preston and Smantix live in Tennessee and didn’t hear squat about this crime in local accounts until conservative blogs began to sound the trumpet is indicative of the racism of the liberal press.

    Smantix points out that there was a 46-count indictment. FORTY SIX COUNTS. That kind of crime should have been on the front page of every paper in Tennessee and leading local television news. I don’t live in Tennessee, but it sounds like this story was absolutely buried.

    And why? Perhaps because the press made a judgement that the good people of Tennessee couldn’t handle the news without “gittin’ a rope” (you know, similar to the way that CAIR announces that it is concerned about a backlash every time a Muslim living in America is caught with terrorist plans).

    Duncan Mansfield is correct in one thing. The AP HAS been covering this story from the beginning. Mansfield himself has been the reporter. But that doesn’t mean the story has been given any prominence whatsoever.

  4. For the sake of brevity and everyone’s attention spans, I am trying to ween myself from these longer posts.

    I could just as easily have pointed another local case – the one of Ivan Moreno. An illegal alien who robbed, beat, raped and murdered a 76-year old grandmother who was unfortunate enough to live next door to him. The rape part was not released for close to a month afterwards. In the interim, between the murder, his capture, and the release of the rape to the public, a blue ribbon panel of the city’s biggest illegal alien enablers declared that they had been meeting in private to discuss enforcing laws that they previously contended was not their business.

    Moreno was found guilty of murder this last Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. As of this morning, I could not find one update on The Tennessean’s website through their search feature and the link to the rape news release no longer works, which by the way was the last news release, is now over half a year old. CORRECTION: It made the “Local News” section. Hardly front page stuff. It’s been briefly mentioned by a newscast or two and swept neatly under the rug by everyone else.

    At some point, the old media needs to realize that their role as gatekeeper is ceremonial. Their role as guardian, to protect us from news that might stir feelings too dangerous for us to understand, was never agreed.

  5. What’s strange to me is that the media usually likes to stir up drama where there is none. This is a case in which the story tells itself without any editorializing necessary. I guess giving the public a straight story is not the job of the news media anymore.

    The MSM is having too much fun making up news to take the time to ask us if we agree. They sell it assuming we’re like turkeys in a rainstorm, and people will stupidly look up with their mouths open until they drown. Some people do just take it, and think people that hold strongly to another view are drinking some kind of kool aid, or trying to be inflammatory.

  6. Ya’ll have to help me get off the serious stuff. I just finished Iowahawk’s last brush with inspiration and am left wondering – are there no illegal aliens, preacher killing wives, naughty teachers, or nutball state senators in Iowa?

    Do people argue about whether the corn side is crispier?

  7. “For the sake of brevity and everyone’s attention spans, I am trying to ween myself from these longer posts…”

    No…no, Smantix. No need for brevity, especially when you are writing. Your attention to detail and your…uh…

    What was the topic again?

  8. I was very surprised to find out this is not the first time this madness of political correctness in the Main Stream Media has occurred. On the Wiki page for the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murder is a link to another story censored by the Main Stream Media that happened in Wichita, Kansas in the winter of 2000. It was known as the Wichita Massacre. While similar it was even worse, if that is possible. I had never heard of it.

    How can there now be any doubt about bias in the MSM? Compared to the coverage of the Duke Lacrosse case and the Don Imus incident, these two stories were blacked out by the media. The question is why? Links at SayUncle.

  9. See:

    The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up

    It’s not a blog, it’s just the first major national story on the case — it was published last Monday. Unlike the stories in the blogs, you won’t hear about lopped off penises and chopped off breasts, because there weren’t any. But instead of wild rumors, you’ll learn not only about the media blackout (whiteout?), but about the stonewalling campaign by Knoxville law enforcement and justice authorities.

    See also:

    Knoxville Horror Trial Dates Set for One Year from Now; MSM “Discovers” Four-Month-Old Case


    Undercover Black Man: Svengali Media of Knoxville Horror Notoriety a “Hoax Site”

  10. If you’d have done a bit of research you’d have noticed that the same guy who wrote this article wrote no less than three articles for the AP on the subject…and were published on fox.

