Operation: Collateral Damage

I suppose this is where I wade in with 2 years worth of historical enmity marked up in dozens of hyperlinks but I’m going to forego that as it would require all that meta-meta-minutiae of Tennessee blogger stuff that no one cares about.

People don’t want to read links. They want you to do it for them and tell them what they should think about it (Gregg Glennwald readers I’m looking in your direction). Something I’ve known for years but a lesson many did not learn until today apparently. Click the “Outclick” on your Sitemeter and you’ll know it’s true. Uninformed people wanting to get angry about anything in particular and then commenting on stories they never read.

Which brings us to today.

First off, the only bigoted thing in my post (that started all this) was Steve Gilliard’s creation of a blackfaced Michael Steele. You can la-la-la-la-la and cover your ears and say “racist, racist, racist” all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that such edgy humor is only acceptable to one side of the spectrum. We can go over the post line-by-tasteless-line. The comments section as well. Some of our trolls wanted to add gratuitous “context” to Gilliard’s minstrel musings but that was about as entertaining as adding Bea Arthur to Aunt B’s menstrual musings.

Which, the entire idea of, quite frankly is making my penis as numb as a diabetic’s foot:

You’re hurting your fellow liberal bloggers.

I can’t make that any more clear. Your behavior is hurting us. Just fucking stop it.

Because there’s nothing The Patriarchy ™ likes hearing more than the plaintive wail of the feminist screeching “stop you’re hurting me!”

Stay strong, sister.

I insulted Jerry Falwell Ronald Reagan US contractors hanging from a bridge in Fallujah the dead.

Not the black. That “the dead” was black was inconsequential only insofar as his color made him a useful tool for white liberals to obscenely attack conservative blacks in a way they would be pilloried over if they had done it themselves.

Maligning the dead is a subject I know that is very near and dear to one Jesus General who would never, under any circumstances, do such a horrible thing to make a humorous or political point. The General bleeds irony, soldier.

Also being a member of the “satire” community, as clearly marked on our site, I’d like to say that no one needs to contact JC’s employer for making fun of dead soldiers as he is not representing anyone other than himself*. Sympatico.

Now maybe the General is just getting bad information from his advisers or maybe he’s got a tactical ear of Rumsfeldian proportions, but he fragged some of his most loyal troops today. He rolled a grenade right into the Nashville Is Talking tent. Because sometimes you have to destroy the village in order to save it.

That they slept peacefully under the blanket you, no doubt, provided and then have the Obamanian audacity to question the manner in which you provided it? Treason I say.

Such decisions take courage ordinary civilians don’t understand, sir. In fact, the site is goddamned lucky you acted when you did – else the whole shithouse could have been curling its toes in a Fredgasm any minute.

Back to Brittney turning in her blogger badge. Anyone who really reads what she has been saying would know that she has been burnt out for a while. She’s said as much. People who get 20 hits on their site a day and crap their pants when they get 40 aren’t exactly encumbered by the expectation that when the clock strikes 10 that it’s magic time. That she got inundated with insults from her own side because for crying-out loud you’ve got to point your manufactured outrage somewhere is the zenith of irony. She was pointing her readers to me so that they would insult me. The same way Jesus General pointed his readers to Nashville Is Talking to insult her.

It’s a vicious cycle, I know. Who feels like ending it?

I’ve been more critical of Brittney and the Nashville Is Talking experiment more than anyone else combined. Bar none. And I don’t want it to end like that.

Someone gave me a valuable piece of employment advice on a job long forgotten – “if you quit now, you can’t draw unemployment later”.

UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT: If past is prologue, I can already tell from the JG comments section that this post is a bridge too far.

I am not “enjoying this” as they say.

Ridiculing people in blackface is wrong no matter who is doing it. Ridiculing the dead is wrong – whether I’m doing it to Gilliard or other people are doing it over flag-draped coffins.

Not so much a slam against the General as a slam against the casual cruelty that earns accolades in this blog business.

