Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game

While driving past a house under construction at the corner of Ebenezer and Northshore earlier today, Preston Jr. noted that that’s the house he’s going to live in when he marries his school friend Katelyn. When the house is finished of course, he added.

So I had to ask him, what about the cute girl Avery he likes from his swimming lessons? His response?

“Well, I’m going to marry Katelyn, but I’ll just play with Avery.”

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Already a playa at 5. I must be doing somethin’ right.

8 comments on “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game

  1. Yeah, my 11-year-old son recently learned how much women dislike playas when he decided to go to a movie with two female buddies instead of his “girlfriend.” “I don’t think this relationship is working out,” she IM’d him, ending their 5-day romance in the same way it began–on Instant Message with an audience of 15 other 6th graders.

  2. Thank goodness we didn’t have shit like that when I was 11. In 7th grade I was trying to decide between Neely Secrest and Stacy Tusant, only to lose out on both of them due to my own stupidity. Or maybe it was them.


  3. Jeez, PTH; if you have stuck your kid with your moniker, plus the Junior, the least you can do is teach him to use his dukes.

    A kid with a name like that is going to have to fight his way out of the school yard at every shcool he ever attends.

  4. Preston, you’d better listen to Shelly. Being a boy named “Shelly” must have been quite a burden. So I believe he knows of what he speaks…

    Of course Shelly became a lawyer so he could get back at all those rat-bastards who picked on him in Jr. High.

  5. Probably not these days, Shelly! There are many Keatons, Jaedons, Bradens, etc. these days. A Preston fits right in! It sounds like he’ll be fighting battles with and over women, though.

  6. You know, maybe Avery gave him the “lets just be friends talk” when he said “Hey Avery, wontchoo come live in my house? It isn’t builded all the way yet but there are lots of shiny cars that go by there. Us can play in the street and us can get hit by a car! And all the big pretty windows where the peoples can watch us!”
    Now I’m sure Katelyn would do anything for Junior, he must be cute. And she probably wouldn’t mind living at the bank.
    It is a bank isn’t it?

  7. Thanks, guys. Actually, I became a lawyer because I couldn’t find an easier way to make a buck.

    Way before Jr. High, my father had taught me all I neede to know about self defense. He simply said, “,,,if you are losing a fight, look around for something to pick up and hit the other guy with…”, which I did successfully several times.

    It was the predecessor to the saying “Never take a knife to a gunfight.”

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