When The LolKat’s Away

NiT Deathwatch begins in earnest this weekend apparently. Casual readers of this site will know that I will miss the NiTwittery in much the same way that Rocky misses a side of beef but hopefully there will be a sequel in the future. Produced by someone else and with a better plot. A completely different supporting coffee klatch of head-nodding cyber sisters wouldn’t hurt either.

For over two years, there remains a lesson that libs need to learn. Your idea was not rejected but the way you carried it out was. Part of that message is a smear against both journalism and bloggery as a whole. That you don’t have to be right or honest and that you don’t have to issue corrections or have any editorial oversight because you’re a blogger. The entire enterprise was made up to unite liberal bloggers together who anecdotally whine about being outnumbered by conservatives anywhere from a 3:1 or 6:1 ratio.

It’s certainly a more attractive battle cry than “never outnumbered, always outgunned”.

Anyone can go through their “guest blogger” archives to find out how that imaginary ratio was never represented or how any modicum of parity was never sought. All the while the apparatchiks in the comments sections complain about The Fairness Doctrine. Instead, ABC treated our city to a shrill Donk choir that sang trilling arias (and $100 a weekend) for leftist tripe while slinging handfuls of their self-righteous feces at anyone on the right. Every single day for over two years.

It’s an ugly image, I know. An ugly image that had corporate sponsorship and television commercials to boost traffic.

Secondly, you have to produce your own content. Admittedly, successful aggregator-esque sites like Instapundit don’t write 200 word treatises on every story that runs across the wire. But let’s be honest, there was never an Instapundit at the helm of WKRN’s venture. Reynolds links to a wide range of sites for a diversity of opinion that you don’t get when you self-referentially link to the same people you go out to eat and karaoke with every weekend. Now maybe we have to see your heartfelt rendering of “Islands In the Stream” to fully appreciate why your lolcat pictures are so damned intriguing but then again, maybe we don’t.

The benefit of real world experience, insight, or perspective is paramount when offering commentary. Your ability to drive 10 miles for BBQ and socialist brotherhood, hrm, not so much. Unless you are breaking news, that commentary is all you have to offer. Without it, you’re a link dump.

I’ve had enough local bloggers complain to me about the way the enterprise was run . And I’m not talking about people on the right either. People who I disagree with politically but who, talent-wise, were head and shoulders above ABC’s selection to the run the place.

How uncomfortable to watch them linkgrubbing from somebody they were better than. People who want to be professional writers and squelching their criticism for someone who got to play on the internet all day and then had the nerve to complain to them about it. Winning the lottery and complaining about the taxes. A hobby that millions of people do every day for free. And then lionizing a quitter. Pathetic really.

Whatever for the cause, right?

Some might say “that’s what friends do”. I guess like many things our definition of “friend” varies. But we’ll see how those friends are when you don’t have anything to offer them. Or how willing they are to drop perceived personal affronts in the future.

I’ll digress on that point. They know who they are and though their chains are hanging lightly around their necks today I’m sure they would not like me being the one to point it out.

I will conclude today’s lesson: “Even the best idea with poor execution can fail but there is no shame in failure unless you refuse to learn from it.”

This is not up for discussion.

“My Point Exactly” Update:
“Like, whatever” is not a defense.

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