WORTH OF EVERY PENNY: The free news daily – The Nashville City Paper decides to join the fracas, with characteristic Old Media depth, claiming that I have slurred a “respected liberal blogger” and used many other slurs. Er, that’s certainly one way to put it. The wrong way but a way nonetheless. It would have been nice had they acknowledged that said respected liberal blogger is only known for having called Michael Steele, a black Republican, a “house negro” and his posting of the now infamous and hideous minstrel caricature of Steele was too much background for the City Paper’s reporter to provide.


  1. To sum up this whole adventure, the extreme far left should look to the great philosopher Pogo who said long ago, “We have met the enemy, and he is us”.

    There are storm clouds on the horizon. A great civil war looms in Blue State America. This will be a battle to see who is True Blue.

    The Collateral Damage has just begun for the Blue States.

  2. It’s too bad, because Brittney wasn’t as malaria-ridden as the rest of the lefty fever swamp. She was pretty fair most of the time, really. The “hope your kids get cancer” comments can roll off your back when you’ve been hearing it for several years. When it comes from your own “supporters,” I suppose it’s tougher to stomach.

  3. There are storm clouds on the horizon. A great civil war looms in Blue State America. This will be a battle to see who is True Blue.

    Give me a break. This was a case of bloggers from outside the State making assumptions about someone and something they knew nothing about. Yeah, sure, there are humorless assholes out there whose blood boil at any mention of something they are passionate about. For the left, its race (regardless of whether a racist comment was made)…for the right, its the War on Terror, or Jesus, or whatever the hell it is you people (uhoh, I think ‘you people’ is racist) are blindly passionate about.

    This was a stupid move on the part of the national Liberal/Leftist bloggers, no doubt. However, it appears as though Brittney had long been wanting to quit, and this gave her the motivation to do it…if she’s happier for quiting, more power to her. But some people got pissed off more than usual, because the target in question was “one of their own,” both in the ideological sense and the blogger sense.

    Personally, if I were to die young, I should hope that I measure enough on the Six Meat Hate Scale to get shit on after my death…it’ll make me look up and smile. I don’t know Gilliard, as I never read him, but perhaps he felt the same way.

  4. I don’t think Jesus General was ridiculing the dead soldiers in those pics.

    Still, he’s clearly a total cretin, and his dittoheads who attacked Brittney are scum.

    The whole thing is ridiculous: you attack a dead guy (“to criticise the dead shows a want of magnamity” – Kant) for his racist attacks on non-leftist blacks, Brittney links disapprovingly to you, hundreds of leftist web-stormtroopers then attack her for being ‘racist’! *sigh*

  5. Wow, Smantix. Is this sweeps week for the ad investors’ big, bad, blog money grab bag?

    Very crafty. Did you let PTH, Cranky, and sometimes Annika in on this bonanza?

    As to this point:

    Uninformed people wanting to get angry about anything in particular and then commenting on stories they never read.

    Ain’t it the truth. Worse, sometimes I get angry with this site without even visiting it. Your “satire” isn’t fooling anyone.

    ( Note: Some of that comment was a poor attempt at humor… just to be clear. Apparently we need to indicate these things lest panties get wadded.)

    Well, good luck, SMB. I hope you’ve upped your bandwidth with those windfall profits.

  6. Found you via RedState and love your writing. I can’t get into reading the moonbats shooting at each other (no time), I just like it when they croak. I’m not sure, but I think this one is a notch on your belt. 😉

    I’ve so had it up to here with the overt and repugnant racism of THE LEFT. ‘Bout time they start suffering for it. I abandoned the left after 32 years, partly due to all the multiculti racism and sexism. (By the way, I am a big Michael Steele fan. I’d love to see him as a V.P. candidate.)

  7. “Personally, if I were to die young, I should hope that I measure enough on the Six Meat Hate Scale to get shit on after my death…it’ll make me look up and smile. I don’t know Gilliard, as I never read him, but perhaps he felt the same way.”

    Shauna Sean, big ups to you for “getting” it.

