1. I don’t want to come off as the bactine-soaked sponge on a knicked up ass wound, but, Spinal Tap was once funny… Like 25 years ago. Let’s be honest here, “Tap Fans”. The band has really sucked ass since Mick Shrimpton and Joe “Mama” Besser were both dismissed and parrished from the band some 20 years ago.

  2. Nigel–
    That’s a great clip from ST. The entire film is wonderful.

    I assume you’re attending Prick Fest in August, yes? Maybe someone with a laptop will let us use it and we’ll watch ST.

  3. Well OF COURSE Nigel would have the lowdown on this. He lives for this!!

    OK, pres, you will have my resignation by 9am EST Monday.

    BTW, Tap was and is good stuff. And it takes stadium sized cojones to fake a British accent to a real British audience. Credit where credit is due.

  4. I have the DVD. Let’s schedule a symposium on it…

    Smantix, you will SO love this movie.

    Yiddish…you are correct about the decline of the once great Spinal Tap. I didn’t actually find their Live Earth performance to be inspiring…however I will say that the mere fact that they were playing Live Earth kind of lent to my lack of enthusiasm for their perfomance. Instead of Stonehenge , I think Big Bottom would have been a better choice…perhaps they could have had a slide of Hillary Clinton behind them as they played.

    I wonder how Joe “Mama” met his demise. Perhaps another spontaneous combustion brought about by global warming?

  5. Nigel,
    Check out YouTube for their performance of ‘Big Bottom.’ They have some very interesting guest musicians come out and play with them.

    Anyhow, tomorrow is Monday, which should make it your bun day!

  6. Uh…not me. Probably Sharon? That’s my best guess…

    Or perhaps we can swing by El Dos de Oros so you can get your fix…I’d like to check out the scene for the hell of it if anyone can guarantee my safety…

  7. Those guys have put out some really funny movies in recent years and some have pretty good music. They just haven’t been performing as Spinal Tap. It doesn’t seem like the audience appreciates how lucky they are to have them reunite as S.T. for this event.

  8. That sounds right. Sharon, you did say you called Ophelia Ford’s peeps, right? I’ll have whatever she’s having.

    And have the Dwight Yoakam queued to play “It Won’t Hurt when I fall down from this bar stool”. Just in case.

    I can’t guarantee anything with the Cocktails bar. I’d heard they had a stabbing there the weekend following the Scene’s little story.

    Imagine that. A stabbing at a ….ah, forget it.

  9. Check out YouTube for their performance of ‘Big Bottom.’ They have some very interesting guest musicians come out and play with them.

    I was wondering what you were talking about earlier about the bass players. I saw it late last night on Hot Air…I’m going to steal that too…

    It’s not like any of my stuff is original anyway…

  10. #9…global warming is a REAL threat to Planet Earth…a concept that neither you nor Kat seem to grasp.

    Haven’t you heard? The debate is over! The science is infallible!

    What Mother Earth and Algore (PBUH) needs from all of us is a little sacrifice…and many, many more concerts like this so Algore (PBUH) can stay relevant.

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