    Check the links in my trackback…

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  12. Okay, I’m reading dickhead’s most recent article (If you can call it that):

    It was bloggers who undermined CBS anchorman Dan Rather’s 2004 report about President Bush’s National Guard service, digging up evidence that the documents may have been forgeries. The next year, CNN chief Eason Jordan resigned after bloggers jumped all over him for supposedly saying that some journalists killed in Iraq by the U.S. military had been targeted. Last year, bloggers figured out that a Reuters photo showing the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Beirut had been doctored.

    Undermined Dan Rather? Jumped all over Eason Jordan? Sounds like somebody’s predjudice against a form of truth….now for a big kicker:

    Household cleaner had been poured in her mouth to remove evidence, according to court records.

    It was bleach….and if I remember right she was still alive when it was poured down her throat. Knowing somebody that has accidentally drank bleach this is probably her cause of death….and lastly:

    Similarly, claims made over the Internet that the couple were sexually mutilated are “absolutely not true,” John Gill, special assistant to District Attorney Randy Nichols, said Friday.

    So…I guess prison style rape, cutting off both a penis and a breast have nothing to do with sexual anatomy. The report of these acts is currently up for debate and the MSM isn’t reporting it at all.

  13. Jeremy. I’m not saying you’re wrong here. I would categorize the majority of those hits as mere “blurbs”.

    In light of the coverage given to stories like Duke or Imus, I am still calling this a blackout. Reprinting the same AP blurb isn’t a report in my opinion.

    As far as I’m concerned, our state local media, with the exception of Knoxville’s main paper and a couple of stations, effectively buried this story. To date, I have seen no in-depth interviews, investigations, reporting or otherwise.

    If the media can lay siege to Duke University for a year over a manufactured scandal, they can set up shop in Knoxville until the defendants go to trial.

  14. Thanks Jermy for edumacating us. Yes…we know that Duncan Mansfield wrote on these crimes (see comment 3).

    But Jermy, can you enlighten us as to what page of the Tennessean this story was on when it broke? And how much follow up coverage there was?

    Or perhaps where in the Washington Post it appeared?

    Here, I’ll help you out since you don’t seem to be able to grasp the point.

    Go to the Washington Post website and type in “Channon Christian”. Here…let me help you out.

    OK…now let’s do the same for the Duke rape case.

    Yes, Duncan Mansfield wrote a couple of stories about the case and they were put on the AP wire. Literally HUNDREDS of stories hit the AP wire. Like this one.

    Now THAT important, hard-hitting story made papers across the country. Whew…I am glad America’s news editors fed us that.

    OK, did you notice that the ONLY story about Channon Christian in the Washington Post was from the writer who was whining about “mainstream conservatives and white supremacists” exposing the hypocrisy?

    I am sure that Duncan was so frustrated that nobody was reading his stuff that he got a little smart and linked conservatism with white supremacy. Now THAT will get your story in the Washington Post.

    Here is the point, Jermy. The MSM tells the public what is newsworthy. Why shock and enrage a nation of uneducated people who elected George Bush twice by printing a story with the racial ramifications pointing in the wrong direction?

    In their minds the people aren’t smart enough to figure out that a story like this (involving 46 COUNT INDICTMENT against 5 persons accused of murder and rape)wouldn’t even have a racial element if they hadn’t so blatantly ignored the story. By doing so, the MSM brought race into play.

  15. I’ll also point out that the AP, much like Wikipedia, has a tendency to have their stories “evolve”. Case in point, the Ocala link I used above that I got from S&L is an earlier AP wire of what Jeremy listed above.

    It mentions nothing of the fauxtography scandal, Dan Rather, or anything regarding those successes. Likewise, what may be on Wikipedia today may not be what was on there a month ago.

    When I first started looking up this case a month ago, outside of a couple of Knoxville News Sentinel stories, I could find nothing outside of blogs.