    I would say that I’ve got your back, but really, I don’t, you’re on your own ever since I found out that the Insufferable Prick Party was just a big joke.

    Unabrewer, the IPP is NOT a big joke. In fact, I’m nominating you for VP and food and beverage chair…

  8. Sean, you can see a double standard in this can’t you?

    If a white person photoshopped a picture of any person in “blackface” it would not be cool would it? But if a black person does it there is no problem? How does that work exactly?

    The same picture is posted on two different blogs with completely different results. When Steve Gilliard did it people saw a Democratic blogger icon reaching out to people to explain how Michael Steele has sold out and was betraying his own people.

    Smantix posts the same picture and Democrats cry vile racism. Any double standard yet? Or do your rose colored glasses filter out the double standard?

    Enter Brittney just doing her job and it is like Fort Sumter is fired on. The Democratic Civil War has started. You expect people to support your party and ideology when you fight amongst yourselves with such avarice and cowardice?

    You want to pass this off on “out of state” bloggers making assumptions and who don’t understand. But they wear the same rose colored glasses you wear. How are they any different?

    The Blue State Civil War is over the control of the Democratic Party. Only the True Blue can lead. Are you True Blue Sean?

  9. #9,

    This wasn’t about ideology, it was more or less about a misunderstanding. Do we have differing opinions in the Democratic party? Sure; as do Republicans who are dying to get another candidate in the primary because they can’t deal with anyone who doesn’t believe a 2 day old fertilized egg should have the same protections as a newborn baby.

    Yes, Liberals want the Democratic party to be more liberal. Conservatives want the Republican party to be more Conservative…people want the party they belong to, to reflect their pov. This isn’t a “civil war,” its simply the way things are and always have been.

    As for the double standard…yes, there is a double standard when it comes to race. I think liberals who denigrate black or Hispanic people for being Republicans are assholes. Michael Steele wasn’t an asshole because he was a Black Republican, he would’ve been an asshole if he was White too.

  10. how in the world can the Democratic party become more liberal?

    Well, the elected Democrats could support and push for Universal Health Care, Universal College Education, Nationalized funding of education based, stronger gay rights, federally funded contraceptives, a more sane foreign policy, etc… Basically the party is only as “liberal” as our elected members, and so far the elected members are just barely center-left (I know you disagree, but you live in a fantasy world) at least compared to the rest of the industrialized world.

    Now, I don’t personally advocate for all those things listed about, but many that make up the Democratic “base” do.

    I imagine you probably think that the Republican party is either not Conservative enough, or just right…which is ludicrous if you compare it to other similar countries, but because your base wants to see a marriage between the Bible and the constitution, a return to Know-nothing politics, and a foreign policy which would make Genghis Khan blush…the benchmarks for what is liberal and what is Conservative are changed to heavily favor Conservatives. In essence, because your party is filled with a bunch of crazy bastards, it makes the Democratic party look more liberal than it actually is.

    Why shouldn’t the Democratic Party become more conservative? Just asking…

    Well, because the Democratic party is the closest thing to a viable liberal party we have in the United States, therefore, the liberals who compromise the party want it to reflect their values.

    As for France, I’m not sure what you are refering to. The French President is from the same party as Chirac; a Conservative/Nationalist party.

  11. Universal Health Care, Universal College Education

    Isn’t that Socialism? Do they have Universal College Education in France, Denmark, or Sweden?

    How does the Democratic Party plan to pay for that? Wouldn’t either bankrupted the entire nation?

    I know you said you might not approve but those are not realistic objectives.

  12. Perhaps its a form of socialism…it depends how loosely you define it. I know England has universal college (and by that I simply mean that public universities are free to attend), I don’t know about the others.

    How would they pay for them? I’d guess through taxation. Its hard to say, as no plan has been offered (or probably will anytime soon). California (which is more or less the size of a country) has free public college.

    I don’t see why free public college is not realistic. You may not want it, and you may think it “un-American,” but if we raised the taxes to pay for it there is no reason to think it couldn’t be done, its just a matter of whether we want to put that as a priority. We already invest quite a bit of money (both on the State and Federal level) so it would be as if we went from paying nothing to paying everything.

