Tuesday For The Children™ Update

When Hitlery! Clinton waves her For The Children™ magic wand, it’s usually a matter of confiscating your wealth to create more worthless wards of the state — preferably starting in the nursery.

When President Junior’s beloved Religion of Peace™ waves their For The Children™ flag, it usually results in mass graves full of dead kids to sate the bloodlust of their faith.

In this round, “militants” (shhhh… don’t say islamic, or Gordon Brown will be super sore at you) rounded up women and children, held them hostage in their appropriately named Red Mosque, and went about their usual business… terrorism. Pakistan has decided to deal with them in the only language they listen to – brutal force.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, July 10 — Pakistani commandos stormed the Red Mosque at dawn Tuesday expecting to quickly subdue militants who had laid siege to the complex for eight days. But after more than 10 hours, dozens were dead, intense room-to-room fighting continued and the elite government fighters were meeting stiff resistance.

Commandos breached the compound within an hour of the operation’s start. Loud explosions could be heard around the mosque all morning and into the afternoon, and a thick plume of smoke rose above the site, as extremists who had sequestered themselves in the compound’s basement used automatic weapons, rocket launchers and grenades to try to fend off the assault from the highly trained government troops. By midday, militants were firing from the mosque’s minarets as well.

Of course, the Washington Post eventually points out that the islamofascists were using the children as human shields – but they were doing so peacefully.

Hospitals were cordoned off from the media. But a source at a hospital that was treating civilians said the staff was handling dozens of casualties, some of them women. Security forces picked up 20 children who fled as the fighting began, while ambulances raced to and from the scene.

Hundreds of people were believed to be in the complex at the time of the raid. The government said the fighters were holding women and children inside.

“They are using the children as human shields,” Arshad said.

Standard operating procedure. Fear not, President Bush, they didn’t do too much damage to the mosque. We know how much that worries you.

The mosque was damaged in the raid, but Arshad said it remained structurally intact.


The Times of India is a little less politically correct with its lead.

ISLAMABAD: In a pre-dawn operation, Pakistan army stormed the pro-Taliban Lal Masjid in central Islamabad to flush out militants holding a large number of women and children as hostages, triggering a fierce gunbattle, leaving over 100 dead.

Deputy Administrator of the mosque Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who is using women and children as human shields, is holed up in the basement of the mosque and has been asked to surrender.

The army launched the Operation Silence at 0400 hrs after last-ditch talks with Ghazi, brother of captured head of the mosque Maulana Abdul Aziz, to end the week-long standoff failed as he demanded special deal for foreign militants.

Heavy gunfire erupted and loud blasts were heard as commandos surrounded the mosque, where militants are believed to be holding 150 hostages, from three sides.

Today’s senseless slaughter brought to you by The Religion of Peace™, coming soon to a town near you.


Radical bearded & toweled cleric whacked in the raid. Oh well, it’s a start.

As he gasped his last breaths, Abdul Rashid Ghazi was heard quietly saying, “I only wish I’d committed more honor killings for allah. Lookout, virgins, here comes Abdul!” After which, he politely expired.


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