High-Speed Clown Car Chase (Full of Illegals) Ends In Unfunny Manner

A high-speed, late-night chase involving a Texas state trooper and a Ford Excursion chock-full of illegal immigrants undocumented workers ended in a flaming rollover early Monday morning outside of San Antonio.

A Ford Excursion packed with at least 19 undocumented immigrants rolled several times early Monday, killing three and injuring a dozen. The vehicle crashed on San Antonio’s far East Side after a high-speed chase with a state trooper and police from three area departments that covered more than 100 miles, authorities said.

Most of the people in the sport utility vehicle were believed to be from Guatemala and Honduras and were apparently being smuggled to Houston, according to officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Among the injured was the driver, a native of Cuba, who allegedly swerved to try to ram a San Antonio police cruiser and sustained minor injuries. No names were released, but the driver is to be charged by proxy with three counts of capital murder, said San Antonio Police Sgt. Gabe Trevino.

“We have accounted for 19,” Trevino said. “We’re not eliminating the possibility that one or two may have fled on foot.”

It is not known whether or not the Federal Goverment will file charges against the San Antonio police officer and other Texas authorities for interfering with Michael Chertoff’s lettuce picking recruitment program, but it looks very likely.


  1. Anyone know if Johnny Sutton has any jurisdiction over that part of Texas?

    No doubt the highway workers who laid the pavement that caused the vehicle to overturn will be criminally prosecuted…and the undocumented immigrants will all be given green cards, jobs and season tickets to the Spurs…

  2. Preston,

    I am disappointed that you once again disparage the immigrant population that has given so much to our way of life.

    Please remove the word “illegals” from the title of your post, or I will get the full force of Nashville is Talking to put some heat on you…

  3. Please remove the word “illegals” from the title of your post, or I will get the full force of Nashville WAS Talking to put some heat on you…

    Strong words…

  4. Dude, that happens here in San Diego on a bi-weekly basis. That’s the way the Illegal Alien People Mover rolls down here. Get an early model Ford Aerostar, rip out the seats, except for the pilot, stuff it full of hombres y damas, and make a run for el norte. Back when the Border Patrol used to do their job here (20 years ago), you’d see a clown car, stuffed full ‘o “trabajistas” pulled over on I-5 anywhere between Chula Vista and San Onofre.

  5. Okay, I’m a fellow Tennessean. I went into a convenience story today and was IDed for the umteenth time. I know the law was coming and still, the first time I was IDed I was livid. Mind you I been buying beer at the same small store for about five years. The clerk probably knows me as well as my mother, but still she has to card me. The last time she said,”Wow, you’re still pissed about this”. To which I replied “and more so every time.”
    It’s not her fault and she knows I know it’s not her fault but she still has to take the brunt of my ire. But what really pisses me off is that I, a 56 year old native Tennessean have to prove who I am just to buy a beer, every time I buy a beer. While there are probably 200,000 plus illegals running around this state and the state doesn’t seem to care who or where they are.
    Of course this may be because Massa Phil Bredeson want to make sure his lawn is properly mown every week and Madame Conte has plenty of domestic help around the house.
    Sorry-a little off topic but I’m venting.

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