    Its a matter of priorities I suppose. Whereas you might think it justifiable to spend billions of dollars on building new nuclear weapons we won’t use; I might find it more reasonable to invest that money in education.

  13. Sorry Sean…California does not have “free” public education.

    (unless of course you are an illegal alien)

    I am a graduate of the California system. You can apply for grants, but almost everyone I know had student loans they repaid.

    We may be dysfunctional out here…but not THAT dysfunctional.

  14. I would have understood the satire better if I’d known who the heck Gilliard was, but I did understand it was/is satire with a point. I guess that’s the difference between some others and me. Smantix usually bakes in layers of meaning. Some readers will never get that and should stick to shortcake.

  15. What is it about having a vagina that makes someone so stupid?

    Over at Pouty Piss Pants, to this very minute they’re still debating what splinter cell of the KKK I belong to.

    It’s not fair that their vote counts the same as mine when they so obviously don’t exercise leash laws on their wandering uterii.

    Sorry for this outburst. It just upsets me when I see people like that giving pussy a bad name.

  16. Over at Pouty Piss Pants, to this very minute they’re still debating what splinter cell of the KKK I belong to.

    No doubt. They should know that you belong to the John Birch Society…not the KKK; thats too low class for you 😀

  17. Oh, I can go on.

    All this “we live in the same geographic location so we’re all in the same gang” farce is little more than wagons circling a weak argument.

    Shallow linkwhores who tailored their opinions to get a mention on a corporate website. It’s hard to have respect for what they’ve done.

    He who pays the piper calls the tune. It’s Armstrong Williams and Doug Bandow at a playground level. Except that Channel 2 was funding a dozen little Armstrongs $100 a pop to host on the weekends. They bought their communal loyalty.

    I’m not one for remembering things the way they weren’t. There have been some very telling quotes over the last couple of days.

    No doubt these well-heeled pets won’t ever nibble on the hand that’s feeding them.

  18. “Happy to have you, Peg. Please come again. Hell, stick around long enough and you may get a login.”

    I’ve been hanging around this dump for three years.

    Where’s my login? Hm?


  19. All this “we live in the same geographic location so we’re all in the same gang” farce is little more than wagons circling a weak argument.

    Whoa, there, hold on. Am I reading this wrong, or have you got a problem with what I said over there about you being a Nashville blogger and therefore should not be excluded from a blog/aggregator community that is supposed to be representative of the entire Nashville blogging community?

    Some of the other snarky stuff about women and other shit about what’s been going on over there, OK – I know that’s how you roll with your commentary.

    JG thinks you should be excluded from the NIT aggregator & blog – I have argued that that is a totally illogical statement given the fact that NIT’s mission is to be representative of the entire area blogging community. If you’ve got issues with what I have said about that or think I wasn’t sincere or don’t believe in what I was saying, that’s fucked up.

    Not to the mention the fact that nobody’s “bought” my communal loyalty. Channel 2 hasn’t paid me a dime.

    The majority of my argument over there is based on not so much NIT (which I have only been involved with for six months anyway) but years of dealing with online community bullshit, long before most of the people in Nashville with computers now ever thought about having one of their own.

    If I am misunderstanding your innuendoes in some of your latest comments, then I’ll be happy to respectfully step back and out of here again. If I didn’t misunderstand, then we can tangle from now ’til the year 2017 for all I care.

  20. Not quite Lynn. What’s fucked up is people like you saying how my comments were racist and would have a home in the KKK or the rest of you demanding that I get some greater form of rebuke.

    In the other case, the KKK and its brethren, it’d be pretty much like Smantix.

    Those are your words. So fuck you.

    Anybody who has ever really read me for any length of time has seen me go off on dunce cap wearing crowd. As recently as several weeks ago, in an NiT thread over the Christan/Newsom murders. I also apply the same zero tolerance standard to liberals who support abortion as its a position creating a de facto black holocaust.