  16. “Wikipedia has the source of the penis/breast issue in reference 4.”

    comment by Jeremy H Bol — Sunday, May 20, 2007 @ 12:10 pm

    Wikipedia has no “source” for the mutilation claims. It links to John Lohr at the usually reliable, but Lohr just repeated the Internet rumor. He speaks of “media reports,” but if he had any, he’d cite ’em. The only “media report” was an op-ed piece by a student in the University
    of Maryland school paper, and all she did was copy it off the Web.

    As far back as I could determine, the rumor was started — or at least put into circulation — by neo-Nazi radio host Hal Turner.

    So, are you saying that you’ll take Hal Turner’s word over the DAG’s spokesman?

  17. That’s quite a strawman you’ve been working on in the summer heat Nicholas.

    I highly doubt anyone is, as you assert, taking the word of a neo-nazi over anyone else. Likewise, no one should be listening to stories being dreamed up by one non-existent St. Nicolas Thief on the subject at hand either. Who, though having no long record of web postings, has an ambassador posting the same links all over the place.

    In fact, let’s just go ahead and cast a sinister eye to anyone who regards American Renaissance as a reliable source for anything outside of White Power news. K?

  18. “That’s quite a strawman you’ve been working on in the summer heat Nicholas.

    “I highly doubt anyone is, as you assert, taking the word of a neo-nazi over anyone else.”

    Then you have no idea what has been going on with this story. EVERYONE who claims that Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were genitally mutilated, is taking the word of a neo-Nazi. You are happily living in blissful ignorance, in the blogosphere’s rumor chamber, and yet you have the nerve to complain about the MSM?

    “In fact, let’s just go ahead and cast a sinister eye to anyone who regards American Renaissance as a reliable source for anything outside of White Power news. K?”

    You also clearly know nothing about American Renaissance. If you did, you’d know that it is the gold standard for reporting on race.

  19. Whatever form of alchemy you are using to derive “gold” out of American Renaissance I assure you it is still lead. Vdare. The Vanguard News Network.

    I don’t care who you are. You are all different sides of the same bedsheet.

    But I’ll defer to your superior knowledge of neo-nazis since you seem to be the resident bigot for hire.

    Feel free to graze in other pastures now. I hate to distract you from your intense campaign to convince everyone who has never heard of you that Michelle Malkin is plagiarizing your “work”.

  20. Oh my gosh…who let that a-hole in here? Smantix, you need some new bodyguards…

    Seriously…whether or not these two kids were mutilated or not is a moot point to me. I’ll go with the confirmed atrocities of “rape” and “murder” as justification for describing these crimes as “horrific”.

    In fact, let’s hope they weren’t mutilated for this very reason…the defense counsel can’t use that as possible evidence of mental illness. Not that I know much about the law, but I am surmising that rape and murder would be enough for the cretins who committed these crimes to take the needle…

  21. Couple of points. First, the issue is not whether there has been Main Stream Media coverage, there has been. But is it to the degree of the coverage of the Duke Lacrosse Case, the Don Imus incident, and the more mundane static like Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears?

    Of course it isn’t. The MSM is in denial on this issue. The are using an absolutist defense claiming that the story has been reported and is not unique enough to merit wider coverage. Well, car-jackings do occur everyday but that is not the point is it?

    Secondly, the question that remains is why has this case not been covered by the MSM to the same degree as others? Is it MSM bias or political correctness? Or is it the lunatic extreme fringe of White Supremacist/Nazi/Hate the Jews/White Power types that have hijacked this tragic event as a poster child for their insanity?

    Today in Knoxville the Knox County Commission met in the Intergovernmental Committee to decide want to do about the ABC Group that wishes to hold a protest in Knoxville in front of the City County Building for White Power. The mission of Knox County Commission was to provide as little attention to this group as possible. The result was a vote requesting the ABC Group to withdraw its application for a permit for the protest.

    Over on YouTube the Vanguard News Group is claiming that Charlie Daniels will attend the Knoxville Protest this Saturday the 26th. This is a complete lie. But on various websites the lunatic extreme fringe of racist hate groups banner this lie as a draw to legitimize their hate based protest.

    On the Michael Silence blog in Knoxville someone asked “Do you want this on Nancy Grace every night”? No, all people want is for the media to report the news. Is journalism to much to ask for from the Main Stream Media? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do?

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