Past Imperfect and The Future Tense

Well, I was right again. The NiT Deathwatch was imminent. Or eminent, depending on some people’s proprietary complaints over a blog domain which did not and does not belong to them. All it took was cutting off the cash spigot for a month and a formerly well-manicured lawn of liberal malcontents bristled underfoot.

Throw parties for them. Slap chicken wings in their mouths and beers in their hands and the ungrateful cusses start talking about suing you for not paying them to play on the internet. The nerve! Since when does The Collective ™ need to be corporate underwritten, comrades?

Ironic that folks so fond of literal money are afraid of a little figurative change.

All in stride I say. The Yin and Yang of Slash and Burn Blogging. Destruction breeds Creation. Hopefully, Ms. Kinsey can step back from this poor introduction by spoiled vagrants and recognize the unrealized potential of Mike Sechrist’s flawed execution.


  1. I guess I’m dense, but I missed the vast left-wing conspiracy fostered by NiT. It’s interesting to me that the majority of full-time (or mostly full-time) political bloggers featured/aggregated by NIT were conservative (Hey, not complaining, just pointing out the facts), yet you characterize the mass as some leftist koffee klatch.

    Mostly, I’m grateful that because of NiT directly or indirectly I was able to meet a lot of interesting people on both sides of the political aisle (including you). Most of the time spent with these folks was filled with convo about family, sports and yeah, occasionally politics, but hardly what you seem to be describing. Many of these folks are now friends beyond blogging.

    I’m not going to say that NIT was perfect by any means, but I just don’t get the animus expressed by you on this point.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. P.S. I do want to make it clear that I’m not talking about the locust-horde that descended on NIT and environs thanks to Brittney linking to your infamous post. That was a shameful episode. Not all left-of-center folks are such morons.

  3. Well I can see someone left the ‘tard gate open.

    Hell Preston, that gate has been wide open for a while…how do you think I got here?

    I think you might inspire Kevin to create yet another blog…”Advice from the Homeless”…

    One topic I’d like to see covered…which is the better investment option, bottles or cans?

  4. Who are all of these conservatives, john? Hobbs, Nathan Moore, Mark Rogers & Glen Dean? I realize some people don’t mind being the punching bags but I’m not the one.

    You don’t need NiT to be friends with people. The community is where you make it. It could be your place, it could be somebody else’s.

    And there was nothing wrong with my post except for the timing. I always invite everyone who has a problem with it to go back and quote directly whatever I said that is so offensive and you know what? They can’t. There was nothing racist in that post except for the person it was about.

    Now, Preston. Are you ragging on The Hardest Working Man in No Business? The Godfather of (Shoe) Sole? When he’s on bended knee taking advantage of the charity of christians, instead of his handlers draping him in a robe, they simply cover him with the Classifieds section of the newspaper.

    Channel 2 has learned a valuable lesson from this little experience I’m sure. They got spit in the face by the people who they reached out that was likely stoked by a resentful ex-employee.

  5. Somehow I got a comment that I thought was posting to this thread that thought they were taking me to task by highlighting a long quote from Katherine Coble and making some aspersion against my reading comprehension.

    Maybe they can point to where I’m referring to Katherine Coble in the post above. I’m interested to see which line they think refers to her. Feel free vidiot@gmail. Let’s put your comprehension to the test here.

    Too many of our leftard trolls spend their time trying to read between the lines than reading what is actually written.

  6. Sorry, Smantix. I approved the comment and thought better of it five minutes later.

    I usually let a critical comment stand as long as the commenter actually has something to say.

  7. Completely understandable. It took me a second to wade through the douche and figure out what they were talking about.

    But hey, those Deb Frisch country University of Oregon sociology students have to do something all day besides shooting heroin and taking a double barrel swig of shotgun mouthwash.

  8. I couldn’t really say Donna. I was always a comment slut, myself. Casting pearls to swine for free.

    Until one day, a guy in his bloggy van held some candy out the window and asked me to comment in front of a bigger audience.

  9. All this angst about the demise of a blogroll is amazing. It is as if the AV club in high school lost it’s sponsor and now the people with pocket protectors have to find a new nerd to lead them.

    Let it go people. It is done. Find another home for your recitation of Code Pink talking points.

  10. Just for that, I’m going to wallpaper “Salemtown” with ads for Free DirecTV receivers that people will install on their front porches and drive down your blessed property values.

  11. As long as DirecTV contains a channel for Code Pink talking points to satisfy my apparent craving for such, I can live with the property value downturn. These developers with their pricey duplexes need to be taught a lesson.

  12. For the last month it’s just been a circle jerk. The same, though john h would probably disagree, coffee klatch of people self-referentially linking to the each other. The same buddy network who never tread into unfamiliar territory.

    It’s boring and old. I like ideas, shit-stirring, and long walks on the beach. Admittedly, I haven’t checked the sandbar that the NiT whale beached itself on in about a week. And am not missing it.

    Everybody seems to be walking on eggshells.

  13. The same, though john h would probably disagree, coffee klatch of people self-referentially linking to the each other. The same buddy network who never tread into unfamiliar territory.

    One reason I don’t go to blogger get togethers. Buddy systems lead to the mundane blandness of nothingness. When everyone shares the same ideas it becomes an echo chamber. Like KnoxViews. But that is the liberal/progressive dream. No ideas from outside the pack.

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