    Read the comments section in the DOAHN post. What comments Brittney folded under after a day were the same comments I was getting for three days.

    It’s not like I’ve been sheltered from criticism despite thousands of mischaracterizations of what I said or why I said it. And despite Aunt B’s attempts to try and steer more my way.

    But that’s the internet. I can take it. You all are free to be whiny bitches.

  21. S * N * A * P.

    I’m going to cancel the plans I was putting together for the Tennessee Blogosphere We Are The World recording I had lined up in Nashville. And I’d already booked Marc Anthony and Queen Latifah to bring the diversity.

  22. Those are your words. So fuck you

    Oh good god. Do you even understand *why* I brought up the concept of a pedophile blog and a KKK blog? I thought it was clear in that particular post at Tiny Cat Pants that I brought those two things up specifically for a reason, but obviously I didn’t make it clear enough (or else you just don’t care, which I don’t care if you don’t care, but whatever).

    It’s buried somewhere in all that crap of threads over at NIT – Patriotboy/Jesus General/whatever the fuck he wants to call himself asked me directly (because HE thinks you and your site are abhorrent on the level of the KKK/whatever) whether if there were a pedophile blog or a KKK blog in Nashville would they be welcomed into the NIT aggregator, and then I gave him the exact same argument about why if it were a Nashville blog, it belonged there as much as any other Nashville blog. And then of course his reactionary followers proceeded to start screaming about how Nashville was a racist town, they’d never vacation down here after seeing all this horrible stuff, blah blah blah blah blah.

    I knew it was a loaded question when he posted it and not anything I said in response was going to make any of those swoopers happy or even the least bit satisfied, but I answered it with what I believed anyway. That if NIT’s mission was to be representative of the entire Nashville blogging sector, then not a single blog should be excluded from it.

    Now if YOU’RE going to start arguing with me on that specific point, that *any* Nashville blog should be arbitrarily excluded from the aggregator & blog featuring, then I don’t know what to say because I would expect you to be at least a little more logical than that.

    Look, I have spent a good bit of my debates with these various fools tossing their own words and terms back at them because they don’t understand anything else, not to mention barely understanding anything at all about this whole brouhaha as it is.

    Honestly, the only reason I even typed the letters “KKK” is because that’s what JG threw at me. And if he’d asked me that and inserted any other two things in there besides KKK and pedophiles – whether it be satanist cults or followers of Mother Teresa, Hitler worshipers or Mickey Mouse Club fans, cannibalistic serial killers or SpongeBob Squarepants enthusiasts – my response to him would have been the exact same, and I would have been throwing the Mickey Mouse Club fans or the Mother Teresa references back in his face just like I did with the KKK and pedophiles. It wasn’t about me saying “Smantix is as bad as the KKK”, it was about him and his minions saying “Smantix is as bad as the KKK”.

    And really, you of all people probably should be able to comprehend that the only thing people that are in that kind of mob rule mode are going to hear in a debate is their own words repeated back to them.

    Because I stay up until all hours and because I was, for the most part, the only regular participant of NIT around during the night that all went down, I spent about 13-14 hours straight responding to some of these people’s bullshit, and then and later on many other sites as well, and I won’t claim I didn’t make some missteps here and there in doing so.

    I also won’t claim I didn’t find your post somewhat vile and tasteless, but I also understand that’s not un-apropos to the environment here. But those people were way too angry and mobilizing as a mob to listen to any reason at all about stuff like that. I cut my “online teeth” ages ago in an environment not unlike your website with a bunch of guys that JG and his followers would have hated WAY more than they do y’all, but most of those people probably weren’t even born back then. I may not like or agree with some of what 6MB is about, but I understand why you guys do what you do.

    People as angry and out for blood as those people were only listen to what they want to hear. They weren’t going to listen to completely rational logic about Nashville blogs = all Nashville blogs. So when they started throwing out the most other disgusting things they could think of because ooo, Smantix is such a racist right-wing monster, I repeated “KKK/pedophiles/yadayada” back to them in hopes the light bulb would go off over their heads and they’d stop this going for Brittney’s job’s throat. I didn’t succeed and it was a failure, but in retrospect it doesn’t seem like there was anything much that was going to make them realize they were making a mistake.

    I don’t think I did, but I may well have referred to your post as racist and probably did somewhere in the mix somewhere or another, but I’m pretty sure most of my debate with all these yahoos on TCP and on NIT and however many other places has mainly consisted of tossing their own words and terms back at them in hopes that they could see what dingleberries they were being going after Brittney.

    I’m sorry that you got slandered in the crossfire but honestly, those people were already pretty up in arms and set in their minds about how disgusting/vile/awful/whatever you were. And I’m pretty sure you agree, no matter your past issues with Brittney, that it wasn’t fair that they were attacking her as they were. At least you seemed to agree, here with this post and on NIT.

    Look, we all know that to say “most of those involved with NIT don’t like what Smantix does” or “don’t like what 6MB does” is not exactly stretching the truth, and I know I repeated that or something similar various places several times, as did others, but you should know as well as I do that that’s what those people wanted to hear, that the majority of NIT people felt that way. And you know as well as I do that anyone trying to reason with them about you or 6MB or the post was just going to send them even further into kill mode. I chose to argue with them about the one thing they might have listened to and gone “Huh, well, yeah, OK”, which was the Nashville blogs = all Nashville blog things, and even tried to make them see it on their own terms, with their own words (KKK, pedophile, Smantix, etc.).

    No, they still don’t understand. But it’s all pretty much over now anyway.

    Look, I don’t read you that much to be able to have some humongous opinion personally. I know what the “general majority” opinion is in the region. I see some things written by you that I don’t particularly care for sometimes, but as everyone knows I’m not much interested in politics or right vs. left, etc., I don’t see all that much. If you want to continue to say “Fuck you, Lynnster” over the fact that I leaned on majority opinion about you and your site in order to try to get these dumbasses off their campaign to have Brittney’s head, then okay. I deserve that, if it’s for that.

    There were two main things I felt most strongly about all along. One that Brittney shouldn’t have had to be even remotely in danger of losing her job over all this crap. Though they all refused to see it, those people were lots angrier with you and your post than they were Brittney, and were told time and time again to many of their outraged responses and questions “Ask Smantix, he’s strong enough to take whatever you got going there” or “Take it up with Smantix, he can take it”, only to be responded to with basically “Oh no, no, no, we must have Brittney Gilbert’s job and head on a platter, she’s not the messenger, it’s ALL her fault, she did it ALL.” And you and I both know that wasn’t fair nor right.

    The other thing being that I have a long background and history in online community/forum operations that extends way beyond the great big boon of the Internet in the mid-’90s, these cockamamie assertions that any Nashville/regional blog should be excluded from NIT for any reason. There are STILL people out there whining and yelling about the fact that “an ABC affiliate (is publishing posts from a site like 6MB)” when there should be no such argument when you’re a Nashville blogger. I’ll fight to the death for your right to be on that aggregator based on NIT’s mission to cover the entire Nashville blogging area, whether you like it or want me to or not.

    I know you don’t like me, and I suspect I know what you probably think of my blog, and I probably maybe don’t like you so much either… though given the fact that I am pretty much friends with and get along with most everybody no matter their political convictions or any other convictions and beliefs, I wouldn’t discount that that might not be entirely true were I to meet you in offline life, though it’s my understanding you refuse to mix with other area bloggers. So, you know, whatever there.

    I don’t play in all these political/left vs. right/etc. waters much, nor do I care to much. I’m friends with and fond of some of those who do, but it’s not my thing. I’m not generally all that interested and I fully admit that I prefer to spend most of my time with “silly” or “shallow” stuff like talking about obscure Australian indie bands or cats or whatever.

    But when I see something wrong that I feel strongly about – like Brittney getting her head handed to her by a bunch of reactionaries over something ridiculously misunderstood, or some formerly totally uninvolved, uninterested party suddenly jumping into NIT and demanding that a Nashville blogger not be aggregated or featured on a blog and aggregator that’s mission is to cover all Nashville blogs – then I get angry, and interested. But words like “right wing” and “left wing” and “progressive” and “liberal” and “conservative” and “feminist” and all that kind of stuff are totally beside the point. It’s in the wrong that’s being done, and sometimes those words gain more importance if they are part of the reason it’s happening – like “teaching libs a lesson” being meant to be sarcasm and irony – but I really personally don’t care about anything much other than what the wrong is being done, why it’s happening, and what can be done to right it. And I’m not gonna kiss anybody’s ass or suck up to anybody – yours, anybody at Tiny Cat Pants, anybody anywhere – to do it. If I happen to agree with someone else, as I did a lot of what B. had to say about this particular incident, so be it. But my focus is in what’s been done that is wrong, plain and simple – not in anyone’s political agenda.

    You and some of your 6MB colleagues made a few pretty impressive statements at NIT during all the brouhaha that were classy moves. I’m kind of sorry to have come to this here today and trying not to let it color the newfound respect and props I felt after reading those comments over there the other day. Not that you care, I’m sure.

    I know you have only disdain for most of us, and I know you probably dislike me more than most, if you ever paid much attention to things I said in various places in the blogosphere before now at all. But I’m betting you have also seen a dustup or two I’ve had with a couple of people here and there, even though I don’t tend to get into big “blogfights” that much.

    I choose not to wade into political/controversial stuff most of the time, unless I see some wrong being done, because, frankly, I’m much more interested in whether you own a guitar and amp, and what kind they are, and what kind of strings you use, and what all CDs you have in your CD rack much more than I am your right-wing convictions. I make no apologies for it, that’s who I am.

    But start trying to label me or lump me in with any group of people that people generally like to slap labels on, there’s an extremely high chance (and really some amount of evidence in disagreements and arguments I’ve had with others) that you might just be barking up the wrong tree and consider that you might be way off base in reality.

    Anyway, whatever. I thought this week I was beginning to understand why some of my friends and acquaintances don’t hate it here and despise what y’all do as much as others, but I might have been wrong. And I know it’s highly likely you’re just going to laugh this off and say “Fuck you” again, so if that’s the case, let’s just agree to say “Fuck off” to each other and you go back to your thing and I’ll go back to mine.

  23. “I brought those two things up specifically for a reason, but obviously I didn’t make it clear enough…”


    I mean, it only took Lynnster 26 paragraphs to finally “make it clear enough”…but I still can’t figure out what the hell she said.

    Must be some Nashville thang I don’t get…

  24. I don’t fancy everything the Six Meat guys do on this blog, and they probably would find me insufferable in some or many ways, but I think I have a grasp of what they’re about and I understand the pushing of the edge here. When people start burning others for not adhering to the torchers’ self-instituted rules of political correctness and acceptability, that path leads to everyone, including the holier-than-thou’s, being burned into a corner.

    I bristle when someone tells me or someone else to shut up. Or implies it.

  25. “…asked me directly (because HE thinks you and your site are abhorrent on the level of the KKK/whatever) whether if there were a pedophile blog or a KKK blog in Nashville would they be welcomed into the NIT aggregator, and then I gave him the exact same argument about why if it were a Nashville blog, it belonged there as much as any other Nashville blog.”

    Wow, that’s mind-numbingly, jaw-droppingly stupid. Or naive. Maybe a combo.

  26. RE: Brevity, Soul, Wit, et al.

    John – they don’t believe that. Early on with that site, one of the early controversies they stirred up was that a local elected politician started blogging. You know, because we want politicians engaged with the public – or so we say.

    He had a blogroll. And one of those people on his blogroll wrote a controversial post and they (the NiTwits as I call them) started calling for him to resign from office for what someone on his blogroll said.

    All this is for naught anyway. My guess is that brittany will waltz back in the door sometime in the next few weeks, throw her keys, purse, and hummus on the desk like nothing ever happened and start banging away for ABC again after everything settles down.

    Doing this for free every day is a noble sentiment. But it don’t pay the Volkswagen repair man.

  27. Donna: Well, I understand all that and you and I are not too far off the same page here, I don’t think.

    The details are unnecessary, really, but I have been in (or aligned with those in) similar positions to the ones the folks here often find themselves in. For vastly different reasons and nothing to do with political bent, but I know what it’s like to deal with people either so full of hate or with their minds so very made up that they don’t listen… both Internet and pre-Internet. I understand that position. That doesn’t necessarily make me agree with (and sometimes even far from it) other people that wind up in that position, but that’s a position I understand.

    Smantix may very well have his mind made up about me and that’s fine, I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over that if so. But I’m pretty certain I’m probably a whole lot more open-minded and broad-minded than he obviously thought I was when he wrote all that yesterday. There’s a pretty big reason why I have friends of all different types and convictions and beliefs and persuasions, and why there aren’t too many people I absolutely don’t get along with. That’s not to say it’s because I want to be “everybody’s friend”, nor that I wanna be Smantix’s friend – but I’ll generally give people a lot more rope than most before I totally write them off as a waste of space.

    But all that’s not really part of the discussion at hand, so I’ll stop there.

    The bottom line, really, somewhere bogged down in all this is that I suspect Smantix and I are more in agreement than we are not about what it was about all this shit that went down this week wasn’t right. He obviously disapproved of some of the things I brought up about him, his post, and SMB itself in trying to get those who led the campaign to listen, and I can understand why, in some instances anyway.

    But I kinda suspect our basic M.O. in dealing with that kind of irrationality and insanity and stupidity (and hatred and all else) is probably not quite as different as he thought, or may still think… other than the fact that he probably wouldn’t spend as much time dealing with it as I did this week.

    And I’m absolutely certain that whatever label(s) he had in his head about me when he pointed a finger at me up yonder in comments and said “people like you” – with the exception of maybe “woman/female” or even “stupid blonde”, yeah – was wrong, or at least probably way, way, way off base.

    I pretty much call shit like I see it (whether Smantix believes that or not) and I’ll usually say so, and sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong, but I know I’m not wrong about the off base part stuff. And it doesn’t really matter to me how this plays out – people’ll believe what they wanna believe anyway – but just like Brittney’s “not having made herself clear” got those reactionaries up in arms, I think there’s something to be said for the fact that people often misunderstand stuff or have misconceptions just because not everything’s always made clear – but that doesn’t necessarily mean any conclusions you jump to are gonna be right, and it’s something to be considered anyway.

    Whatever. I’m pretty sick of it all after this week and I’m sure most of you are too, so I’m happy to end this little bit of residual here. Preferably without a mutual “fuck off and die”, but I guess that’s up to Smantix.

  28. I’ll give you credit for at least having the guts to come over here and say what you think.

    Which is more than I can say for, well, I guess that’s everybody else isn’t it?

  29. I just drove for 9 hours through the dark underbelly of Alabama and Lynnster makes perfect sense to me. I recommend that each of you take a 9 hour drive, re-read the comment and get back with me. I think you’ll see things the same way.

  30. PTH – if you get back on this weekend then go read Aunt B’s apology to Jesus General which is nothing short of one of the most gutless displays of groveling I have ever seen.

    Seriously. We need to get her a toll-free number to a battered women’s shelter.

  31. Wow.

    Pathetic doesn’t begin to describe it. No wonder they’re so quick to surrender to every internal and external enemy we come up against. The gaggle of sycophants in the comments reacting in awestruck worship is even worse.

    At least she came back to him, though. Surely he won’t hit her again.

  32. Sean: “I know England has universal college (and by that I simply mean that public universities are free to attend)”

    You misspelled “by that I simply mean that I have my head several feet up my ass”.

    Hope this helps!

  33. ” You’re hurting your fellow liberal bloggers.

    I can’t make that any more clear. Your behavior is hurting us. Just fucking stop it.”

    Do it again! Do it again!

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